Chapter 28 - Taking The Initiative To Attack! Attack The Origin Beasts!

Chapter 28 Taking The Initiative To Attack! Attack The Origin Beasts!

Wu Yue and Wei Feng widened their eyes as soon as Lin Bai finished speaking.

“You found their collective weakness from a Origin Rabbit?”

Lin Bai nodded calmly and said indifferently to Wu Yue.

“This is not the place to discuss. Where’s the Dean?”

The Dean rushed over, panting. There were still fine beads of sweat on his forehead, and his voice towards Lin Bai was a little unstable.

“I’m here, I’m here! Let’s talk in the Dean’s office where it is the safest!”

Everything in the Dean’s office was of the highest level of security, at least in this academy!

Lin Bai did not say anything else and said softly to Wu Yue, “Call our team over! I have a plan!”

Wu Yue lowered his head and agreed. He called his subordinates to escort the other students back to the dormitory to prevent anything from happening again.

Then, he went to the Dean’s office with Wei Feng and the rest.

Lin Bai was talking to the Dean.

“Yes, mind control. They seem to be unprepared for this.”

“We can use this. Moreover, I used the illusion technique in the special technique to attack the Origin Rabbit Beast’s eyes! Then, it turned into what you saw.”

“I suspect that its eyes are its weakness!”

The Dean’s heart sank slightly.

“There were indeed reports saying that their movements will slow down and their strength will weaken if we attack their eyes. It’s more effective than attacking their hearts.”

“But it’s hard for their eyes to-”

Lin Bai raised his head, his eyes filled with determination.

“Dean, we have special techniques now!”

The Dean’s heart skipped a beat, and an indescribable joy immediately rose in his heart. He looked at Lin Bai in disbelief.

“That’s right!”

Lin Bai moved slightly. He heard the footsteps of Wu Yue and the others and glanced out of the door.

“Dean, Instructor Wu and the rest are here.”

“I have a plan I’d like to discuss with you.”

Wu Yue and the others walked in and looked at Lin Bai together.

“What plan?”

A hint of curiosity flashed across the Dean’s eyes.

Lin Bai’s eyes darted around, revealing a slightly excited expression.

“The Origin Beasts have already come to test the waters. We can’t just sit here and wait for their next wave of attacks!”

“I want to lead a small team to sneak attack their nest!”

“Let’s see how many of them are hiding around us!”

The feeling of waiting passively for the next wave of attack was really not good.

Especially when they could only wait for them to come!

There was immediate silence as soon as Lin Bai finished speaking.

Wu Yue raised his head with difficulty and his tone was a little dry.

“Lin Bai, aren’t you being a little too rash…”

“Even the most elite troops in the city don’t dare to enter the nest of the Origin Beasts. We will be discovered as soon as we step in.”

Lin Bai blinked.

“Instructor Wu, have you forgotten? We have a special technique now. We can transform.”

“Origin Beasts don’t have a very sensitive sense of smell. We can sneak in as long as we use the corpse of the Origin Rabbit.”

“I’ve seen the information. There’s a king in every group of Origin Beasts. This group of Origin Beasts will kill each other for the position of leader as long as we can kill their current king!”

“When the time comes, we will take the opportunity to deal with them when both sides are injured. We will definitely destroy the Origin Beasts completely.”

“They usually move in groups. Now that we’ve discovered an Origin Beast, I’m afraid there’s a group of them secretly preparing to deal with us!”

“I’m afraid we’ll have to pay a greater price to protect the students if we wait for them to attack.”

Wu Yue fell silent immediately.

Lin Bai was not in a hurry.

He spelled out their advantages word by word.

“Origin Beasts are usually nocturnal. They’re not used to the sunlight, which will hinder their vision.”

“We can use this to create strong light and interfere with their movements.”

He pulled out a talisman from his clothes as he spoke. His fingers moved slightly, and the talisman paper suddenly lit up, emitting a dazzling light.

There were even some crackling sounds.

It was obvious that Lin Bai had deliberately controlled it.

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows.

“How is it? I can’t cause a big commotion in the Dean’s office, but I can still get some more talismans.”

“The Instructor and the Dean still have to make a decision early.”

Lin Bai knew very well that even though he had formed a team, he still could not completely make decisions on these important matters without actual achievements.

Wu Yue had been through hundreds of battles, and the Dean was the highest authority in the school. Only then could they decide on their first operation.

The Dean and Wu Yue exchanged glances.

The Dean raised his head and looked at Lin Bai.

His gaze was fixed on Lin Bai’s finger. “Alright! Go!”

“But prioritize your own safety! Retreat in a timely fashion if you encounter danger. I’ll send someone to receive you.”

He reached out and pressed a button on the landline, instructing his secretary to prepare. “When do you plan to leave?”

Lin Bai looked up at the Dean and enunciated each word clearly. “Tomorrow morning! I want to deal with them at noon when the sun is at its highest!” His tone was very arrogant, but for some reason, the Dean felt that he could do it. The Dean nodded solemnly. “Alright, I’ll send someone to pick you up. Be careful.”

Li Tongwu and the others were still in a daze.

They had only trained for a day, and they were already going to take action?

However, Lin Bai looked very confident. He even asked them to rest early.

Zhang Haishan looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything. “Don’t worry. I have a way to let everyone return safely even if we can’t break through in one go.” After saying that, Lin Bai left without caring about the reactions of the others.

Li Tongwu and his brother quickly chased after him.

The next morning, Li Tongwu and his brother arrived earlier than Lin Baiqi. The two of them guarded Lin Bai’s bed with worried expressions.

Lin Bai was shocked when he opened his eyes.

“What are you doing!”

Li Tongwu hesitated for a moment and looked at Lin Bai’s tone with determination.

“Lin Bai, Tongwen and I thought about it. We’ll support you no matter what you do!”

“We believe in you!” Lin Bai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He knew that Li Tongwu and the others were worried about him.

Lin Bai blinked and patted Li Tongwu’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry.”

Lin Bai washed up and brought Li Tongwu and the others to the school gate. Wu Yue and the other two arrived soon after.

The seven of them took advantage of the rising sun and walked out of the back mountain. Wu Yue’s tone was solemn.

“I checked last night. The Origin Rabbit came from the Tong River at the back of the mountain. We’ll reach Mount Puming after crossing Tong River. Mount Puming is abnormally steep. This batch of Origin Beasts should be hiding in the depths of the mountains, intending to cross the river to attack the academy.”