450 The Legendary Jealous King Strikes! 7 His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light

Lu Yanchen looked at her in amusement. "Since when did your skin turn as thick as a wall?"

Shi Guang coughed and refuted, "Who said that it's that thick? It's slightly less than that!"

Lu Yanchen was exasperated, going speechless as he was doused in her sweetness. "…"

"Say, how is it so easy for you to get angry? We merely just reconciled earlier on, and here you are with a black face again. Or, are you really trying to kneel down and sing 'Conquer'?"

Before she had even said that, the unhappiness in his heart had long been drowned by her. He had already given up on being angry with her earlier on as he said in a softened tone, "Don't play around, I've got things to do!"

He truly had something on.

In reality, he was not upset with her since a long time now. The reason why he did not speak earlier on was because she would be exceptionally well behaved and clingy each time he was angry, and thus, he could not help but want to maintain that cold expression.

However, Shi Guang did not believe him.

She thought that the reason why he was chasing her away was because he was annoyed by her, and thus, could not help but glare at him. "Lu Yanchen! Stop acting so temperamental and weird, would you? We only bumped into that Cheng Qi by chance! If I had known that he was there, I would definitely not have suggested for us to dine there! You don't really have to get angry even at this, do you? How are you so petty!"

He was already long over it, yet she chose to mention it again.

Somewhat irritated, he said in a cold voice, "Have I not told you to not get involved with other men!"

"I've only met him a couple of times before, that's all! The first time we met was that day when Yang Sitong locked me in the toilet and you freed me afterward! If not because I've bumped into him and my time was delayed because of that, I would have been able to make it for the competition that day! To cause me such an important event, I hated him to the core at that time! How could I be nice to him and whatnot after that?" Shi Guang expressed helplessly.

"Hmph!" This time around, it was Young Master Lu who acted as though he did not believe her.

Shi Guang raised her hand and swore immediately, "I swear that everything I said was real! If there is a single bit of untruth, I would be struck by lightn—"

Before she could finish, Lu Yanchen covered her mouth. "Shut up! Don't swear out of nowhere in the future! If I hear you speak of such nonsense again, watch how I'll take care of you!"

With that, he pushed her away with an icy coldness shrouded in his killing intent.

"I was just trying to show how everything I said was for real! Also, what are you being fierce to me for! Why are you always so fierce to me!" Shi Guang pursed her lips and started sniffing at the side—20% real sadness and 80% acting.

She pointed at him and accused, "If you despise me so much, why did you marry me?"

Lu Yanchen slapped his hand gently on the table. "I'm already not holding it against you, and now you're trying to hold it against me instead?"

Shi Guang mimicked him and slapped her hand as well. However, she slapped too hard and her hand stung. Before she even said anything, she was busy blowing her hand in pain.

"Fu…!" Lu Yanchen could not hold his snigger in any longer.

He held her hand and looked at it. It was a little red, but nothing serious, and couldn't even be counted as an injury. That single look was enough to tell that she had done it on purpose as he retracted his smile and looked at her with a stoned face.

Shi Guang's expression was like 'Gotcha!'. "There, there! You aren't angry at me anymore! I saw that!"

"Alright, get aside! I have something to settle," Honestly, what a bothersome girl!

"Well, I CAN get out. But, you've first got to promise me. You can't get angry out of nowhere, and even if you were to really get angry, it must not last more than half an hour. You must know how fierce you look when you get angry. Soooo scaryyyyyy…!"