111 Alone and Without Assistance Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Principal Qi and the two Vice Principals were back. When they saw the countless corpses, their faces look awfully displeased. But with the three of them here, they soon settled the entire situation while the mentors and guards got busy. They were all trying to calm the cadets down and clear up the mess; they only finished everything around midnight.

This incident was much too overwhelming. A total of eight mentors and more than a dozen guardsmen were dead. There were roughly about a hundred cadets that ended up in casualties. Principal Qi went around to collect information, and she soon knew how the entire incident was carried out. But her explanation wasn't satisfactory for the cadets.

Principal Qi gave out an announcement and said that it was an assault from bandits again. The college would offer a proper burial and compensations to the cadets.

Was there actually so many bandits that they crawled around like ants? Did the bandits have something wrong in their heads? Why did they have the guts to attack mentors and cadets of the Mt. Spirit Beast College? What's more, they were even led by three Soul Travel Realm experts. In addition… bandits normally just go for wealth, but what did they rob this time? Did they intentionally come looking for death?

Most importantly, a bandit actually dared to hold Zhangsun Wuji hostage? A descendant of the no.1 clan in the Divine Martial Kingdom? The bandit even forced the Zhangsun Clan's secret guard who was a Soul Travel Realm expert to commit suicide? If this was done by bandits, then this bandit band must be famed throughout the continent.

It was obvious that this incident involved the Zhangsun Clan. It might even be a power struggle between two of the Great Clans. It was something that even the college didn't dare to get involved. They were naturally afraid of the serious consequences if they tried to get involved and caused Zhangsun Wuji to burst in fury. After all, Zhangsun Wuji was greatly humiliated today!

Jiang Yi woke up in the middle of the night. He didn't suffer any serious injuries this time and was only frail after releasing the Massacre Intent. He opened his eyes, only to see three familiar faces.

Qian Wanguan had been seated beside Jiang Yi. When he saw Jiang Yi waking up, he smiled with narrow eyes. "Boss. How do you feel? Are you alright?"

Jiang Yi shook his head; he closed his eyes to rest for a moment before opening them again to ask, "Is Mentor Su alright?"

"She is fine. She is now with Principal Qi."

Qian Wanguan explained and suddenly raised his thumb. "Boss, you are too formidable this time. Actually taking out so many Purple Mansion Realm martial artists? How did you do it?"

Zhan Wushuang and Zhan Lin'er looked over as well with eyes of curiosity. The Qian Clan had many spies within the college: he might not know what transpired that night, but he could guess about 70% to 80% of it.

"It is just my luck."

Jiang Yi didn't want to explain too much; he asked in reply instead, "Was it Mentor Su who saved me?"

"You do not know what exactly happened?"

Qian Wanguan became suspicious as he shook his head. "I do not know what the definite situation is, too. You have to go ask Mentor Su—but your grandfather was awesome. He actually took out over a dozen of Zhangsun Wuji's men. He even forced his clan's secret guard, who was a Soul Travel Realm expert, to commit suicide. Such ferociousness."


Jiang Yi felt warmth in his heart. It was no wonder why he didn't see Jiang Yunhai outside of the Spirit Beast City. It was because Jiang Yunhai had been protecting him from the dark!

Something isn't right!

Jiang Yi suddenly thought of a question and asked Qian Wanguan with a nervous expression, "What about Xiaonu? Without the care of Grandfather, wouldn't she be in danger?"

Qian Wanguan made a hand gesture. "Don't worry. I may not have any information, but with the way Jiang Yunhai do things, he will definitely make appropriate arrangements, right?"


Jiang Yi sat up with a heavy heart. He told himself that if he was overly concerned, it might make things worse. His mind quickly revolved as he sorted out all the incidents before asking Qian Wanguan about of the current situation. His face gradually turned dignified. Jiang Yunhai offended the Zhangsun Clan for his sake, and it was possible that the experts from Zhangsun Clan were already chasing after Jiang Yunhai.

