Chapter 177 - Chapter 177: Custom

Chapter 177: Custom-Made Talent – Evolution Begins (1)

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Accompanied by a crisp sound, a pitch-black bird circling in the air exploded, and minced flesh mixed with feathers fell from the sky.

At this moment, Feng Qi retracted his right hand that was clenched into a spear. At the same time, he retracted his psychokinesis.

On his way to the Scarlet Secret Base, this bird circled above his head the whole time and let out ear-piercing cries.

He had been enduring it for a long time.

In the end, not only did the bird not leave, but it even went further and tried to shit on his head.

Since the enemy had already fired its first shot, Feng Qi did not give in. He decisively shot a psyche power bullet at it in return.

Killing the domain derivative flying bird only gave him 1 bloodline evolution point, but it was better than nothing.

After the small interlude, he continued on his way.

Walking on the dilapidated street, he kept looking around.

The damaged road ahead still had mucus left behind by some creature. The walls of the nearby buildings were covered in twisted vines that spread like spiderwebs.

Plants in these areas had already integrated with city buildings.

If not for these plants, most of the buildings in the abandoned city would have collapsed long ago.

Following the direction he remembered, after walking for a while, he climbed up a tall building more than 30 meters tall.

He stood at the top and looked west.

In the direction of the desolate burial ground, Blackie, surrounded by a hazy black fog, was quickly approaching.

After confirming Blackie’s current location, Feng Qi jumped down from the roof.

Before his feet landed, he used his psyche power as a buffer and landed steadily.

Without wasting any time, he immediately strode in the direction of the Scarlet Secret Base.

He was filled with anticipation for the “gift” that Wei Wei mentioned.

Innate abilities were one thing. More importantly, he was just short of 100 bloodline evolution points to reach the evolution requirement.

Last time, Mala that Wei Wei left behind gave him 273 bloodline evolution points.

No matter how bad the domain creature left behind was, giving him 100 bloodline evolution points should not be a problem.

Perhaps he could return to his normal human appearance.

When the time came, he would choose the future timeline of resisting the Science and Technology Research Institute. He would be able to interact with people in the future and obtain more useful information.

After a few hours of traveling, Feng Qi arrived at the abandoned hospital area.

This time, Suction Cup was not lying on the roof of the abandoned hospital and looking up at the moon.

Therefore, he walked into the abandoned hospital and began to search for traces of his Great Protector, Suction Cup.

[At the end of the left corridor, Suction Cup is there!]

Hearing the narrator’s reminder, he immediately turned around and walked to the left corridor.

From afar, he saw Suction Cup half-squatting on the ground, gnawing at the weeds with a mute expression.

Suction Cup seemed to have sensed his arrival and suddenly turned to look at him. Then, specks of starlight appeared in her grayish-white eyes.


As soon as the narrator finished speaking, Suction Cup suddenly jumped up from the ground and pounced at Feng Qi.

Feng Qi grinned and reached out to catch her.

[The automatic combat adsorption weapon, Suction Cup, has been loaded. The thrower, Feng Qi, has been loaded. The combat power of the main narrator has been greatly enhanced.]

■I H

“Get to work.” Feng Qi couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

After receiving instructions from the narrator, he went to the overgrown area of the abandoned hospital.

He pushed aside the weeds and smashed open the floor.

He saw the secret door that led to the secret base of the Scarlet Research Institute.

After dripping his blood, the secret door slowly opened. At the same time, an electronically synthesized voice sounded.

“Feng Qi, welcome home. The secret door will automatically close after you enter.”

Hearing the notification, he could not help but be stunned. Then, he walked into the passageway.

As the secret door slowly closed, he realized that the secret door was more than twice as thick as before. These details were clearly deliberately the work of the Scarlet Research Institute.

They knew that he would be hunted down by Blackie after entering the future dream.

Therefore, they set up the automatic closing function and thickened the door.

It could better resist Blackie and buy him precious time.

He could not help but feel a warm feeling in his heart.

It feels wonderful to have peers!

As he walked along the passageway to the end, his vision suddenly widened.

What appeared in front of him was the underground square of the Scarlet Secret Base.

Headlamps lit up above the square one by one, forming a starry sky map. The specks of starlight in the center even combined into 11 words.

Go against the current, and you’ll ultimately reach the other side.

[Woah, it seems that in this timeline, after the Scarlet Research Institute’s counter-infiltration plan failed, the new future direction is still centered around you. Many things are prepared for you.]

When Feng Qi heard this, he nodded and walked towards the elevator at the end of the square.

The underground square area was mainly used to store daily necessities and various experimental instruments. The important information he wanted and Wei Wei’s “gift” must be on the second floor.

He walked to the elevator and pressed the down button. A green light shot out from the top of the elevator and scanned his body.

Then, an electronically synthesized voice sounded.

“Welcome home, Feng Qi!”

As the metal door slowly rose, he stepped into the elevator.

A few seconds later, the elevator door opened.

What appeared not far away was the database control panel of the Scarlet Secret Base. In front of it were two large screens.

Arriving at the control panel, he wiped away the thick dust and pressed the start button.

Accompanied by the rumbling of the machine, the screen in front of the data control panel lit up.

Feng Qi opened the search bar and entered the words “Wei Wei”..