Chapter 27 - Attack From The Back Mountain!

Chapter 27 Attack From The Back Mountain!

Zhang Haishan was slightly stunned. He took the Body Tempering Pills with a complicated expression.

However, he did not say anything. He turned slightly towards Lin Bai and followed Wei Feng and Wu Yue out.

Li Tongwu frowned unhappily.

“What kind of person is he? Why is he so arrogant even after you gave him a pill?”

Lin Bai did not care.

He patted Li Tongwu’s shoulder and said softly to him, “Alright, take it slow. If I’m not in a hurry, why should you be?”

Li Tongwu felt indignant for Lin Bai.

“Zhang Haishan is usually arrogant. I guess he’s not convinced that you’re the Captain of the team!”

Li Tongwen tugged at Li Tongwu’s sleeve.

“Big Brother, Lin Bai is hungry even if you are not. Let’s go eat quickly!”

The school canteen was open 24 hours a day. The food inside was warm all year round.

It had everything, and they were all high-calorie food, afraid that everyone would go hungry.

The body was the capital of everything after all.

When Li Tongwu heard this, he revealed an embarrassed expression.

“Let’s go and eat!”

Lin Bai smiled to himself and nodded at Li Tongwu before following the two of them out.

The campus was very quiet in the middle of the night. The breeze blew past, but it made people feel a faint sense of unease.

Lin Bai frowned and subconsciously glanced at the sky.

However, the sky was very quiet. The stars lit up half the sky, and the starlight scattered down cleanly.

Everything seemed to be safe and sound.

Li Tongwu looked at Lin Bai in confusion and turned to him. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Bai paused.

“Don’t you think there’s something else?”

Lin Bai’s tone was a little subtle.

His eyes searched the surroundings, trying to find other clues.

Li Tongwu was baffled.

“Lin Bai, this is a school. It’s the safest place in the school! Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be too many problems.”

“What’s more, the academy has never been attacked before. The academy has a high level of protection.”

Lin Bai was slightly relieved when he heard this.

He had been in the academy for so long and had indeed been very safe.

Li Tongwu and Li Tongwen pulled Lin Bai’s arm and smiled brightly at him.

“I think you’re just too worried! Are you too tired from training us previously?”

Lin Bai smiled at Li Tongwu.

“No, I must have seen it wrongly. Let’s go eat early.”

Wei Qing was already waiting for them in the canteen. He even specially bought food for them and looked at Lin Bai expectantly.

“Boss, I saw Zhang Haishan just now. He had a dark expression and ignored everyone. He went to the back mountain.”

“Why do you think he went to the back of the mountain in the middle of the night? Aren’t everyone tired from the training?”

Li Tongwu looked up at Wei Qing and sneered at him.

“I’m so tired! I don’t care about him!”

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows.

“When did you see him go to the back of the mountain?”

As soon as Lin Bai finished speaking, he heard a loud roar from outside!


Lin Bai suddenly raised his head and rushed out without thinking.

His gaze followed the direction of the voice. It was the territory of the back mountain.

Li Tongwu and the others also came out and looked at the back mountain in fear.

“Didn’t Zhang Haishan go to the back of the mountain?”

Lin Bai said in a low voice, “Wei Qing, go find the Dean and the others. Tongwu, follow me. Remember, focus.”

“You can use whatever you trained with today!”

Lin Bai guessed that these were probably Origin Beasts.

The back mountain was the weak point of the academy.

Lin Bai thought as he transformed into an eagle and flew towards the back of the mountain.

The transformation technique he obtained could transform him into any living creature, not limited to humans.

Lin Bai flew into the air and looked down to see an incomparably huge Origin Rabbit pouncing towards a weak figure.

That figure would have been torn to pieces if he was a second late!

Lin Bai did not have time to think.

He activated the incantation and smashed towards the Origin Beast with a thought.

That was mental control. This Origin Rabbit was completely unprepared and let out an irritated and painful shout.

Lin Bai single-handedly picked up the person who was attacked by the Origin Rabbit. “Zhang Haishan, are you alright?” Lin Bai lowered his head and looked at the pale-faced youth, who was filled with fear.

His clothes were torn, and he looked extremely disheveled.

He only reacted when he heard Lin Bai’s words.

He turned his eyes slightly.


The Origin Rabbit rushed towards them angrily before he could finish speaking.

Every step made a heavy buzzing sound, as if even the muddy mountain path was trembling. Zhang Haishan’s expression changed slightly, and he could not even stand steadily. However, Lin Bai was very stable. His expression did not change. He pushed Zhang Haishan away and raised his hand.

One more move directly defeated the Origin Rabbit.

At this moment, Li Tongwu and the others also rushed over.

Lin Bai quickly threw out a fist again before the Origin Rabbit could react!


Smoke and dust rose everywhere immediately, and fog covered the surroundings.

Lin Bai was almost hidden in the smoke, so no one could see him clearly.

“Lin Bai!”

Li Tongwu was so anxious that he almost fainted.

However, his path was blocked and he could not reach him at all.

Wu Yue’s expression was as calm as water as he spoke to Li Tongwu.

“You wouldn’t be of any help! Don’t go up!”

He kept looking in Lin Bai’s direction.


Another heavy wail sounded, making one feel a chill. The smoke suddenly dissipated, and Lin Bai suddenly appeared in front of everyone. He was bending over, his gaze fixed on the Origin Beast’ corpse that he had already beaten into a pile of mud. He frowned slightly. “This thing is so disgusting!”

It was like a ball of paste that completely exceeded Lin Bai’s imagination.

When Wu Yue saw Lin Bai, his eyes lit up. He immediately shook off Li Tongwu and strode towards Lin Bai.

“Lin Bai, how do you feel now?” There was a hint of indifference in Lin Bai’s eyes. He pointed at the corpse of the Origin Rabbit and said to them, “This is very simple. I can settle it alone.”

“I’m fine.”

He raised an eyebrow at Wu Yue.

“Did you notice anything unusual when you left the training room?” Wu Yue’s expression was rather ugly.

His tone was solemn, but it was very magnanimous.

“Wei Feng and I were negligent. We thought the academy would be the safest place now.”

“But I didn’t expect the Origin Beasts to come in from the back of the mountain.”

“I’ve already sent people to search the back mountain to see if there are any other dangers lurking.”

Lin Bai nodded.

“Get someone to clean this up. Maybe we can give it to people in the laboratory for research.”

A look of joy flashed across his eyes as his voice lit up slightly towards Wu Yue.

“I might have found the Origin Beasts’ weakness!”