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In Cang Qing’s camp.

“This wall was definitely blown apart.”

“Who the hell is it?”

The defensive wall shattered again, and dust flew. All the members were urgently mobilized and prepared to fight.

The terrifying roar indicated that they were definitely not facing ordinary humans. Perhaps it was zombies or other mutated creatures. Regardless, they were not friendly.

Who lured them here? Who was the mastermind? This question floated in everyone’s hearts. This feeling of having a faceless enemy made them feel oppressed, angry, and uneasy, as if they were in a fog.

There were only roars from outside, but they did not attack for a long time. The dust had already descended, and their vision was about to become clearer. This was also more conducive to those in battle.

“Why do you think they didn’t attack? They clearly had the upper hand just now.”

“I’m not sure. I feel like they want us to be prepared?”

“No way! Logically speaking, don’t those monsters bite anyone they see? Why would they wait?”

“Then what’s the situation now?”

The discussion did not go on for long. Through the dust, they saw pairs of strange green eyes. Every gaze was as fierce as a hungry wolf staring at a lamb.

These were not the eyes of a normal person, nor were they the eyes of a zombie.

“What kind of monster is this?”

No one knew.

However, when the dust completely calmed down, the scene finally became clear. The outside was surrounded by a cage that was so dark that it was shining under the moonlight. The creatures with green eyes were locked inside.

It had many eyes and sharp claws. Some of them had thick fur and some were covered in scales. Its entire body was swollen and secreted this smelly mucus. It was roaring with the excitement of seeing food.

Those in Cang Qing base could not help but feel a chill in their hearts. They were indeed decisive in mobilizing the ability users they had.

“A mutant? Someone is actually still doing this experiment!” He Linbing was in disbelief, and the shock on her face was obvious.

She knew about this monster because the old professor from Cang Qing Base had received an invitation to do human mutation experiments. The invitee had also sent some preliminary experiment images and a list of numbers. Some images were 80% similar to the monster in front of her.

However, there were still many flaws at that time.

The old professor directly refused, saying that it was against morals and human nature. He also persuaded the invitee to give up on the experiment, but to no avail.

Later, when the base searched for more people, they found too many missing people. After investigation, they finally found the laboratory. The four bases joined forces and destroyed it.

He thought that it would end here, but he did not expect these monsters to appear again. Moreover, it was obvious that these were not the half-finished products from before.

In a corner of an abandoned building in the distance.

A figure was facing Cang Qing and the others. He was holding a palm-sized mechanical cube in his hand, and there was a communication device beside his ear.

A voice came from the communication device.



He pressed the button on the black square.


The iron cage opened.

Accompanied by excited roars, the monsters rushed forward.

“Everyone, be careful. Prepare for battle.”

The defense and attack were the same as before, but the level of the opponent this time was unknown.

“Be careful!”

Seeing that a member who was fighting was no match for the monster and was thrown to the ground, the mutated creature, whose saliva was flying everywhere, pounced on it. Its mouth full of sharp teeth opened wide, as if it wanted to devour it in one bite.

The fallen members were so heavily injured that they could not even activate their abilities again. They were about to die in the mouth of the monster.


The bullet hit the monster’s chest, and the members who had lost their ability to fight quickly retreated to the back under the cover of fire.

Yellow-green liquid kept flowing out of the monster’s chest. The monster turned around and stopped again. In a breath, the wound healed visibly.

“What… what kind of monster is this?” There was actually panic in his voice. Could they really fight this monster with self-healing and regeneration ability?

These mutants were equivalent to early-stage Level 3 zombies!

“Ao, Roar—” With an angry roar, the monster suddenly broke through the first line of defense with its explosive speed and ran in the direction of its attack.

Cheng Jun wanted to defend, but he was entangled by the three in front of him. However, for some reason, he did not fight head-on.

“Defend with firepower, defend!”

The dense trajectories left holes in the monster’s body one after another, but it did not seem to be affected at all. Its speed did not decrease, and it was about to rush into the damaged defensive wall in the next second.

They couldn’t stop him anymore!


Flames shot out without any warning. Flames were the nemesis of such mutants. Facing the high-temperature, half of their bodies turned to charcoal within three seconds. They froze for half a second and fell to the ground without moving.

He Linbing stood in front with a gun barrel on her shoulder. She wiped the sweat off her forehead with one hand.

The weapon was still in the experimental stage. There was a problem with the activation just now, so she had no choice but to stop to check and repair it. Fortunately, she made it in time.


“Big Orange, wheeze… How far away are we?” Yun You panted.

“Meow, I’m not sure.” Big Orange stopped and turned around to look at Yun You, who was leaning against the wall.

“Oh my god! Is this still the stamina of a normal person?” She should have run at least 5km, and she wasn’t even jogging. The reason why she could keep up until now was because of her athletic abilities.

However, from the looks of it, this bit of physical fitness was not enough in the apocalypse.

What Yun You didn’t know was that her physical fitness was actually not bad in the apocalypse, but Han Qichuan’s situation was special.

“No, let’s follow them by walking. I really can’t run anymore.” Yun You placed her hands on her hips and panted for a while. She waved her hand and said to Big Orange.

When Han Qichuan rushed out, Yun You was in a hurry. She did not even have time to change out of her clothes. She had run for so long in her dress and white shoes without a care for her image. She had already reached her limit.

Big Orange thought for a moment and sniffed the air again.

“Meow, the smell is getting closer. He should have stopped.”

Then, Big Orange’s expression changed. He retched and hurriedly raised his claws to cover his nose.

“Meow! Why is there still a rotten stench?”

Yun You’s expression relaxed. It seemed like they had arrived. The place was not far from here.

The night wind was a little cold. Yun You picked up Big Orange and hugged it in her arms. She immediately felt much warmer. She no longer ran over. Han Qichuan’s strength should not be bad. He would definitely be fine for the time being. She should be able to walk over.

The main thing was that she really couldn’t run at all.

The distance was really not far. Even Yun You, whose legs were already weak, only took a few minutes to reach the location Big Orange mentioned.

However, she didn’t see Han Qichuan. Instead, she saw a large number of zombies roaring and surging around the simple camp. Yun You hid behind a wall and observed carefully.

No wonder she didn’t see a single one around here previously. It turned out that they had all ran here. But where was Han Qichuan?

“Meow! Over there, your mission.” After Big Orange discovered Han Qichuan, he immediately reminded Yun You.