Chapter 31 - You Can Have Anything You Want!

Chapter 31 You Can Have Anything You Want!

Li Tongwu and his brother did not dare to be negligent and did as they were told as soon as Lin Bai finished speaking.

The beasts were unable to fight back in that instant.

They were already fighting crazily for the position of Beast King and were already covered in injuries.

Li Tongwu and the others were also attacking from afar, so this group of Origin Beasts had no way of going forward.

This was because every Origin Beast that was burned by the flames would be mercilessly attacked by the Origin Beasts beside them!

Killing each other would only lead to the ultimate destruction!

Lin Bai’s face darkened, but a determined smile appeared on his lips.

He had really overestimated this group of Origin Beasts. He thought that they would at least react and attack them.

However, he did not expect that the Origin Beasts would treat the fight for the position of Beast King as the biggest deal and did not even bother about the enemy.

Lin Bai vaguely felt that perhaps the intelligence of these Origin Beasts was not very high.

He pondered for a while.

It seemed that he had to ask the Dean when he got back.

“All right! Now we can go down. We might even catch a few seriously injured ones alive.”

Capture Origin Beasts alive?

A look of shock appeared on Wu Yue’s face. Previously, he did not dare to think that he could capture live Origin Beasts!

Even the elite army of the capital would have some difficulty with this, right?

Excitement flashed through Wu Yue’s eyes! “I’ll go now!”

He leaned forward slightly, still waiting for Lin Bai’s order.

Lin Bai was slightly surprised.

He understood that Wu Yue really admired him now and was willing to treat him as a Captain, not a student when he saw Wu Yue act this way.

Lin Bai’s heart warmed as he nodded at Wu Yue.

“Be careful. Use the Imprisonment Spell. Don’t let them have a chance to counterattack.”

“Classmate Zhang, you can call the Dean and report the situation.”

“I’ll go with Instructor Wu.”

“Let’s go too!”

The impatient Li Tongwu brothers followed behind Lin Bai and jumped down together with him.

The fire was almost gone.

Many Origin Beasts rolled on the ground in pain and only cried out.

However, some of them still stood firm and attacked instinctively when they saw humans! These Beasts were all resolved by Lin Bai.

He caught two Origin Beasts and set up the Imprisonment Spell.

They were waiting for the Dean’s reinforcements.

These were all the instructors and teachers in the school. They gathered together and were dumbfounded when they saw everything in front of them!

Most of the Origin Beasts had turned into a pile of mud!

The remaining two which were still alive were under the Imprisonment Spell. They bared their teeth but could not do anything.

The instructors rushed forward excitedly. The special iron cage they brought over was still not enough. They tied it to the cage with special steel ropes and dragged the heavily injured Origin Beasts away.

The moment Lin Bai returned to school, he received extremely grand treatment.

Their team received special attention. Lin Bai’s performance in fighting the beast king alone also hit everyone like a tsunami.

The Dean’s eyes were filled with joy. He couldn’t help but smile at Lin Bai and patted his shoulder!

“Tell me! What do you want?”

“You’ve done a great job now. You’ve brought honor to our school!”

“Others think highly of me when I walk out now!”

The Dean felt a little light-headed. He looked at Lin Bai and smiled at him.

“Lin Bai, I can fight for anything you want. What do you want?”

Lin Bai stood in front of the Dean with a calm expression and smiled at him.

What he wanted was too simple.

He only wanted a safe place to stay.

He couldn’t possibly stay in the dormitory during the holiday, right?

The corners of Lin Bai’s lips curled up slightly.

He looked at the Dean and said softly, “Dean, want a safe house.”

“The house I rented previously was destroyed by the Origin Beasts.”

That window has yet to be repaired!

The Dean was slightly stunned.

He looked up at Lin Bai with surprise in his eyes.

“All you want is a safe house?”

He had thought that Lin Bai would make other requests, such as becoming an official or asking for money…

Lin Bai nodded.

I “What I lack the most now is a house after all. I have no parents or relatives.”

Both his parents had passed away based on the memories of the original host.

The Dean muttered to himself. “Alright! You’re now the captain of the Academy’s team. You are eligible for a house according to the instructor’s treatment.”

“I’ll get my secretary to arrange it!” Lin Bai thanked him and said to the Dean, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back first. I want to take a look at my novel…”

He went to the Dean’s office the moment he returned. He had not returned to the dormitory yet.

The Dean smiled and waved his hand. “Alright, go ahead! I’ll look for you if there’s anything urgent!”

Lin Bai nodded, turned around, and returned to the dormitory.

The dormitory door was tightly shut. Lin Bai knocked on the door before Wei Qing opened it with sweat all over his forehead. He sounded happy when he heard Lin Bai’s voice. “Lin Bai, you’re finally back!”

“Let me tell you, many people came to the dormitory to look for you after you came back.

Tongwu and the others couldn’t even sleep after they returned!”

“I had no choice but to close the door and pretend to be away. I only dared to open the door when I saw you through the peephole.” Lin Bai smiled and walked in sideways. When he looked up, he saw Li Tongwu and Li Tongwen sleeping on the bed, looking like they wouldn’t budge no matter what. He closed the door behind him and whispered, “Really? Then I’m back at the right time.”

Wei Qing chuckled. He wanted to ask Lin Bai something, but he saw that Lin Bai had no intention of saying anything. He could only keep it in his heart.

Lin Bai returned to the dormitory and turned on his computer.

He couldn’t wait to see the results from his new book.

The results of the new book were indeed slightly better than the second book. It occupied the top spot on the first page of the trending searches.

Even the animations showed very good results. There were not many animations serialized from novels nowadays after all. Lin Bai’s theme was novel, the plot was exciting, and the scene was grand.

Everyone loved to watch it.

They were even urging Lin Bai for his next book.

[Merciless Path Ice Valley Holy Maiden: I’ve already read the book several times. When will there be a new book?]

[Blood Massacre Palace’s Wen Chengrui: Holy Why Maiden, you look like you have desires. don’t you change your cultivation?]

[A Thousand People With A Thousand Faces: Why are you so concerned about the Holy Maiden! Is the Holy Maiden as good as a new book?]

[Sit Down the Bodhi Tree To Obtain Enlightenment: Don’t be angry. Everyone has their own tastes. The things that people cherish are naturally different. However, I’m also very interested in the author’s new book.]

[A Vagrant Cultivator: I haven’t slept well for a few days! I just want to read his next book. It will definitely be exciting!]


[Myriad Flower Valley’s Little Miracle Doctor: If you can’t sleep, come to Myriad Flower I’ll give you a shot and you won’t lose sleep!]

[Immortal Bi Yao: So annoying! Why isn’t there anything new! I want to read a new book!] Immortal Bi Yao’s comments were accompanied by gifts.

Lin Bai didn’t expect everyone to be urging him for a new book just because he hadn’t logged onto the website for two days.