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Doctor Xu made a sound of acknowledgment and sized them up. Finally, his gaze fell on Shu Yu.

“Since you want to treat him, I will say this first. My medical fees aren’t low. I believe you’ve already inquired about it, hmm? Not to mention setting the bone fracture right, even the follow-up treatment would cost money. I’ll give you a rough estimate. It’ll cost no less than fifteen taels of silver to completely cure him.”

Before Shu Yu could say anything, the old lady and Daniu both took in a sharp intake of breath.

Fifteen taels?

This was something that they wouldn’t be able to afford even if they were sold.

The old lady thought that the medical fees would’ve been at most six or seven taels. If that were the case, the whole family could work hard and grit their teeth to come up with that amount.

Now, hearing Doctor Xu’s words, fifteen taels was just the minimum. It was possible that he would have to pay more later on.

How could an ordinary family afford to treat a leg injury? Wasn’t it a bit too expensive?

Doctor Xu did not care about their reactions. He could tell that Shu Yu was the one in charge here, so he said to her, “Don’t worry. Although the consultation fee is not low, the medicine I give him is of good quality. I also guarantee that his leg will be completely cured.”

“We can use cheap medicine as a substitute,” The old lady said hurriedly.

However, Shu Yu stopped the old lady and said, “No, just use good medicine. Don’t worry about the consultation fee. Doctor Xu, please do as you wish. Here are five taels of silver. Please begin immediately.”

“Miss…” The old lady wanted to continue, but Shu Yu shook her head at her.

“Uncle Lu’s leg can’t be delayed any longer. Only when his leg is cured will his future days get better.”

Doctor Xu nodded, “This young lady is right. There’s only a future after his leg is cured.”

With a wave of his hand, he called for his assistant to come over and carry Lu Erbai inside with Daniu.

Shu Yu and the old lady stayed outside while Daniu helped inside.

To have one’s bone broken and set again, one could imagine the amount of pain just thinking about it.

The effect of the anesthetic in this era wasn’t that great either. When Lu Erbai’s screams of pain sounded, the old lady was so frightened that her legs went soft.

Shu Yu was quick to react and quickly supported her, then said, “Let’s go over there and sit for a while.”

The soundproofing here was not very good. Never mind in the clinic, even the people on the road outside could hear Lu Erbai’s screams. Shu Yu even saw the passers-by tremble and look into the clinic suspiciously.

After a while, Daniu was the first to come out. He had been driven out by Doctor Xu. His face was pale as if he had suffered a great shock.

The old lady poured him a glass of water, and he gulped it down before saying with a lingering fear, “Grandma, it’s fine. Doctor Xu said that second uncle’s leg has been set properly and he’s currently fixing it in place. However, Doctor Xu also said that second uncle cannot move now. It is best for him to stay here for the next few days and go back when his bones are stable.”

“Stay here?” The old lady furrowed her brows and thought for a while before saying, “Alright, I’ll stay and take care of him today. Daniu, send the ox-cart back to the village chief’s house later and let your second aunt know.”

“Alright,” Daniu said.

The old lady looked at Shu Yu, “Miss Shu, what are your plans?”

“I’ll also return to Shangshi Village.”

It had been very late when she went to Shangshi Village yesterday, so there were still some things that she didn’t understand. Since the old lady and Lu Erbai were both staying in the county, she would go and ask around.

What Shu Yu didn’t know was that it was all because she had this thought that another disaster for the Lu family was prevented from happening.