Chapter 3

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There was a peculiar custom in the enclosed Landgel, which was somewhat not like Langel.

Langel, who is infinitely exclusive to outsiders, only opens the gates to welcome guests from Earth.

Whether ‘Earth’ is the name of the region, what organization’s name, or what symbolic meaning has not been revealed.

If the only information is available, it is said that guests from Earth possess unusual costumes and appearances, but only six times in the Kronos Empire’s thousands of years of history, Earth inhabitants appeared.

The empire when they appeared was said to have reached its peak. About 500 years have passed since the appearance of the last sixth Earth guest.

Most people regarded guests from Earth as legends and almost forgotten them. Except for the scammers who often went.

In less than a month, the scammer who appeared in Duke Castle, claiming to be a guest from Earth, had been cut off.

The scammers knocking on Landgel’s door saying they are guests from the Earth usually appear once every two to three years at the earliest and four to five years at the longest, but they were all beheaded.

However, a guest from Earth appeared again in less than a month. No one expected that a scammer would come again so soon because the severed neck was hung at the entrance of the estate until the last week. This time, the attention of the guards focused on what kind of aristocrat was a scammer who appeared on his back.

Jay walked into the city gate, guided by an oversized guard with a spear in front of her, with a quivering expression.

Inside the gate, she felt a sense of life than the outside, so everything was just interesting and interesting. She thought it would have been like this if it had been in the Middle Ages, and I went in, looking around so calmly that I would not be cluttered.

“You have to wait here until the duke checks in person.”

The guard’s guide was a small stone chamber near the castle gate. The guards standing on the guards of the walls and towers felt shabby and gloomy because they couldn’t stand alone, as if it was a space designed to take a break.

It was an absurd place that could not be seen as a space to be used as a reception room to entertain guests from a prestigious duke house, but Jay smiled as if he didn’t care, and thanked him for the guide.

“By the way, is the Duke coming right away?”

The guard, who had remained stiff, smiled gently and expressed gratitude, a bit of sympathy for this woman scammer, who was about to lose her throat.

None of the scammers, called Earth guests, said that they were okay after being guided to the stone chamber.

There were a lot of people who became uncomfortable and requested to go to another place.

However, this little one is a dumb worm who knows nothing or just laughs, so he felt bitter.

‘The nobles who take advantage of others are the ones to kill.’

“A soldier like me cannot know the details of the duke’s schedule. I’ll have to wait for a while to see the Duke.”

“I see. Thanks for letting me know.”

Her pretty pink lips smiled slightly and said hello, and the guard’s face turned slightly red. Covering her face with black glass, she could only see her nose and mouth, but her extraordinarily shiny pink lips shook the guard’s heart


As Jay entered the stone chamber and the door closed, a guard turned right away and went to report the situation to Jason, who was in charge of security at the gate.


Bern, who was heading to the office of Duke Landgel, gave a light tribute to the butler walking from the opposite side.

The family of deacons who has been supporting the Landgel family from generation to generation, although their status as aristocrats is not very high, they have a long history with Landgel for hundreds of years.

The current butler was a seasoned butler who served from the predecessor to the present.

“I heard that the lord was in the office.”

“Yes, it’s just the way out with a cup of tea.”


Bern once more lightly greeted the butler and headed for the Duke’s office.

“Lord, this is Bern.”

“Come in.”

Duke Landgel, who was paying the bill, asked Bern standing in front of the desk without raising his head as he was looking at the documents.

“Today was the first training day for recruits. How is it?”

“I was worried about the unusually small number of recruits this year, but fortunately, some of the talents stood out. If you sharpen it well, it will be a great addition to your troops.”

“I’m glad I’ve been troubled by only those who are in the air for several years.”

The Duke asked again, signing and handing over the documents he was looking at.

“What is it?”

“A guest from the Earth asked to see the Duke.”

“Another one already? You should have displayed that head a little longer last time.”

Bern’s body was stiff, knowing the appearance of the duke raising his head with a cold expression.

“They had an interesting look I had never seen before.”

“It’s a shape I’ve never seen before, so I guess it wasn’t fortunately that it wasn’t a disgusting color to apply new hair all over the body like last time.”

Where did they get the information that guests from Earth wear unusual clothing, and the scammers visiting the duke seemed to do all sorts of weird things.

If he is recognized as a guest from the Earth by the Duke, he will be able to live comfortably with Duke Landgel as a guest from the Earth.

I have never seen it before. Despite the fear of having to face the Duke,  face—to—face, scammers like moths to fire, constantly rushed. Until hundreds of years ago, it was customary for the Duke to greet guests from the earth who visited the Duke of Landgel at the gate.