"Don't worry about it, Boss!"

Qian Wanguan patted on Jiang Yi's shoulder and said, "Jiang Yunhai isn't a simple individual. From the information provided by my clan, he entered the Western Garrison Army when he was young and relied on combat achievements to climb his way up. He was finally highly regarded by the previous Liege Lord and brought into the Liege Lord's Residence to be a Chief Supervisor of the Inner Court. Do you think the position of Inner Court Supervisor for the Liege Lord's Residence is for anyone to hold? It will not be easy for the Zhangsun Clan to kill him, and my clansmen will also take note of his whereabouts."

Qian Wanguan sighed slightly and continued: "Boss. Rather than worrying about your grandfather, why not worry about yourself? If they have the guts to make such an unbridled move, it shows how determined they are to kill you. If you are to enter the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch this time, I am afraid…"

Jiang Yi let out a bitter laugh. "Do I still have any other way out?"

Qian Wanguan and Zhan Wushuang looked at each other in the eyes. Both their eyes had this glimmer in the dark, but Zhan Lin'er blinked her eyes with confusion as she couldn't understand what they were talking about.

Jiang Yi indeed had no other ways out. They were so far away from the college, and Jiang Yunhai couldn't help Jiang Yi when he himself was being chased. If he was to return now, he would be dead nine out of ten tries. If he was to follow the college's group, there was still a chance of survival.

"Don't worry. My zodiac is the cockroach. No one can take my life."

Jiang Yi let out a cold laugh as his eyes looked into the distant skies while he muttered, "They better be able to take me down this time. If not, with a few more years, I will let them taste what is the true meaning of despair!"

The next morning, the college's carriage group continued to advance, but they were much more cautious this time. Principal Qi arranged for the guards to scout out a ten-mile radius to ensure their safety. If another incident was to happen, she would be ashamed to see Principal Zhuge.

Zhangsun Wuji and Jiang Yiliu remained silent and didn't even appear outside of their carriage. Especially Zhangsun Wuji—he had so much wrath that he wished he could torture and kill tens of thousands of people. But he had no choice be to be a coward and seek shelter within the carriage.

Jiang Yi remained silent, too. He had been recuperating and cultivating. His heart was filled with anxiety over Jiang Yunhai and Jiang Xiaonu, but he couldn't do anything else—except cultivate.

But Su Ruoxue did bring him a piece of good news: he had once again activated the Massacre Intent back at the valley. This sparked hope in him and also proved the thoughts in his mind. He was indeed only able to activate the Massacre Intent during combat. Only by constantly stimulating the Massacre Intent would he be able to find ways and truly grasp this mystical ability.

Once he had full control of it, his strength would increase by leaps and bounds.

After Jiang Yiliu's and Zhangsun Wuji's plan had failed, they naturally didn't dare to send any more men, or else they would definitely incur the wrath from Principal Qi. The trip became peaceful and dull. Over ten days later, the group had finally arrived at the Ten-Thousand Dragon Valley. The cadets had forgotten about the sorrows during the trip and got excited again.

Jiang Yi once again received two pieces of very bad news.

The Qian and the Zhan Clan had sent messages that the two clans were not going to offer any assistance to Jiang Yi within the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch. The Qian Clan's five martial artists, who were at the peak stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, were transferred back as well.

The Zhangsun Clan had begun to show their prowess and oppressed the two clans from making any reckless moves. Of course, there were more reasons like… the two clans obviously didn't want to get involved with the family matters between the Jiang Yiliu and Jiang Yi who were brothers. If Jiang Bieli got a whiff of this incident, he would definitely be furious.

Of course, it might be the case where the two clans didn't have any regards for the illegitimate son, Jiang Yi. They didn't want to completely offend Jiang Yiliu who currently had the greatest chances of succeeding the Western Garrison Liege Lord position.

Jiang Yi was now alone and without assistance. Once he entered the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch, he would have to face the countless experts from both clans that wanted his life.