T.N: Another Storm, flood, and power cut again. I’m bored to hell.


Everyone understands and appropriates it.

It’s maybe dangerous if a big animal got doubled strength, but if a coarse fish got doubled strength, that coarse fish is still a coarse fish.
Although Maevis pays more attention than usual, she approaches normally, fights the goblins and kills them instantly.

As Rena and Pauline say, the goblins had some disciplined movements.

…That’s still not a problem.

Mile asks the nanomachine why did this happen.

No, Mile thought that it wouldn’t be good to ask nanomachines for anything, but that wouldn’t be the case if they did something behind her back.

So, Mile held an in-brain inquiry committee at bedtime…

(T.N: I only 4 of them, there might be mistake in name, please tell me to fix)

Indeed, Mile said at that time: “Nano-chan, please report to me if there is a rift. I will give you instructions for repair it each time.”

And then, before Nano could report, the rift was disappeared…

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