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All women leave the house. Daddy picks her up and ties her arms and legs to the sides of the bed. ;

"I am going to put some porn for you to watch. I just wanna see how more horny can you get. I'll call the bosses over" ;

She watches porn and drips uncomfortably if she doesn't get fucked soon she just might get insane. She tries to get out of ropes so that she can touch her self but nothing works. ;

And she just lays there watching and getting the horniest and wettest she has ever been. ;

Soon she hears some voices outside. Her Daddy comes in naked. "You should thank me I am going to get you fucked buy two biggest and thickest cocks ever" ;

He unties her and then throws her on his shoulder and his shoulder gets splashed by a bit of her juice. He laughs "You are so wet that even a bulls dick would fit" ;

They go out "I present to you tonight's meal" ;

He puts her down and pussina looks at two men as big as her daddy naked and their meaty cocks seem ready to swallow her. ;

Everyone laughs and a fat man with a fat dick says "I like her. Come here baby." ;

She walks towards him to the sofa dripping between her legs. His meaty dick stands up rigid and looks like he'll devour her any minute. ;

She stands in front of him her pussy right in front of his face. He takes his finger and slides it on her pussy making her shudder and close her eyes in pleasure. ;

She moans as he grabs her hips harshly and licks her stomach. He sucks her nipples as he spanks her. ;

He pulls her down and puts his dick in her mouth. The other guy stands up and rubs his dick on her fleshy soft ass. ;

"This one is gonna be ... look at all the meat she has on her ass and boobs.. She's sooo fuckable." ;

"We'll give you a good price for her...we are fuck this pussy real good. Look at all this delicious juice" They laugh and he spanks her as Mr Ronald (the fat boss) fills her mouth with his cumm. ;

Mr Carter pulls her head up and gives her neck an animalistic lick on her neck as he rubs and pinches her nipples. Her pussy clenches and she moves her hips trying to rub her pussy lips together. ;

Her daddy laughs as he enjoys the show "I'll leave you guys to enjoy her" ;

Mr Carter leaves her. "Go and bring some alcohol for us" ;

He spanks her as she goes to the kitchen. She gets some bottles of beer and glasses and pours them one glass each. ;

Mr Ronald makes her straddle him. "It's time to play horse let me give you a ride" ;

He positions her pussy on his big dick and puts it in swifty and harshly filling her completely. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh" ;

Her eyes roll back as she finally feels a dick in her. She moves up and down wildly. Her tits jiggle giving them quite a sight. ;

Mr Ronald moves her towards him and puts his dick in her mouth. Her body tingles and desire rises hundred fold. ;

They groan and moan as Mr Ronald pulls his dick out and showers her boobs with his cumm Mr Carter unloads himself in her slutty pussy. ;

Not letting her rest Mr Ronald pulls her up and puts her one leg on his shoulder and he rams his dick in her. ;

"aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaa aaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ;

He pounds her pussy and Mr Carter stands up and puts his dick in her ass and starts fucking her senselessly. ;

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They pound into her endlessly and she moans uncontrollably. They both unload into her and cumm drips out her"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" making a mess everywhere. ;

They don't stop. They make her stand on fours and fuck her doggy style hitting her spot way too hard every time. ;

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They spank her, pound her and fuck her like no tomorrow. She gets tired and unable to move her pussy is so tingly and is extremely sensitive right now. ;

But they don't stop and fuck her more. "Plss stoppp aahhh- I wanna aaaahhh- I need to pee" ;

They laugh. ;

Mr Ronald picks her up and takes her to the toilet. "Whaaa-" ;

He holds her legs pressed on her chest her pussy facing the toilet. Mr Carter, "Oh pee all you want no need to be shy" ;

"whaaa-" ;

He then fingers her and pinches her clit. Soon she starts peeing and they laugh. ;

When she's done they take her to the bed and Mr Carter pulls her on top of him and starts moving his penis in and out of her wet soaking pussy grabbing her ass. ;

Mr Ronald comes and starts fucking her ass. Her eyes are closed and mouth open drooling because of the pleasure it brings her. ;

They rub and bite her nipples and fuck her endlessly. By morning she's covered in hard cumm. They didn't let her sleep at all. Even when she fainted of exhaustion they kept fucking her senselessly waking her up again. ;

When she wakes up again in morning she sees that Mr Carter is fucking her slowly moving in and out. ;

He picks her up. "Time for a shower. You have a long day ahead" ;

He takes her under shower and washes every single part of her body nicely as he again fucks her against the shower walls. ;

After that they leave. Unable to walk she sits on the now clean bed naked. ;

Her Daddy comes back and enters the room. He comes and makes her sit on his lap sideways. ;

"You did an amazing job pussy. I liked it" ;

He carreses her nipple as he says so. Tired she is unable to say anything. ;