Chapter 25 - Are You Willing To Join The Team?!

Chapter 25 Are You Willing To Join The Team?!

The news of forming a team was released after Lin Bai agreed to the proposal.

The Dean even specially gave the entire school some time to rest for this team.

They could use this time to read Lin Bai’s novels to cash up.

As for Lin Bai, he received preferential treatment.

He didn’t have to go to class. He could just write novels in the dormitory. The Dean even specially sent someone to deliver food to him.

The three meals a day were very exquisite.

Lin Bai returned the favor and wrote more moves in the novel.

He also gave the Body Tempering Pills to Li Tongwu and the Dean.

Lin Bai watched as Li Tongwu consumed the Body Tempering Pills and raised his eyebrows at him.

“Li Tongwu, how is it? Do you feel alright?”

Li Tongwu’s face was rosy, and his eyes were sharp. He looked very energetic.

He was originally a little tired from the training but had recovered his vitality fully after taking the pills.

“Lin Bai! Your Body Tempering Pills are too magical. I feel very good after I consumed them. It was as if I was a different person!”

“I think I can still run dozens of kilometers now!”

Li Tongwu looked eager to try.

His younger brother, Li Tongwen, also looked excited. Even Wei Qing, who had relatively poorer health in the dormitory, felt a little comfortable.

He seemed to have become much younger and stronger all of a sudden.

It was even more effective than training!

Lin Bai smiled in satisfaction.

It seemed that the Body Tempering Pills worked on others as well.

Perhaps he could buy them in the future?

If a Body Tempering Pill could unleash such a huge effect, wouldn’t the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Pills be even better?

Lin Bai’s eyes revealed a hint of excitement.

It seemed that the readers of the Myriad World were all extraordinary. They could actually reward such a generous item.

“You guys study hard for the next two days.

You might be the first to cash up.”

“The Dean asked me to form a team. Perhaps you can enter too.”

Li Tongwu’s eyes lit up.

“Okay, okay, okay! Don’t worry, we won’t disappoint you!”

“Yes, Lin Bai, don’t worry!”

Everyone in the dormitory responded in unison and immediately turned on their phones to scroll through the novels.

Lin Bai smiled. He actually hoped that the people in the dormitory could cash up in advance.

They were more familiar with each other and would be easier to work with.

But to Lin Bai’s surprise, the first to cash up was their Chief Instructor, Wu Yue.

Wu Yue was the first to look for him!

Then, Wei Feng and Li Tongwu made the cash up.

Lin Bai felt that there were still too few people, so he slowed down. During this period, he did not forget to continue writing. His first two books were also made into animation.

The Heavenly Dao Record was thrilling and exciting. The scenes were grand and life-like. It immediately attracted many readers who were reading the Heavenly Dao Record.

There were even people who cashed up by watching Heavenly Dao Record.

As for his first novel, the girl beside the sycamore tree, had once again firmly occupied the top spot on the Erotica Book Ranking because of its animation. It had even attracted new readers.

Lin Bai received a lot of rewards from this.

He even cashed up the martial arts in the Heavenly Dao Record.

Lin Bai uploaded the manuscript of his new book. He had to make time for training. Lin Bai immediately sent out a full month’s worth of saved manuscripts, and stopped the plot when the protagonist completed the mission and realized that his friend was an imposter.

This would definitely pique the readers’ interest!

What everyone wanted to see was how the protagonist would expose the imposter and make the imposter pay the price!

The reading volume would definitely not be low with this cliffhanger.

Perhaps he would receive an even greater surprise when he finished training.

Thinking of this, the corners of Lin Bai’s lips curled up.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The door of the dormitory was almost banged down.

Lin Bai subconsciously raised his head and looked out of the window. The sun was blazing outside, and the greenery was everywhere. It was time for training.

Who would come looking for him?

Shouldn’t they be training now? Lin Bai pondered as he opened the door.

“Secretary? What brings you here?”

Lin Bai frowned. Could it be that there was a problem with the formation of the team? The secretary’s eyes were filled with joy. She said to Lin Bai impatiently, “The Dean asked me to tell you that there are a lot of people making cash up! They’re all waiting in the training room. The Dean wants you to choose the members personally!” Lin Bai was slightly surprised.

Was it because there were too many people watching and reading his works over the past few days so the speed of cash up and the number of people had also increased? “Alright, wait a moment. I’ll change my clothes.”

Lin Bai changed into a white shirt and wore sandals before going over seeing that the sun was too bright outside.

The door of the training room was slightly open and Wu Yue’s voice could be heard from inside. “Alright, everyone, don’t be noisy! Just wait for Captain Lin to come!”

“I’ll join you in the selection.”

Wu Yue’s voice was calm and intimidating, causing the training room to fall silent.

Lin Bai’s lips curled up slightly. “Dean, Chief Instructor.”

As soon as Lin Bai entered, he walked towards the two of them.

The Dean looked up at Lin Bai with a smile and patted his shoulder.

“You’re here? Come and take a look first. Everyone here has cashed up.”

“Let them show you the results?” Lin Bai raised his head and glanced at the people in the training room. Most of the people in the training room were young students. There were also instructors in military uniforms and even a few teachers teaching theoretical classes.

Lin Bai had already thought of the selection method. He nodded at the Dean.

“Dean, let them split into groups and fight one-on-one.”

“You can only use the cashed up martial arts and not anything else.”

“If you win, there is a possibility for you to form a team with me.”

After Lin Bai finished speaking, he looked around.

“Dean, Chief Instructor, what do you think?”

This was the fairest method Lin Bai could think of.

The Dean only nodded with admiration in his eyes.

“Alright! We’ll do as you say!” Everyone spontaneously divided into several groups as soon as he finished speaking. Each group had one winner.

There were only about 20 people left in the training room after a few rounds. Lin Bai asked them to compete again.

One after another. At the end of the competition, there were only six people left. Other than the Li brothers, Li Tongwu, Wu Yue, and Wei Feng, there were two instructors and one student.

These three people were called Song Tao, Lin Xi, and Zhang Haishan.

Song Tao and Lin Xi were personally taught by Wu Yue. They did not take the Body Tempering Pills, but they relied on their cashed up martial arts to win against everyone. As for Zhang Haishan, according to the Dean, he was the most outstanding student in this batch.

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at the remaining seven people in front of him. His eyes lit up slightly.

“I still have to ask, are you all willing to become members of the team?”

“The Dean ordered me to form a team, so the people in my team have to listen to the rules I set no matter what.”

“Are you agreeable?” Lin Bai’s eyes were serious.

He did not want a group of people who did not listen to him.

Moreover, there was even an instructor amongst them.