Two in the morning.

The battle in the imperial city continued.

The battle, which had lasted for two hours, nearly destroyed the whole city.

The streets and alleys were filled with thick smoke.

Some casual players who had been practicing all night in the wild area near the imperial city came here with curiosity after hearing the fierce fighting here.

They just dare to stop outside the gate and dare not go in.

When you see that it is the players of Tiange and the dragon family who are fighting for life and death in the city.

Those casual players who came to join the fun immediately released the hot news in the chat area of Liuguang City, and some people started live broadcasting.

In the middle of the night, countless sleeping players were awakened, and they ran to the live studio to watch the war.

When the players of Tiange and dragon clan were really seen in PK through the live broadcast screen, the audience in the live broadcast room were shocked one by one.

On the barrage, various subtitles emerged:

"Shit! It's really Tiange, the dragon clan, the two giants of Liuguang city? They fought!"

"Isn't it normal for them to fight? After all, Liangzi has been married for a long time. Yinuo Qingcheng was at the top of the whole city almost half a month ago. The news said that there was a war on July."

"But before that, both of them had a little bump. Now, they finally fought!"

"It seems that the two teams should be all out? And have you noticed that the imperial city is a map with the mechanism of in-situ resurrection of death!"

"If you don't tell me upstairs, I haven't found it yet. When I go, it's really... Tiange and the dragon family. It's true this time!"

"Look, there have been stars symbolizing permanent death. Can it be false?"

Due to the limited viewing angle of the live broadcast, it can only show the scene on the street leading to the city gate, which has aroused the dissatisfaction of the audience.

"Brother, can you go in a little bit, switch a few more pictures, go deep inside and let's see the war! I'll reward you!"

Anchor: "your sister! I'm not going in. If I'm killed by mistake, it'll be over. I want to live a few more years!"

An audience: "wipe, it's not cool from your point of view. I'll go to another live studio!"

"Forget it, I'll go to the scene directly! We can't miss the duel between the first family and the second family in Liuguang city! Emperor city, I'm coming!"

At the moment, the Tiange and dragon players in the imperial city do not know that they have become famous. Now they are being watched by tens of millions of players in the city.

They don't have time to take these into account.

Because each of them is facing the crisis of life and death!

A corner of the city.

The soldier of a Tiange player was killed by a sword. Huang Shao's armor was already covered with blood. His hands clenched the long sword and couldn't stop shaking.

He looked at his teammates and said, "old... Boss, where are the deputy?"

Carrying half a blood, Xiaoqiang, who was eating red potion, cried and said, "vice captain, they have all died, and there are many brothers, all... All dead!"

"You, curse me!" with a loud curse, the dragon clan came out from a corner of the street: "I'm not dead yet!"

"Vice captain!" Xiaoqiang ran to the Dragon immortal like a child, hugged the Dragon immortal, trembled and cried, "I'm afraid! I'm really afraid!"

"Why? Why do we fight like this? All the brothers are dead. Everyone is dead!"

"They are really dead! Our dragon clan is about to die!"

"Don't fucking say such unlucky words to me!" the dragon family pulled Xiaoqiang's arm and shouted angrily: "as long as there is one breath, support me! We dragon family will never lose to Tiange!"

The voice just fell.

I just felt a cold wind.

As if he noticed something, the dragon family looked up and saw an aurora in the oblique air behind Xiaoqiang!

"Be careful!"

The first reaction of the dragon clan is to pull Xiaoqiang, change a position with himself, and block the red streamer that should have hit Xiaoqiang with his own body!


The streamer bombarded the Immortal Dragon on its back.

An ultra-high damage of up to 2.3 billion will instantly empty the dragon family and not destroy the remaining two-thirds of the blood bar on the head!

At the next moment, the dragon clan knelt down.

The dragon family, who has lost all the chance of resurrection, is immortal. In the face of Xiaoqiang and peak emperor Shao, it turns into a little star and floats away.

At this time, it seems that time is forbidden.

Xiaoqiang issued a hysterical cry of pain and cry.

In the air, the 180 level hell mage is flying down on an eagle in July.

With a red to purple ID, he looked at Xiaoqiang coldly and said, "the time when your dragon family dominated Liuguang city has passed."

Xiaoqiang, who is very sad and angry, has forgotten his fear.

He grabbed the big sword and rushed towards the Liuhuo in July: "I'll fight with you!"

In July, Liuhuo lifted the staff and pointed it at Xiaoqiang: "overestimate your strength."



A fireball blasted at the cockroaches.

Just then.

Suddenly a figure flashed in front of Xiaoqiang to block the fatal blow from the Liuhuo in July!

In July, when the average injury remained between 2-2.5 billion, this red quality [fireball] hit, but it was only on the man in front of Xiaoqiang that he hit a 230 million injury!

The person who blocked Xiaoqiang's injury was Zhang Yi!

It's not much worse than the flash fire in July. The ID on Zhang Yi's head is also purple to black!

Look at Zhang Yi.

July Liuhuo said, "sure enough, you are the most difficult one."

Zhang Yi said lightly, "it's the same with each other."

"Between us, it's time to end it."

With the fire of July, the voice just fell.

Tianxing, Tianqi, Tianyu, Tianming, the four heavenly kings, and the hybrid Archer August Weiyang came out behind him.

At the same time, behind Zhang Yi, a group of core members of the dragon family survived.

The king's glory, the storm angel, uncle, at the end of the night and dawn, the scavengers came.

In addition, all the other members of the dragon core group have been killed in battle.

Including Han yarou!

Zhang Yi's eyes are opposite those of Liuhuo in July.

Between each other, although on the surface, they are all angry and hatred.

But in fact, it's through the eyes.

"Why don't the people in heaven and the behind the scenes do it? They're about to lose their hold!"

"Maybe you and I should decide the outcome."

In fact, the identity of the person behind the scenes is about to surface.

Right behind Zhang Yi.

King glory, storm angel, uncle, at the end of the night and dawn, scavenger, immortal Xiaoqiang, peak emperor Shao.

He must be among the seven!