Chapter 26 - Training Commences!

Chapter 26 Training Commences!

Lin Bai’s gaze was very serious. He stared intently at everyone’s eyes, wanting to see if they were unwilling.

He did not have much reputation now after all.

These people had never seen his ability before either.

Moreover, these people were all dragons and phoenixes among men. They would probably be a little dissatisfied.

They were silent for a moment.

“Lin Bai! No, Captain Lin, Tongwen and I will definitely follow you wherever you go!”

“We are agreeable to everything you say!”

However, Li Tongwu was different from everyone else. He seemed very proactive.

He was Lin Bai’s roommate after all. He did not think that Lin Bai was just an ordinary person who had struck gold!

Lin Bai narrowed his eyes and looked at Wu Yue and Wei Feng.

Wu Yue turned to look at Song Tao and Lin Xi.

He said indifferently to Lin Bai, “Of course we’re willing.”

After Wu Yue said that, Song Tao and the others echoed.

Lin Bai instantly saw through it.

The two of them even had some opinions about him.

However, he did not care. Time was the best proof after all.

“Dean, I only need seven people. If there are too many people, it will be detrimental to training.”

The Dean naturally had no objections.

“As for the others, I’ll let them practice by themselves first.”

The Dean patted him on the shoulder, indicating for him to stay here and bring the other unrelated people out.

For a moment, only Lin Bai and the others were left in the training room.

The seven of them looked at each other speechlessly.

Lin Bai touched his nose.

“Chief… Chief Instructor Wu.”

Wu Yue turned slightly and said indifferently, “Captain Lin, just call me Wu Yue.”

“What instructions do you have? How do we train? We’ll listen to you.”

Wu Yue was very decisive and went straight to the point.

Seeing this, Lin Bai skipped the small talk and turned on his phone.

“This is the training method I envisioned. I know that you have all experienced the war of Origin Beasts, so I want to ask you to classify the Origin Beasts based on your experience first. Their difficulty level.”

“This way, we can also have combat experience if we receive a mission.”

Lin Bai raised his head and looked at Wu Yue.

“Can you do it?”

Wu Yue raised his head and looked at Lin Bai in surprise.

“Of course. I can sort it out tonight.”

Lin Bai smiled.

“Then we’ll start training tomorrow. We’ll start with the Origin Beasts that are the easiest to deal with. I’ll transform into them.”

“You guys will attack me. Putting aside your previous experiences and use your cash up skill to deal with me.”

After saying that, Lin Bai waved at them.

“Rest well when you go back today. We’ll gather here tomorrow.”

Wei Feng and Wu Yue exchanged glances.

“Alright, then we’ll go back first.”

Wei Feng paused and called out to Lin Bai, “Captain.”

Lin Bai immediately felt a little helpless.

He actually didn’t pay much attention to the title of captain.

Only Li Tongwu and his brother followed Lin Bai after the others left.

Li Tongwu’s voice was filled with comfort.

“Lin Bai, they’re like this because they don’t know how powerful you are.

“That’s right. Instructor Wei and Chief Instructor Wu already approve of you. They even called you Captain!”

Lin Bai paused and smiled.

“It’s fine. Won’t we know tomorrow? The most important thing now is training. I heard from the Dean that the next wave of Origin Beasts is not far away!”

He could not let his stable writing life be disturbed!

Thinking of this, Lin Bai became even more concerned about this matter.

Wu Yue also worked very fast. He directly sent the classification of the Origin Beasts to Lin Bai. Lin Bai looked through them and realized that these Origin Beasts were actually similar to the animals in the previous world.

However, the beasts here were more ferocious and bigger in size. They even possessed Origin Energy.

The stronger the Origin Energy, the harder it was to deal with.

Lin Bai frowned.

However, even the weakest Origin Beasts had caused many human casualties according to the information.

Lin Bai inexplicably thought of the Origin Beasts outside the window of his rented house.

His heart skipped a beat.

This city is not safe! Lin Bai sighed.

The night passed. When Lin Bai went to the training room, everyone was already here. Wei Feng and Wu Yue were standing at the front. When they saw Lin Bai, they went up to him and addressed him as Captain. Lin Bai felt a little uncomfortable hearing the two instructors calling him Captain.

He felt a little helpless.

“Just call me Lin Bai. We’re all on the same team. Just listen to me when you’re on the move.”

He waved his hand, and everyone gathered together.

“I have to say this first. You have to listen to Wu Yue if I’m not around. If Wu Yue isn’t around, listen to Wei Feng.”

“There’s a saying that a general out on the battlefield is most apprised of the situation. You can decide your own code of action if there is an emergency!”

“There’s no need to wait for me. Alright, now I’m going to transform into this.”

He pointed to the photo on his phone’s screen.

“This Origin Rabbit should be best at speed.”

“But its attack power is not strong.” Wu Yue added as soon as Lin Bai finished speaking.

“The Origin Rabbit we’ve seen in the past two years has a stronger attack power than before. Its bite is stronger.”

Lin Bai nodded after Wu Yue finished speaking.

“Then let’s start now. I’ll transform first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned into an Origin Rabbit and pounced at the person beside him before anyone could react. Wu Yue dodged to the side and punched out.

However, the others were not as fast and vigilant as Wu Yue.

Wei Feng fell to the ground, but he quickly reacted and used his superpower to teleport a few meters away, barely dodging the bigger attack. However, the others were not as vigilant as Wei Feng and Wu Yue.

Perhaps because they had no experience in fighting enemies.


Zhang Haishan was the first to fall to the ground, followed by Li Tongwu and his brother with a heavy blow.

Wei Feng and Wu Yue could no longer withstand the attacks in just a few minutes.

Lin Bai frowned slightly. He retracted his hand and recovered.

“I’ll give you a 10 minutes break. Come back after 10 minutes!”

Lin Bai did not give them much time to catch their breath.

The training continued again and again until late at night. Zhang Haishan’s face was slightly pale.

He was supported by Li Tongwu, and his voice towards Lin Bai was a little hoarse. “Captain Lin, I don’t understand what’s the use of this! You don’t teach us anything and keep asking us to fight!”

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Haishan.

He said calmly, “Of course it’s useful. You didn’t even last a second the first time, but you can already start to react the second time.”

“I asked you to keep fighting because you weren’t familiar with each other before. You can only get along with each other through fighting.”

“Only then are you able to cooperate with each other.”

Lin Bai carefully studied his face and saw that he was sweating profusely. He casually threw him the Body Tempering Pills. “You’ll feel much better after taking the Body Tempering Pills!”