I was startled and became stiff with fear. Is this lady pinching my side right now?

I couldn’t believe it, but when I looked at the woman, my side started to sting again.

Even stronger than before.


When I cried, the woman made a sad expression and wiped my face.

“How badly would you have missed your mother for you to cry so much? I’m sorry. Your mother is not feeling well, so I’m worried it might badly affect my daughter. I really missed my daughter too.”

What are you talking about? I’m crying because you’re pinching my side!

I may have been bruised because she pinched the delicate part of my flesh with her long gwisin-like nails.

TN: Gwisin are a type of spirit or ghost in korean folklore. Think of it like a general term for ghosts like the japanese yokai, although gwisin aren’t monsters, they’re just dead people.

The unbelievable situation made me cry, and unfortunately, the woman was the first to come.

Then, she even pulled out her breast and raised me up.

Ewww! This woman is crazy! Keep it away from me!

As I spun my head away in refusal, she turned it around and pressed my face against her chest.


TN: Idk, some sort of exclamatory expression?

A lump of flesh is pushed into my open mouth. My breathing is blocked.

I got nausea and goosebumps all over. I couldn’t breathe much more.

“Oh, you’re eating so well. My daughter, did you miss your mother’s milk? Your mother wanted to breastfeed her daughter so she gets better.”

The woman said so even though she saw me unable to breathe.

She had her back turned to Seoyoung and Cheonma, so it seems that no one else noticed.

She twirled her head around and looked at Cheonma and blushed.

“Oh, my lord…… if you look at it like that it’s embarrassing. Since that’s the case, she’s trying to get away.”

Cheonma didn’t notice anything, but just turned around and went out.

The doors closed and the woman threw me at Seoyoung.

Only then did Seoyoung scream when she saw that my face was blue.

“My Lady? My Lady, what’s wrong with you?”

“Can’t you be quiet?”

“Ma, Ma’am, the lady right now…….”

“What is it? She looks fine. She won’t die that easily. Don’t make a fuss and bring me a handkerchief. I need to clean this up. Ugh, look at this spit. It’s so dirty.”


“What are you doing? Can’t you hear me?”

“……I’m coming.”

Seoyoung bit her lip.

Her hands trembled softly, but she couldn’t refuse.

Seoyoung was a quick-witted woman that knew that if she rebelled, it could get even more dangerous for me.

“Here it is.”

The woman snatched the handkerchief and frantically wiped her chest as she asked.

“I hear the Lord comes every day?”

“That’s right.”

“He really comes to see the baby every day, is that right?”


“Oh-ho, then I’ll come every day. I’ll do it. It was useless when I was pregnant but now I see it’s quite useful.”

Seoyoung’s expression became sad. It hardened to an extent.

Because she clearly understood what the purpose of the woman’s sudden visit was.

For some reason, Cheonma comes to see me and you’re trying to develop a good relationship with him through me.

The woman threw the handkerchief and sat down.

“Put the kid down, let’s look at the gifts.”

“What are you talking about……?”

“Why are you so slow? The gifts from the people. Ah, bring it!”

“Those are gifts for the Lady……”

“You said there’s some pretty good elixirs among them? What good would those do to a child who doesn’t even know martial arts? It would be better for me to drink them and improve my pores. Isn’t this all for our magic?”

Will you use me to make the relationship between you and Cheonma strong and get more power?

There wasn’t even a single smile. How could Cheonma love such a woman and have a baby with her?

Seoyoung made a miserable expression and instructed the servants to bring the gifts.

The servants went back and forth several times carrying all the gifts I had received to the room.

The woman sat down and opened the gifts one by one. I guess she was excited since she was humming.

Seoyoung, who was watching her quietly, checked my diaper.

“My Lady, I’ll change your diaper.”

I think she was tired of that woman.

“Oh my! It stinks! Go outside and do it!”

“……They’ll find it strange. Would that be alright?”

“Tsk, then, do it there by the window!”

I had to change my diaper in the closest place to the window. Even though it was spring, the wind that seeped through the window was so cold.

