Chapter 235. Angel’s jealousy. Feeding Kali~. (R-18)

Name:Heaven, Earth, Me Author:Mortrexo
Angel was currently lying on top of Yasenia, her insides full of Yasenia's semen, and her face and body so relaxed that she seemed more a blob than a human. Yasenia caressed her damp back with tenderness and kissed the top of Angel's head, which was resting on top of the milk-stained breasts. Which milk, you ask? Well, both.

Yasenia was comfortably growling as her penis was still inside Angel, even though they weren't moving. Angel could feel her deep purring since her head was resting on top of her chest. The vibrations contributed to softening the current Angel blob. Angel mewled with utter tenderness and love, "I feel so good~. I love you~."

Yasenia smiled, and her tail wagged. Thankfully, it wasn't inserted anywhere, so it didn't stimulate the tired Angel.

Yasenia took out a High-level Earth-ranked [Yin replenishing pill] and gave it to Angel. "Open your mouth~."

Angel opened and licked Yasenia's fingers and the pill as an extra. Angel rubbed her face on the big breast and asked, "Why did you give me a [Yin Replenishing Pill]?" She had taken this pill so many times that she already knew which one it was because of the refreshing flavor.

Yasenia said softly, "Remember where we are, baby. I can't have you tired and energyless, right?"

Angel nodded, but didn't move, and even her arms tightened around Yasenia. Yasenia sighed and sat up with Angel between her arms. Angel whined and even her vagina clenched on the escaping member. "I don't want to move~."

Yasenia almost lost control and went one more round, but she also wanted to have some action with Kali. Moreover, she didn't want to completely tire Angel. "I'm sorry, baby. If we were in the Academy, I wouldn't mind being like this as much as you want, but we can't. We have to continue gaining points."

Angel whined a little more, acting completely spoiled, and Yasenia's heart was seriously swaying. How could our dragoness resist her dearest little girl's soft whines? However, with a will stronger than when she fought against Isla, she managed to separate Angel from her. Angel pouted as Yasenia bathed her.

Yasenia laughed and kissed her pouty lips, "Don't be angry, baby. We can do it more some days later, okay? Even if we can't do it daily, we can have some intimacy as long as we have spare time."

Angel asked, "What about Sarah?"

Yasenia asked back, confused, "What about her?"

Angel said, "Won't she feel ignored?"

Yasenia blinked twice and asked again, "Does that matter in any way with my previous statement?"

Angel explained, "Won't that stop you from having intimacy with us?"

Yasenia was surprised for a moment and then laughed aloud, sending her naked melons in a jiggling motion. Angel appreciated their bounces very much. Yasenia smirked, "Do you think that Sarah can come between us in any way or form? Hahaha. If she dares, that would be the moment we each go our way!"

Angel relaxed, "You are treating her so well, so I was scared."

Yasenia smiled softly, "Are you feeling jealous, baby?"

Angel nodded honestly. She was always one hundred percent honest in front of Yasenia. There wasn't anything that the little girl would hide from Yasenia, no matter how ugly or low that feeling might be.

Yasenia sighed and entered the bathtub with Angel, hugging her closely, "Don't worry, I'm like that because she is too strange. So I want to be on her good side. Most of the gestures I do to her are just an act."

Angel asked with a smile, "Really?"

Yasenia nodded, "Of course! Did you forget my promise already?"

Angel shook her head and hugged Yasenia tightly with a happy and sweet smile. "I love you!"

"I love you too, Angel."

Forty minutes had gone by when Yasenia and Angel came out of the room. It wasn't a long or short time. Yasenia looked at Sarah and asked, "What score did you reach, Sarah? I'm sorry I couldn't see and cheer on you."

Sarah smiled and said, "I managed to reach 612 points!"

Yasenia internally frowned and thought, 'So little?' Yasenia probed the waters, "So you held back! I was sure that you could overcome the 1 000 easily."

Sarah shook her head and hands, "How could that be possible! I'm not that strong!"

Yasenia laughed and said, "Don't be so humble. Your show of strength in the Heaven Gate scared even me! You were very powerful back then."

Sarah's face was strange, 'System, how do I cover up for that?'

[Host. You can tell her that it is a skill with limited time.]

