39 Birthday party

When she got into her DADDY's car she quickly removed her clothes before he can see the ripped shirt. He doesn't waste time and drives off. He puts his hand on her fleshy thigh and rubs the skin of her inner thigh, never once touching her pussy. ;

"It's my boss's birthday today, not the same man you met before, but he is important. I need you to come with me" He says. ;

She bites her lips to stop a moan his touch is causing," Yes DADDY " ;

"I got you something to wear. It's in the back" ;

"yes, DADDY" She climbs to the back seat and sees nothing but ribbons. ;

"Um Daddy these are just ribbons, how do i-" ;

"Yes, pussy they are, since you are the present now wrap yourself in them. Do it nicely." ;

She gets a little scared but also extremely horny. She takes the ribbon and wraps it around her boobs only enough to hide her nipples. Then takes a ribbon and wraps it around her thighs in a way to make it look like a high-waisted string underwear, her pussy lips clearly visible. When he gets to his boss's house he turns around to looks at her. ;

"hmm makes me wanna ram my cock into you, it's perfect" ;

He gets out and opens the door and picks her up bridal style. He rings the doorbell and a man opens the door, he is big with wide shoulders and looks like he works out a lot, he has black hair and brown eyes and is a little tanned. ;

He looks at her and she tries to not have eye contact. His eyes darkened at her sight. ;

" Well Well ...what do we have here?" He asks ;

"Just a little gift for your birthday. I know how much you like a good fuck and let me tell you she's a pretty good fuck." Her Daddy says. ;

The boss looks at her and smirks. She feels his strong arms around her almost naked body and she winds her arms around his neck. ;

"In that case, I'd love to have a taste of her," He says as he puts his face in her neck and smells making her shiver and move closer to her body. ;

"Let's go inside" ;

They walk in and she sees a few more men in shirts and pants drinking. They see them walk in and get excited when they see her. ;

He sits on the sofa with her on her lap. "Gentlemen finally a woman to keep us company," He says as he plays with her fat ass. He takes off her ribbons because they weren't doing anything. ;

There are like 7 men in the room excluding her daddy. The men cheer and throw some comments. ;

"Damn those melons are something else" ;

The boss takes one nipple and pinches it. "You will call me master, got it?" ;

She closes her eyes and whimpers, "Yes master" ;

"Good now let's entertain our guests, shall we?" He says. He picks her up and puts her on his shoulder and stands up. ;

"Let's not waste time and get to the action," He says and bites her ass. He gets into a big room that had a bed for the floor. He throws her on the bed and starts removing his clothes. Other men follow him and remove their clothes too. They sit on the bed and the master pulls her into his arms. ;

"You are going to call me master but I haven't thought about what I will call you." He cocks his head. ;

Her body gets hot at the thought of all these men fucking her and her pussy already starts dripping. ;

"Men any ideas?" ;

"Look at those boobs. She's a cow" ;

"Hmmm....." He pulls her back more into his lap and picks up her big boobs as if weighing them in his hands. He feels her soft skin in his hands and he pressed them harder making her nipples hard. "Come on then drink my cow's milk" ;

On his invitation, two men eagerly crawled closer to them and took each boob in their hands. Meanwhile, the master picked her up and made her sit on his lap in a way that his big boner was between her soft thighs touching her dripping cunt. The two men started doing their work and master slowly started rubbing his cock between her thighs making her whimper. ;

The men sucked her nipples and bit them giving her boobs all their attention as master winds his arms around her soft waist and kiss her back and neck while rubbing his hot cock against her dripping vagina. ;

"aaahhhhhhhhh" Her hands grab onto their hair and put their faces more into her boobs and her hips start moving as she also grinds herself on her master's cock. Soon enough her body shakes and she cumms. ;

Master groans as her cumm covers his dick. "I think it's time for the cake," Her master says and on cue, one man brings in the cake. The men pull her off him and make her lay flat on her back as they start putting the cake on her entire body, one man slaps some cake on to her pussy making her moan from pleasure. ;

Master parts her knees and stares at her cake covered pussy. "Oh, the cake looks extra delicious today" And dives in. His teeth graze against her skin and he licks off all the cake. He watched her juices come out from her cunt and shoves his tongue into her. Other men also devour the rest of her body by licking and playing with her boobs. ;

He groans and she feels the vibrations in her pussy. Her hips buck as she cumms on his tongue. "aaAaaaaa aaaaahhh ahhhhh ummmmm ahhhhh" ;

"ahh I can't help it now, get ready for some pounding," He says and puts his hot hard dick into her already stimulated pussy making her moan loudly. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" ;

He thrusts into her as he grips onto her hips. Her body shakes because of the thrusts making the rest of men become more forceful with her boobs as their sucks get even harder. ;

Master's hands grip her ass tightly as his thrusts get faster. Her wetness covers his dick as it slides in and out of her pussy making wet loud sounds. "aaaa aaaaahhh ahhhhh aaaaahhh" ;

"Who wants to fuck her asshole first?" He asks. He pulls her up and hugs her waist and his hands spread her big soft and fleshy ass cheeks showing her hole. ;

The men fight for the turn and because of the commotion it's gets rough. A cock finally manages to thrust into her asshole and her mouth opens in a mute scream. The thrusts from both side get faster and harsher as she drools because of the pleasure. ;

The master finally grunts and cumms into her pussy making her cumm too. He pulls his dick out and cumm drips out of her pussy. The other man pulls her and keep on thrusting in her asshole while he grabs onto her boobs. Seeing the opportunity another man comes and rams his hard cock into her dripping pussy and her eyes close in pleasure letting them do whatever they want. ;