Chapter 122 - Domineering Quote

Song Peihan consulted Pang Xiaohui regarding this matter and the latter suggested having Song Ci take her place. It may be risky but if successful, the payout would be huge! Even if it did not work out, nothing of value would be lost.

Naturally, Song Peihan had no objections. The plan was set in stone. Song Ci’s opinion did not matter. She was just a pawn.

Back to the present time, Song Peihai could not help but stare at Lu Gan. He was still as handsome as ever. His eyes were sharp and he gave off a noble aura. Unfortunately, he did not care about her existence. His attention was only on Song Ci!

Song Peihan could not help but feel a little resentful.

‘So what if he’s handsome? He’s still a useless cripple! I made the right decision to not marry him.’

Pang Xiaohui quickly told her daughter to sit down. Then, she smiled and said to Song Ci, “Originally, your sister had a very important interview today. However, she canceled it upon hearing you were visiting! Family comes first before anything.”

Song Ci sneered in her heart. Such a lie was unnecessary. Pang Xiaohui really had no shame. She would say anything to benefit herself.

Regardless, Song Ci continued to act and nodded in a friendly manner.

“Peihan had always thought of me as her real sister. She even gave me the opportunity to marry Lu Gan. It’s like a dream come true! Thanks to her, I have such an outstanding husband!”

Song Peihan felt as if she had just swallowed a knife. She did not let Song Ci marry Lu Gan to be happy! Besides, Pang Xiaohui said Song Ci was unwilling and she had to fork out fifty million for her to agree. So, what happened? At the moment, Song Peihan felt like vomiting blood!

“Brother-in-law, how can you be so heartless towards your family? Don’t you have any regrets?”

Naturally, Song Ci had to help out her husband.

“It’s not that complicated. Your brother-in-law did all of this for me! Aren’t you touched? ”

Song Peihan looked at Lu Gan in disbelief. The latter was even smiling!

Back then, Song Peihan did her best to stay by Lu Gan’s side. Despite that, he just said disdainfully, “Move aside.”

Now, Lu Gan gave up everything and smiled for Song Ci. How could this happen?! Song Ci was supposed to be inferior to her in every way!

Song Peihan could not accept this reality at all.

“Stop joking. Brother-in-law is not that kind of person, right?”

After saying that, she looked at Lu Gan and waited for him to deny his wife’s words.

Lu Gan nodded coldly. In a domineering voice, he said, “I’m willing to do anything for Song Ci. If anyone dares hurt her, I’ll kill and send them to hell! Even Buddha can’t stop me!”

Song Peihan felt like she was hallucinating and hearing things.

Meanwhile, Song He was speechless! His expression was distorted, but he tried his best to remain normal!

Pang Xiaohui was also shocked and had goosebumps all over.

As for Song Ci, she did not know Lu Gan was capable of spouting such words!

It was as if time had stopped for a moment.

Lu Gan looked at everyone’s expressions, but they did not make him uncomfortable. His words were clearly super effective. Maybe he could say the same thing to his father next time!

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