If the duke was away for a while, he was invited to the rose room, which is the most luxurious among the parlor in the palace, to wait for the duke.

For hundreds of years, no real Earth guests have come, and only the scammers who have been aiming for a bitter rush in, the Rose Room has no days to dry the blood from the throats of the cut off scammers.

The name of the rose room, which was named because it was beautiful, it was confusing that it was called a rose room because there was no day when blood would dry out.

For this reason, a few generations ago, the Duke made a stone chamber next to the castle gate so that the crooks could not enter the castle at all, so that they could be cleaned up anytime they were cut off.

Jay doesn’t know how many hundred people’s heads have been severed from the stone chamber where she is now.

In particular, the current Duke did not have mercy on those who pretended to be guests from the Earth.

Not only the scammers who visited the Duke Family but also the forces behind them were found and slaughtered.

About a month ago, a small and medium-sized family, one of the emerging forces near the capital, disappeared overnight.

At that time, Bern looked closely at everyone right next to the Duke. All the creatures attached to the family, including children and old people, lost their lives.

As a knight. He always felt proud of having a strong lord, but Bern sometimes felt afraid of such a grim figure of his lord. Even now, he was terrified by the appearance of the duke, who quietly spends his life at cold-hearted passions.

“Should I get rid of the custom of meeting the duke?”

It was customary for the guests of the district to visit the Duke of Landgel to meet them face—to—face.

It was possible to change the reception room from a rose room to a stone room, but it was impossible to get rid of even the receptionist.

The Duke knew why it should be, but it was annoying and cumbersome.

‘Do you no longer have vain hopes…’

While looking for a moment at the duke that was expressionless, but seemingly empty, Berne opened his mouth as if he had forgotten.

“But the person who came this time introduced themself unusually. Jay from Earth… .”


Even before Bern’s words were over, the chair he had been sitting on by the Duke, who had risen suddenly struck the desk and rolled over the carpet.

“What did you say now?”

As soon as the eyes met with his deeply swaying black eyes, Berne stuttered, suppressing the fear that erupted from deep inside his body.

“That… So… It was called Jay from Earth. She is a short young woman, and her skin color is like a… Lord!!”

In an instant, as the Duke ran out of the office, Bern called and ran after him. This wasn’t normal for the Duke, who never got excited.

In a short moment. Bern thought that the woman might not be cut off.

‘Jay! Jay! Jay!!’

Ludwig shouted countless times into his heart, running with all his might to the stone chamber near the castle gate.

‘Please! Please! Jay!’

‘Please be Jay! How long have I missed you!! How much did you dream and expect that she might come and live in shattered despair!!

At the appearance of a running Duke, the servants and knights in the castle were terrified.

He is a Duke who doesn’t make a loud voice because he doesn’t get excited.

He was running like a crazy beast, so the fearful beings approached with greater fear.

As if the continent would soon collapse, people were in their place, trembling with fear.

Ludwig gasped in front of the stone chamber. Rather than running out of breath and gasping out of breath, it was tremendous excitement and gasping in uncontrollable energy.

He grabbed the doorknob with his slender hand. He was excited while jumping, but my mind was mixed with anticipation and defense.

He grabbed the door handle with a slender hand. I was excited while running, but my head was mixed with expectations and a sense of defense.

“Please,” he said. “If it’s fake again, I will trample it down completely so that it doesn’t show up again.”

At last, the stone chamber door opened completely.


Without any decorations, all there are wood—padded windows, a table the size of a four-person dining table, and two chairs.

The rough, crude wooden chair didn’t seem very practical for long sitting.

While looking around the room a little, Jay humming a small hum put the backpack she was carrying on the table and started rummaging the inside of the bag.

 “I must have a cushion too… Where are you—..”

After standing and rummaging the bag for a while, Jay found a yellow Spongebob—shaped cushion and lifted it.

Even though the bag is not so big, it looks a little odd to find and take out a cushion larger than the bag for a long time, but Jay was alone in the stone room anyway, so it didn’t matter.

SpongeBob was Jay’s dog’s favorite character. She was wondering if it would help even a little for emotional development, but even if she played Pororo that the children were happy to die, a dog who couldn’t watch because he was very focused turned the TV channel.

Since then, She watched a cartoon movie she had never seen before, next to her dog while taking care of all the returning homes and she fell in love with the character.

Later, the two of them exceeded the cost of living and bought the character goods that appear in the SpongeBob cartoon, but I don’t know how broken it was for Jay.

Jay, sitting lightly with a Spongebob cushion on a wooden chair, now has her cheeks colored reddish pink, perhaps because of the joy of meeting her dog.

“I can’t wait.”

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