Sarah said to Yasenia, "Ah... That was just a skill that let me draw out my potential. I can't use it often, but after seeing the Heaven Gate strength, I wasn't confident without using it."

Yasenia smiled and didn't comment anymore. 'Did the soul possessing her order to say that? Maybe she is just trying to reduce her suspicious increase in strength. This means that she can't enter that battle mode often. That's good news, I'm not confident about defeating a senior even if it is possessing a body with lower strength than mine.'

Yasenia imagined Tatyana controlling Sarah as she fought with her to the death, and a chill went up her spine. 'I bet mom can kill me with Body Modification realm strength. A senior's combat sense is on a completely different level.'

Yasenia said, "Before we move out, I want to speak with Kali about something. We will come out in forty minutes at most. Angel, Sarah, wait here."

They nodded and watched as Kali and Yasenia reentered the room. Sarah asked, "Are you okay? I saw that you were very scared back then."

Angel had her belly still warm from Yasenia's release, she felt so comfortable with the Yang energy around her that she couldn't feel any bad feelings at the moment. Therefore, Angel looked at Sarah and nodded with a sweet smile, "Yes, after Yasenia pampered me, I'm perfectly fine!"

Sarah wanted to pinch her cheeks! 'She looks so cute!'

However, she held back while feeling somewhat sour, 'I also want to be pampered.'

A dialogue option appeared before Sarah,

[Option 1: That's good. Can you convince Yasenia also to pamper me?] (Reward: -10 affinity with Angel. A Transcendent Grade Sword.)

[Option 2: Are you bragging? I wasn't that interested anyway.] (Reward: -5 affinity with Angel. A Transcendent rank pill recipe.)

[Option 3: I'm happy you recovered. I hope Yasenia finishes her business quickly.] (Reward: +1 affinity with Angel. +1 strength.)

Sarah directly chose the third option. Even if the rewards were higher for the other options, Sarah had been warned that the higher the reward, the stronger the challenge she would need to overcome in the future. "I'm happy you recovered. I hope Yasenia finishes her business quickly."

Angel nodded and lay on the sofa lazily. She was still tired after Yasenia pounded her to oblivion.

Meanwhile, when Kali and Yasenia entered the room, Yasenia instantly attacked Kali.

Kali was covered by the soft body of the dragoness and slammed against the door. Then, her scarred lips got assaulted by Yasenia's soft and moist ones. Kali answered with the same passion as Yasenia and interlocked her limbs with her.

Yasenia carried Kali toward the bed and laid her there. Kali's back hit the soft mattress, and then the dragoness pinned her down. "You are mm~ so eager, my love."

Yasenia looked into Kali's verdant green eyes with her slowly transforming golden-pink eyes and smiled, "Did you think that a single meal is enough for me~? I will have both of you satisfy me in the near future, so be prepared, honey. You are in for a long tour around Pleasure Realm."

Kali felt her body reacting, and juices started dampening her lower garments. Yasenia sneaked a hand inside her robes and felt her wet labia. Yasenia chuckled huskily, "It seems that I'm not the only eager one~."

Kali blushed, "Who wouldn't react with you on top?"

Yasenia kissed her neck tenderly, making Kali sigh with contentment, and asked, "Do you find me that attractive~?"

Kali answered while letting a small moan from a love bite on her ear, "You are the most attractive in my eyes."

Yasenia laughed with a seductive tone beside her fox ear, and Kali's body softened between Yasenia's arms. Yasenia kissed Kali's fox ear as her tail coiled around the fluffy fox tail. "Kali, I want to feel your mouth~."

Kali's blush deepened because she felt her mouth salivating just from a single sentence from Yasenia. It was as if her mouth was already trained to please the love of her life. Yasenia leaned on the headboard and stored all her clothes, leaving free her raging erection. Kali looked at it, and she gulped the accumulating saliva. She could almost already taste it.

Kali didn't lose time, got naked, and went on all fours between Yasenia's legs, lowering her head to glomp Yasenia's hardness. Yasenia sighed with satisfaction as she felt her dick enter a moist and slimy mouth. Better yet, Kali didn't stop penetrating her throat and literally kissed Yasenia's pelvis, hiding the whole length inside her throat.

Yasenia felt it entering the tight passage, and her waist jumped. "Your mouth feels so good, Kali. Continue, my love."

