Late at night, 12 a.m.

Dragon players are hunting terracotta warriors in the imperial city.

I have no idea of the Tiange army approaching from all directions outside the city.

Until, the players of Tiange entered the city along the four gates.

Without saying a word, they attacked the Dragon players violently!

"The enemy is attacking! The people of Tiange are attacking! Be careful!"

I don't know who shouted.

In the chaotic crowd, dragon players react quickly and start counterattack!

Soon, in the four directions of southeast and northwest, a large number of Tiange players from outside the city have fought with dragon players!

In the extremely fierce battle, players on both sides are dying.

The dead players did not disappear as white light.

But in a few seconds, it resurrected in situ!

This is the mechanism that triggered the emperor city map and the player's death and in-situ resurrection!

From the moment when the emperor Ying was killed and the amulet was taken, the emperor city already had this death mechanism.

In the face of a sudden enemy.

The dragon clan, who were hunting terracotta warriors in the city, couldn't help falling into a burst of consternation.

"How did the people of Tiange find here?"

"Moreover, some brothers from the periphery said that there were still a lot of them. It is estimated that the whole army will be dispatched this time!"

Everyone on the court was in panic.

At this time, Zhang Yi did not hesitate and ordered: "those who should come will always come. Kill!"

With Zhang Yi's order.

The dragon clan will never destroy the dragon. They lead the players of the dragon clan to charge in the direction of the four city gates.

This is a real gun battle.

The players of Tiange and dragon clan don't know their boss and secretly maintain a cooperative relationship.

At this moment, in the eyes of both players, the other party is a mortal enemy!

The attack against the enemy is also fatal and merciless.

The whole imperial city was in deep water for a moment.

Cries, screams, screams and roars continued.

Like a hell on earth.

At the same time, a large group of players have lurked in the darkness outside the imperial city!

And they are the players of the [heaven] family!

Through the recent obscene development and the secret assistance of the mysterious man.

Today's heaven already has 500000 player forces!

At the moment, at least 400000 of them were present.

Others have just joined heaven and are unwilling to fight for heaven, so they refuse to participate in tonight's action.

At this time, they quietly lurked in the dark and looked at every move of the Imperial City ahead.

Although the walls of the imperial city were very high, they could not see what was going on inside the city.

But the fierce fighting from inside is enough to prove that the dragon clan and Tiange are really doing it!

Moreover, the in-situ resurrection mechanism of the death of the imperial city map can be seen in detail on the map.

At this point, the people who hang up inside don't turn into white light. They will only resurrect in situ!

See this.

Hiding in the dark heaven and hell, he looked proud: "when Tiange and the dragon family lose, we will rush in and harvest, and then sit and reap the benefits!"

"The imperial city has a mechanism of resurrection in place of death. One of their two families must be completely destroyed! Then we will kill in and solve the remaining people. From then on, there will be no Tiange and dragon family in Liuguang city. Our paradise family is the first family in Liuguang city!"

Around, many official level players of Paradise family are also excited.

Between each other, elated.

"The people in Tiange are so stupid! Up to now, they still point the spear at the dragon family. They don't know that our heaven is stabbing the black knife in the dark!"

Heaven and hell laughed: "tonight, the Tiange and the dragon clan are doomed!"

Then heaven and hell opened the friends list and contacted the "mysterious man" in the list:

"When can we act?"

"Wait, don't worry." the other party replied: "the situation is still unstable. Wait until one of them is defeated. Then I will cooperate with you to clean up miscellaneous fish."

"Good!" heaven and hell replied decisively, thinking: tonight, we can finally repay the former shame and the old hatred together!

It turned out that the reason why their heavenly family came to the imperial city was the call of this mysterious man!

There is no doubt that the mysterious person in the heaven and hell list is the same person as the mysterious person in the July Liuhuo list!

And this man is lurking around Zhang Yi at this moment. He is a dragon!

His purpose is to use Tiange to deal with the dragon family, and then secretly carry Tiange and collude with heaven, trying to use heaven to harvest Tiange and the dragon family!

And tonight is a great opportunity.

He thinks that he has played a perfect hand and will certainly take advantage of this opportunity tonight to destroy the Tiange and the dragon family!

The battle in the city is also in full swing.

Players on both sides die quickly in battle, and then a few seconds later, the dead players will be resurrected in situ.

But the number of resurrection is limited.

as time goes on.

Those players who have died many times in a row die again after consuming all the resurrection opportunities. They have triggered permanent death and began to turn into starlight

700000 troops in Tiange, 300000 vs dragon!

In this battle with more enemies and less, it is obvious that the dragon clan has the disadvantage.

The survival number of the dragon clan is decreasing rapidly!

Outside the city, the players of Paradise family lurking in the dark saw the light spots of white light floating in the city.

They couldn't help but be more excited: "come, come! The starlight symbolizing permanent death!"

"Hahaha! They are beginning to have real casualties!"

At the moment, heaven and hell are already a little impatient. They want to take people into the city immediately to harvest the people of Tiange and the dragon family.

But reason prevailed over impulse after all.

Because if they rush in at this time, they may be targeted by Tiange and the dragon clan for the time being. At that time, don't lead to the battle that could have benefited tonight because of your impulse. In the end, they will be destroyed!

Therefore, heaven and hell continued to lead the people in the team outside the city according to their patience.

The battle began at midnight.

It lasted more than two hours.

Until more than two in the morning.

The casualties of players on both sides of Tiange and dragon clan have risen to an extremely terrible level!

According to the system statistics: the number of survivors of the dragon clan has been less than 50000!

The Tiange home team, three teams and four teams add up to 700000 people. Now there are only 300000 left!!

According to the head count, the number of casualties in Tiange is obviously higher than that of the dragon family.

This is because there is a Zhang Yi who is an enemy of ten thousand on the side of the dragon family.

This earth shaking battle has already alerted some casual players who are practicing all night near the imperial city.

They spread the news to Liuguang city.

At this moment, almost all players in the city are watching the unprecedented epic battle of Tiange vs dragon family through the live broadcast interface opened by some players!