As I shuddered, Seoyoung’s hand became faster.

“Dear, please be patient. I’ll be right…… huh? This, this…… what did you do here? Were you pinched by someone……?”

Maybe it was found while changing my diapers, cause Seoyoung looked at my side with a serious look. Then, as if she had noticed something, she bit her lip so hard it almost started to bleed.

TN: Just to clarify, Seoyoung noticed the bruise while changing Chun Lihua’s diaper.

“Madam…… On the Lady’s side, here, did you do this?”

She glanced at me with one ring on each of her ten fingers.

“Oh, that? Because the child didn’t listen.”

“My lady! You did this because she didn’t listen?!”

“Are you yelling at me now? You’re nothing but a nanny.”

“I’m a nanny, but my lady is the daughter of the Master! I’m not going to let this go!”

Despite Seoyoung’s threat, the woman only shrugged on her shoulders.

“Do whatever you want. I will say you did it.”


“Will people believe you, the nanny, or do you think they’ll believe the words of Bing Eun-seol, the daughter of the North Sea Palace?”

At once, I had a feeling come to me. It was a political marriage.

Among the numerous groups of Moorim, the North Sea Palace was the only one that had a good relationship with the Magyo.

TN: I think Magyo refers to the leader of the Moorim, as in Chun Lihua’s father Cheonma.

To be precise, they were not interested in each other because of how far apart they were.

I wondered why, so it was a political marriage.+

I was wondering if a person with no emotions like Cheonma could even conceive a child. It must have been a choice made for the Magyo.

‘To have married a woman like this……. I feel sorry for Cheonma.’

Of course, the most unfortunate person here was me.

Couples can get divorced but I can’t change my parents!

“Great. Go ahead and tell them. I can get rid of you and put another nanny with my child.”

Bing Eun-seol straightened her hair with her ringed hand and stared at Seoyoung.

Until just a moment ago, she looked like a typical snob, but when her expression changed, she looked like a different person.

“If you don’t have the courage to do that, boil it. I’m in a position that makes it so it doesn’t matter if I hang you by your neck right now. If someone asks you why you killed it? Just say you couldn’t help it because you killed a child.”


Seoyoung hugged me in a hurry as if she was trying to protect me from her.

“If you think about it, it was the best time to have children. At that time, the Master kept coming back to me.”

The low, gloomy voice sent shivers down my spine.

“What do you think? If this child disappears, will the Master come find me as before?”

Her brown eyes glistened strangely. This woman is not normal.

Even though she was crazy, one part of her head worked well. Seeing Seoyoung’s weakness being me and threatening her at once.

In a moment, she’d realized that Seoyoung was a person who would not bend over just by threatening her life.

Seoyoung swallowed her saliva. As she hugged me painfully close, she slowly knelt.

“…….I’m sorry. I was unknowingly arrogant towards my master. If you forgive me just once, I will serve you with all my heart.”

“That speech wasn’t so bad. Okay. Then, can you wrap this up and send it to my palace? You know that the rest must be removed before the Lord comes?”


She rose gently like a butterfly and stood right in front of the door and said,

“Don’t forget to apply medicine on the side of the child. Even if the child doesn’t listen, it’s okay to do it. I’ll let it go this one time, but I won’t tolerate it the next time. Okay?”

She opened the door to get out. The servants with their eyes wide open hurriedly lowered their heads.

It seemed to me as if Seoyoung had slapped her on the wrist for me.


I was struck with admiration.

I wanted to give her a pat on the back, for her thoroughness and determined will to speak up to others.

As Bing Eun-seol went out, Seoyoung hurriedly removed my clothes and applied medicine to the bruised area.

“I’m sorry, my lady-….. I’m so sorry… Hmmm!”

Her hot tears fell on my face.

I reached out and touched Seoyoung’s cheek. Seoyoung’s sobbing grew more intense.

“If only I had strength-….. If only I had a little strength, this would not have happened to you…… it’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

Listening to her remorse, I clenched my gums-because I still didn’t have teeth.


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