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At this moment, the president of East Ocean Academy, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke.

“Student Ye Fei, the East Ocean Academy can also provide you with the conditions that the Southern Barbarian Academy provides.”

“However, we can provide you with even more monetary benefits. 100,000 dollars a year.”

The oldest academy among the four great academies had indeed shocked everyone the moment it opened its mouth.

A scholarship of 100,000 dollars a year was equivalent to 400,000 in four years! A net profit for Ye Fei!

Ye Fei was a little dumbfounded. This was the first time he had heard that a school was willing to give out so many scholarships to its students.

He had always thought that the so-called scholarships were basically equal to the tuition fees. At the very most, they would only add in a little pocket money.

But today, the two wealthy principals of the Southern Barbarian Academy and East Ocean Academy had joined hands to subvert Ye Fei’s understanding.

“Principal, this scholarship that you’re talking about… Is it true?”

Although Ye Fei was very clear in his heart that with the status of the four great academies, none of them would be able to lie to him on such an occasion.

Especially the East Ocean Academy.

As the head of the four great academies, how could they possibly do something so demeaning as drawing a large cake to deceive people?

Either they didn’t do it, or they simply gave the real cake. Such a lie was absolutely impossible.

Ye Fei knew all this, but he just wanted to hear the principal of East Ocean Academy personally promise him once more.

Otherwise, he really couldn’t believe that such a frightening scholarship was actually real.

The principal of the East Ocean Academy smiled slightly and said to Ye Fei, “Of course it’s real. The East Ocean Academy has never deceived our own students.”

“Moreover, I can also give you an additional promise. If the scholarship of 100,000 dollars per year is not enough, or if you encounter any difficulties during your stay in the academy and need money urgently, I can personally gift money to you as well.”

“It’s a gift. There’s no need to repay it.”

Ye Fei was completely dumbfounded.

He knew that the East Ocean Academy was rich, but he really did not think that they could be so rich to such an extent.

However, this was not the end.

The principal of East Ocean Academy continued, “I believe you must have heard of Master Gondola?”

“He is our school’s best teacher. At the same time, he is also recognized as the strongest dragon-type pet teacher in the entire Central Region.”

“If you are willing to join the East Ocean Academy, I can make the decision to let master gondola personally become your teacher and take you in as his last disciple.”

“You must know that Master Gondola is very strict. The criteria for selecting students are almost harsh. As for disciples, the requirements are even higher.”

“But I can use my personal reputation to guarantee you that as long as you come, you will definitely become Master Gondola’s last disciple.”

After saying that, the principal of the East Ocean Academy stuffed a school magazine into Ye Fei’s hands.

On the cover of the school magazine was a photo of Master Gondola.

The special topic of the school magazine was the life story of Master Gondola, his teaching philosophy, and the achievements of his disciples.

Ye Fei did not open the magazine to read it.

Because he was already familiar with the life story of Master Gondola to the extent that he knew it like the back of his hand.

Master Gondola was from Zhongzhou. He was born in a very ordinary family. His parents were ordinary people who had not awakened their pets.

Miraculously, he had awakened his first pet before he was five years old.

It was a small fire dragon.

Not only did the fire dragon have amazing potential to reach SSS level, but its initial level was also as high as five-star silver! It was only one step away from advancing to the gold tier!

After all, many trainers who had awakened their pets might not be able to train their pets to five-star silver after they entered university.

Master Gondola’s Little Red Dragon had awakened to five-star silver.

Therefore, Master Gondola naturally became a famous genius throughout the country.

However, he did not like the title of being a child genius.

This was because Gondola felt that the word genius gave him the feeling that he did not have to do anything. He was someone who relied on the heavens to feed him and did not want to improve himself.

In order to prove that he wasn’t just passively relying on his talent, he took the initiative to challenge those extremely difficult pet beasts.

At the age of eight, he successfully tamed the Croatian Python.

At the age of twelve, he successfully made the Croatian Python give birth to a flood dragon through man-made mutation.

From then on, he fell madly in love with magical creatures like dragons and kept trying to artificially breed dragon-type pets.

At that time, almost the whole world laughed at him, saying that he was crazy.

People believed that he would never succeed.

But the young Gondola did not say anything in defense. He just bred silently, learning from his failures year after year, and constantly improving the experimental program.

Finally, at the age of twenty, he not only succeeded in breeding a real dragon but also successfully cloned a five-clawed golden dragon that had been extinct for tens of thousands of years.

At that time, people finally believed that his previous experiment was not crazy.

It was also that year that the 20-year-old Gondola received the highest honor as a pet trainer.

However, he did not take that honor to heart. He still devoted all his time and energy to the breeding and training of dragon-type pet beasts.

The next year, he achieved the mass breeding of dragon-type pet beasts. This pet beast, which was recognized as the rarest and most difficult to capture, gradually entered the homes of more and more beast tamers.

At the same time, he also created a brand-new school of Dragon-type tamers and worked tirelessly to promote it.

Now, he had already cultivated in this subfield for half his life, and his students had also achieved very remarkable achievements.

Even ordinary people who didn’t understand pets at all knew to address the word “Gondola” as “Master” at the end.

This was all due to Gondola’s influence.

Therefore, as a pet trainer, how could ye Fei not know about gondola master?

However, he never thought that he would be lucky enough to receive the honor of becoming Gondola’s last disciple.

Did he still need to think about it?

Of course not.

“Principal, thank you so much for valuing me so highly…”

“I’m willing to join East Ocean Academy!”

Ye Fei took a deep breath and held the magazine with a picture of Master Gondola in his arms. He made a firm decision.

However, no one noticed that when he held the magazine, his fingers were gently rubbing against the embossed school emblem on the side.

Because he suddenly remembered that among the collection of his father’s disappearance, there seemed to be an identical school emblem.

In other words, his parents were most likely also graduates from the East Ocean Academy.

Therefore, Ye Fei wanted to personally see what the place where his parents had studied and fought was like.