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Lu Sanzhu pondered for a moment, then agreed.

Although he was indeed craving the big bowl of egg and meat noodles, another reason was that he wanted to build a good relationship with Shu Yu. This niece of his was obviously rich.

It was just a bowl of shredded meat noodles now, but there would be countless bowls of shredded meat noodles in the future, right?

“Alright, since you’re my niece, I’ll help you. Can I go in and eat my noodles now?”

“Sure,” Shu Yu nodded.

Lu Sanzhu immediately ran to the kitchen. Madam Ruan and the other two had already filled their bowls with noodles. Shu Yu had not returned, so they were all worried that she had suffered a loss at Lu Sanzhu’s hands. All of them looked worriedly at the kitchen door.

As soon as Lu Sanzhu entered, he wanted to reach for the larger basin. However, before he could touch it, he heard a soft cough from behind.

His hand turned and landed on the big bowl.

“Second sister-in-law, I’ll be taking this bowl of noodles then. Take your time to eat. Your portion is quite large, though, and mother and second brother are not around, If you can’t finish it, come and call me. I’ll help you finish the food. After all, it’s such a hot day, and it’s not good to leave the noodles for the next day.”

Madam Ruan laughed dryly and watched Lu Sanzhu leave with the bowl of noodles.

As soon as he left, Madam Ruan pulled Shu Yu over to sit down. She asked the latter in a low voice, “Did your third uncle make things difficult for you?”

“No, he’s actually quite reasonable.”

Madam Ruan was speechless.

Reasonable? Was Erya talking about Lu Sanzhu?

Madam Ruan wanted to ask what they had been talking about, but she was afraid that Erya would be unhappy if she meddled too much, so she didn’t ask anything in the end.

Shu Yu asked them to eat their noodles quickly. Seeing that Sanya and the other two had more noodles in their bowls than shredded meat, she got up and gave them a few more chopsticks of meat, “Hurry up and eat. We have to finish the noodles tonight. Don’t save.”

Sanya was very happy. She lowered her head and began to slurp on the noodles. When she raised her head again, her eyes narrowed into a happy line, “Second sister’s noodles are delicious.”

“Eat more if it’s good.”

Shu Yu laughed. When she was cooking the noodles, she had already noticed that the Lu family did not have much food.

When she had been heading back from the county, she had also asked Daniu about it. In Shangshi Village, they generally only had two meals.

It was only because she was here that the old lady had asked Madam Ruan to make breakfast. Therefore, Madam Ruan and the twins probably hadn’t eaten anything else other than that breakfast.

It was no wonder that Sanya and Dahu were malnourished. They only ate porridge with salted vegetables every day, and they only ate two meals. It would be strange if they grew well.

At the thought of this, Shu Yu gave the two of them more eggs and shredded meat.

At this moment, Lu Sanzhu had already returned home with the bowl of noodles. Madam Liang and Dabao, who had long been waiting in the house, immediately came up to him. When they saw the large bowl of noodles with shredded meat, their eyes instantly lit up.

Madam Liang hurriedly took a few bowls to divide the noodles. As she spoke, she sighed, “I told you second sister-in-law had definitely cooked good food. As expected, she cooked the meat. Look at this thick layer of oil. Our second sister-in-law must be so happy to find her daughter that she is willing to use so much oil.”

As she spoke, she had already divided the noodles into three bowls. She called her son, “Quickly sit down and eat. The noodles smell really good. Even when we got married, we didn’t even use so much oil in our food.”

Dabao was already stuffing his face on the dining table. His chubby little face was almost buried in the bowl, “It’s delicious, it’s too delicious. Mother, I want to eat more tomorrow. This is not enough. Go and ask Sanya and the others for more later.”