The next day daddy goes to work and pussina is alone in the house. Even though she doesn't say it she loves being used. Sex has become such an addiction for her that without it she feels empty. ;

Today her father is going to be really late and it's morning. Even now while she is eating breakfast her pussy tingles for a dick in her. But she doesn't want sex she wants someone to use her pussy...she wants to be raped. She wants to submit to anyone. ;

She touches her nipple over her shirt and notices that it's hard. ;

She is so horny that it would be impossible to wait for DADDY. ;

She completes her breakfast and gets up. She can't wait. She has to do something on her own. ;

She goes to her wardrobe and wears a bra that ties in the front with no straps. Her boob look amazing in it. And then she wears a miniskirt that ends just below her big juicy butt. People would probably get an amazing view when she'll walk. Then she finishes the look with black pencil heels. ;

Satisfied she leaves the home to go somewhere where she can get molested without letting them know that she wants it. ;

The train. ;

Not just train but she decides to enter the men's section. ;

When the train is full and the doors are just about to close she runs into the train. ;

She looks up and feigns an innocent and surprised look. "Oh my god I am sorry ....I thought.. I was late and well....." ;

She turns around to leave then someone grabs her hand. "It's alright" A man says. Everyone looks at her up and down clearly liking what they see. ;

She notices lust in a lot of men's eyes. ;

"The doors are closing anyway you can get off at the next station" ;

"Thankyou very much " ;

She then tries to at least get a handle to hold on. She moves to the back and feels a lot of men's hands on her body. ;

As she is moving at the back she trips and falls into a man's arms. His hands wind around her bare waist and she feels something hard. ;

She stands straight and apologies and decides to hold the same pole as his and turns around to his back. ;

She stands there and nothing happens then she feels his hands carresing her butt over her skirt. When she doesn't say anything and ignores his hands become bold and his fingers grazes the bottom of her butt. ;

She pretends to cower and holds the pole with both hands and presses her body close to the pole. ;

The man then pretends to trip and presses his body on hers as he holds the pole with his both hands with her trapped between them. ;

She already feels wet. He then grabs her boob as he grinds his dick on her ass. He presses them hard and then unties the bra letting her boobs free. ;

He then pinches and plays with her nipples as he licks her neck. He puts her boobs around the cold pole and molds them with his hands. ;

The pole feel amazing between her boobs and she is extremely wet now. ;

She notices that some men have their phone cameras pointed at them. The feeling of being watched and recorded makes her extremely horny and she backs up her ass on to his dick. ;

She hears someone say something about her being such an amazing slut. ;

She closes her eyes and her head gets dizzy as he picks up her skirt and grabs her big thighs. ;

Soon she is completely nude and is being fucked harshly. His dick fills her pussy and makes wet sounds as one of the guys plays with her clitoris. ;

Pussina's pov: ;

My eyes close at the extreme pleasure and I moaning endlessly. ;

I feel someone pick me by thighs and I wrap them around his waist as puts his dick in my pussy. ;

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ;

I love this. I don't know which one is fucking me right now and I don't care. His rough hands maneuver my hips as his dick moves in me like he hasn't seen a pussy in a long time. ;

My body is being touched by different - different people. Someone comes behind me and I feel his dick entering my asshole. Soon I am being fucked in all the holes as their dicks pleasure me endlessly. ;

My mouth is open and I am drooling at the pleasure my mind is ho hazy from the extreme banging so much that I don't notice the train stop. ;

Later I notice that someone reported me to the police. And some cops run in and handcuff me. ;