Kali had become more and more of an expert in blowjobs, and after hearing Yasenia's praise, the fox went to action as her hand rubbed her own pussy. Kali's green eyes hazed with delight as she felt the delicious hardness fucking her throat. Yasenia's divine moans and caresses on her tail and ears also made Kali feel pleasure and bliss.

Surprisingly, the pleasure from being throat fucked brought Kali to orgasm first. Kali's throat vibrated as she moaned and her pussy squirted. Electric currents exploded like pleasure fireworks across her body. Yasenia was close, so she took Kali's two long fox ears and used them as a handle to move her waist.

Kali's eyes rolled up with delight as her nose hit Yasenia's soft pelvis repeatedly and the slight pain from her ears transformed into pleasure. Yasenia grunted, "I'm cumming!"

Then, she hilted and directly poured her semen into Kali's stomach. Kali's vagina literally sprayed like a broken faucet feeling the semen fill her stomach. The feeling was something that caused her brain to go on a loop around the Pleasure Realm. Yasenia took out her penis and let the last rope of cum in Kali's mouth because she knew how much Kali liked her flavor. Then, she took it out with a pop as Kali was suctioning quite strongly.

She gathered Kali between her arms and hugged her, laying her on top of her and waiting for her to return from her orgasm. She saw Kali's mouth rolling her semen to savor it, and her dick twitched with the desire to directly penetrate her fox's vagina and ravage her until her semen overflowed. But Yasenia easily reigned her beast-like desires. The most important part for her was making them happy.

Kali savored the sweet, delicious, thick nectar in her mouth and finally gulped it down, sending another pleasure wave to her brain. The mellow voice of the dragoness caressed her hearing sense, "Did you like that, my love? I made sure to give you plenty of the delcious milk you love so much~."

Kali buried her face in Yasenia's neck and made cute sounds from her throat, clearly delighted. Her fox tail wagged as she rubbed her body on Yasenia's. "I love it~."

Yasenia laughed softly and placed her cheek on Kali's, moving her tail in front of Kali's mouth. Kali's nose twitched and instantly recognized the sweet musky scent. Her mouth moved and glomped the tail, still hugging Yasenia and with her face on the crook of her neck. Yasenia slithered one hand toward Kali's treasure land and began stimulating her.

Kali lifted her butt to leave Yasenia's hand better access to her sensitive parts. Yasenia was delighted by this small detail. The difference between the first time they did something and the current relationship was extremely clear, making Yasenia's heart extremely satisfied.

Yasenia used her tail to mesh Kali's mouth and her hand to do the same down there. She delivered Kali to her climax and also reached hers. Kali felt the penis pressing on her abdomen and the tail heating up and spurting that delicious semen. Their bodies were extremely close, so Yasenia's dick smeared their torso with cum, and her tail fed Kali another round of her discharge. The dragoness could feel the fluids spray on her hand, but that didn't stop her from massaging her privates, making Kali moan with delight.

Then, to relax Kali a bit so that their session lasted more. Yasenia cradled Kali after cleaning the semen swiftly with a towel, placing her nipple in her mouth. Kali began sucking with delight and drank Yasenia's breastmilk, looking up at Yasenia with adoring eyes. Yasenia looked back at her with gentle golden-pink eyes, and her hand softly massaged her labia.

Kali opened her legs as she received a lovely massage in her nether region and sucked the dragoness big breast. She completely ignored her body scars and let Yasenia pamper her as she wanted.

Yasenia looked at those scars with fondness, they were part of Kali, and even if they looked a little bit scary, she found all of them as beautiful as anything else in Kali. You could call our dragoness blinded with love, but she would tell you that if that were the case, she would like to be blind for the rest of her life!

Their session continued, and Yasenia even delivered Kali to orgasm with cunnilingus once. She could do it when Kali was completely drowned in pleasure and love.

Kali even shouted that she wanted more of Yasenia's tongue.

By the time they ended, the forty minutes had gone by, and Kali was almost bursting with the two types of milk filling her stomach, but she had a smile that couldn't leave her mouth and a wagging tail that, no matter what she commanded, kept wagging. Yasenia's tail wasn't any better as she also wagged it.

After a bath and some sweet and lovable interchange, they went out to continue their adventure.