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They all sit around the dining table to have dinner. She sits between her uncle and daddy. ;

"Where's Jane and Jake?" Her Daddy asks and he puts his hand on Pussina's thigh. ;

"Oh, we decided to send jake to a boarding school and Jane is gone on a trip with her friends and boyfriend. She'll be after some days" Her aunt explains. ;

Her daddy nods at that and his hand keeps on rubbing her big thighs. ;

After food her uncle and Daddy decide to play a game of chess and rest go in their rooms to sleep. Pussina tries to get up but daddy pulls her on his lap and whispers in her ear. "Come down after some time" She nods and goes up to her room. ;

It's a bit cold because winter is coming so she wraps a blanket around her and plays some games on her phone. Then she remembers what her daddy told her and she puts her phone on the bed and goes down with the blanket wrapped around her. ;

She goes down and sees both her daddy and her uncle in the backyard sitting opposite to each other with a chessboard on a table between them. It's a small garden outside. She goes near them and DADDY pulls her down on his lap. "Ah!" ;

She glances at her uncle who just smirks at them. Her daddy wraps the blanket around them and continues playing chess. ;

"It's cold isn't it pussy?" Her daddy asks and she just bobs her head shyly. He pulls her closer and she enjoys his body heat. ;

She feels his hand on her thighs and soft pussy. Then she feels something graze her inner thigh but she can't tell what it is. ;

Then her uncle says, "Hey where's my queen?" and her eyes widen at the realization. Now the head of the queen grazes the entrance of her cunt and in no time he puts it in her cunt moving it around mercilessly. ;

"I don't know, do you know where it is pussy?" Her daddy asks her innocently. ;

She bites her lips and her eyes widen at the pleasure. She shakes her head no as she tries to keep her moans in. The queen not being able to reach deep in her makes so sexually frustrated as her grip on her DADDY's shoulders tighten. ;

Her uncle says, "It looks like you know something honey! You won't go that far to make your daddy win a chess game now would you?" ;

Her eyes close when her daddy starts treating the pussy roughly. He pushes the whole queen in her wet cunt and rubs her pussy lips. ;

"ahh Da-daddy" ;

"Hmmmm I think I am gonna have to check you on my own" He pushes the table aside and opens the blanket. Her dress has risen up and her thighs are pressed together and there's wetness on her thighs. ;

"You have been a dirty pussy honey." He looks at her daddy "Now that you cheated I win automatically I'll take her wet sluty pussy for tonight" Her daddy nods and stands up and puts her in his arms. ;

He goes back to the house leaving them alone. Uncle looks at his horny niece in his arms. He puts her down and takes her hand bringing her in the middle of the garden. As she walks the queen moves in her pussy making it hard for her. ;

He chuckles darkly at her. When finally in the middle he grabs her by her ass and pulls her in for a kiss. His lips devour hers hungrily as she tries to follow his pace. His hands grope her ass harshly and knead them as he pushes his tongue in. ;

"Do you want to cumm honey?" He asks as he pulls out one of her boobs from her dress. ;

She moans as he bites her already hardened nipple and nods. "Then beg me!! " ;

He pulls the other boob out too and kneads them harshly and sucks her boobs. "ahhhh u-uncle I want to cumm...ahhhhhhh.....please I really want to cumm" ;

Hearing that he steps back and tears off her dress and stares at her bangable body. ;

"Get on your fours!" ;

She does what he says. He slaps her ass hard and frees his dick. Then without any wait he puts it in her asshole and starts fucking her. She gasps hard and slowly starts to moan. He grabs her big ass and slaps it whenever he can. ;


Soon he cumms in her ass groaning and she cumms out the queen too. He looks at the queen. "Found it! Now that I think I am very jealous of it....it got to stay in your juicy honey-like pussy for so long." ;

He turns her over "well now it's my turn" And rams his cock in her cunt so hard that she couldn't even make a sound. ;

He grabs both of her legs holding them up so that he can go deeper and fucks her pussy like a madman. His dick moves in her without stopping as she keeps on acting like a moaning mess. His dick grows in her filling her completely. ;

He puts all his strength into it folding her legs against her body and makes sure that his dick hit her core. She screams when she cumms and tries to tell him to stop. But no voice comes out as he continues fucking her horny cunt. ;

"Ohhh Your pussy feels so good. I feel like I won't be able to stop at all" And continues moving in her. At one time he hits too hard and she ends up peeing on his dick. He just laughs it off and if possible it makes him hornier and he fucks her with even more strength. ;