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“How can he earn money to support me if he doesn’t work!” Mila said with a smile. Looking at Gordon’s gloomy face, she quickly stopped talking.

Seeing that her daughter was like a frightened rabbit, Yvonne also tried to persuade Gordon. “Young people should work harder. Chaucer is doing this to give Mila a better life.”

Gordon looked at the marriage certificate on the table and sighed in resignation. Now that the young couple had officially married, he couldn’t force them to divorce. He could only grit his teeth and accept it.

“We’ve already gotten our marriage certificate. When are we going to hold the wedding ceremony?” Gordon asked.

Mila lowered her head and muttered weakly, “I’ve signed a contract with the company now, and it’s not the best time to hold the ceremony. I thought we could just have dinner together.”

Even Yvonne fell silent this time. They had gotten married so hastily and didn’t even want a ceremony. That didn’t sound like a marriage at all!

“Dad, Mom, many people think holding a wedding is too troublesome. It’s a waste of time and money. Young people choose to travel and get married. Not only can they enjoy themselves, but they can also have a special wedding ceremony. It’s killing two birds with one stone!”

Mila felt that she and Chaucer were just living together. There was really no need to hold a wedding ceremony. She didn’t want to waste her time on it, but her parents didn’t seem to understand her. They felt that without a ceremony, it wouldn’t be a real marriage.

Gordon and Yvonne looked at each other. After a long silence, Gordon said in resignation, “If you don’t want to do it, so be it. Ask Chaucer when he’s free. The two families can have a meal together.”

Mila heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright.”

“I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” Gordon stood up and left.

Mila knew her father was unhappy and felt a little upset. Yvonne patted her shoulder and comforted her with a smile. “Mila, it’s okay. Your father will be alright. As long as you and Chaucer are happy, your father will be happy.

“Not having a ceremony is a good thing. If Chaucer treats you badly, no one will know you’re divorced.”

Mila was speechless.

Her mother really had a strange way of seeing the world.

“I heard the divorce rate is especially high now. Many families only have one child, and they all doted on that child. No one can stand being mistreated. Once a conflict breaks out, they’ll divorce quickly so that they don’t have to complain to each other. If you have any conflicts with Chaucer, you must tell me. You can’t secretly get a divorce without telling us.”

Yvonne reminded her, and Mila nodded in a hurry.

If she got divorced as soon as she got married, her parents would probably be angry for a long time. To be honest, she didn’t have the confidence to be with Chaucer forever. Perhaps he would cheat on her in the future, and they would divorce before long.

Mila stayed at home with her parents for two days before returning to Dragon Bay on Monday.

Everything she had bought online had arrived. The packages were piled up at the door. She sat at the door and opened them one by one before dragging them into the house.

She hung a cream curtain with stars in the second bedroom and spread a pink plush carpet under the floor-to-ceiling windows. She then put a small white wooden table and a bean bag on the carpet. On the bean bag were a small milky-yellow cushion and a small blanket.

After closing the curtains, the sunlight shone on the plush carpet through the star pattern. Mila turned on the bluebell-shaped lamp, and the entire bedroom instantly became very cozy.

After decorating the bedroom, Mila found a good angle, chose a filter and took a few photos. She then posted them on her usual social media account.

She valued her quality of life and liked plants and cooking. She decorated her room and often posted photos or videos, but she never showed her face.

Her followers liked the style of the photos and videos she took. Watching her cook quietly and gently tend to the plants always gave them a peaceful feeling.

However, no one knew Milassima, the KOL with more than three million fans, was Mila, a small actress that no one knew about.

As an actress that very few people know, Mila lived on a small salary. She often couldn’t take on any roles for a month or two. Fortunately, after she became a KOL, she had some additional income to maintain her normal life.

Even though it was so difficult to survive in the entertainment industry, Mila had never thought of quitting. Acting was her hobby, and becoming an A-list actor was her lifelong dream. People only had the motivation to move forward when they had dreams.

After Mila posted the photos, she added some words, briefly explaining how she decorated the room. Before long, there were more than 10,000 likes.