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Lu Dasong was so angry that he almost fell backward. The older Old Lady Ruan got, the more she had no scruples and would say anything.

However, he was not an eloquent person. Although he was furious, he could not find the words to refute her.

Lu Dasong could only look at Shu Yu, “Miss Shu, I’m Lu Erbai’s elder brother. Can I ask, since you’re so certain that this girl isn’t Erya, do you have any evidence?”

“That’s right, if you have evidence, show it to me,” Old Lady Ruan was arrogant and had a look of confidence, not afraid at all.

The villagers outside were also jeering.

“That’s right, Miss Shu. You can’t just say that she’s not Erya. How can you prove it?”

“That’s right, that’s right. If you can’t produce any evidence, you can’t drive them out. If she’s really Erya, aren’t you the bad guy then?”

“You can’t just say whatever you want, right? Even Erbai’s wife didn’t deny it.”

Shu Yu frowned and looked around. Before she could say anything, she saw Dahu and Sanya running over.

Dahu stood in front of her, blocking her from the crowd. Sanya, who had always been timid, raised her head and said, “Big sister Shu is a good person. She, she is not a bad person. Don’t bully her!”

Shu Yu’s heart softened. She raised her hand and patted Sanya’s head. Then, she said in a low voice, “I’m fine.”

She patted Dahu’s shoulder and asked him to stand with Sanya.

Then, she looked at Madam Ruan. Madam Ruan had not said a word since just now. She did not know why, but even though that girl had the same moles as Erya on her arm, she still did not have the slightest intention to help the girl when she was being hit and scolded by Shu Yu

Now that she met Shu Yu’s eyes, Madam Ruan was stunned.

These eyes…

Shu Yu’s back was facing the villagers outside the courtyard, and she rolled up her sleeves while facing Madam Ruan.

Madam Ruan looked down and her eyes widened. She couldn’t help but grab Shu Yu’s arm, her eyes locked on the two moles on the latter’s arm.

Lu Dasong, who was standing nearby, saw it too. He looked at her in shock.

“You… You have the same moles on your arm. Are you Erya?!”

Madam Ruan’s lips trembled, “It really is you. I didn’t get it wrong. You’re Erya, right? You’re Erya. I knew it… Sob…”

She looked so excited that if it wasn’t for Shu Yu’s quick reflexes to support her, Madam Ruan would have collapsed to the ground.

“What?” On the other side, Old Lady Ruan’s expression changed drastically when she heard this. She hurriedly took two steps forward and also saw Shu Yu’s arm.

She raised her head in shock, “You’re Erya? No, it’s impossible. Impossible!”

“Why not?” Shu Yu rolled down her sleeves and smiled, “Didn’t you ask me what evidence I have? I’m the evidence. Since I’m the child you stole and sold, the others are imposters.”

“You, you… No! You’re not Erya, she is!”

“Her?” Shu Yu looked at the girl and sized her up, “Ask the villagers here and see which part of her from head to toe resembles the Lu family. Is it her flat nose, thick lips, or small eyes?”

“But she has the moles on her arm.”

“I have the moles too.”

Old Lady Ruan started to panic, “Since there are two of you, what right do you have to say that you are Erya and that she is a fake?”

“Well, to be honest, it’s very easy to know who’s real and who’s fake,” Shu Yu looked at Madam Ruan and said, “I think there should be other birthmarks on the real Erya besides these two well-known moles, right?”