Are you trying to excommunicate your only student? I was astonished at my father’s shocking remarks. I didn’t think you’d end things up with a disciple you care about because of me.

“That’s what I wanted,” while Max seemed indifferent. As if he had already predicted my father’s reaction. Watching the confrontation between the two, I was confused.

‘No, why are you two fighting all of a sudden?’

Moreover, I was confused because I didn’t expect such a development. Then, Max stared at me.

“Let’s go, Juvellian.” He seems to be absorbed in his acting. I realized what he was doing now by looking at the entrance that was getting closer.

‘Yes, this is a situation where you’re leaving… the escape of love, right?’

The escape of love is good, but the problem is that the man who’s going to flee with me now is a homeless man with no money.

Originally, only I intended to show my father I’m dating, so that he would give up on marrying me to the Crown Prince. But now that my father has shown such refusal, I have decided to admit that my plans have gone wrong.

Of course, I thought of running away, but that was only in the worst case scenario. My goal was to inherit my father’s fortune and become a rich unemployed woman. Furthermore, if we go straight out like this, I won’t be able to bring my valuables, and my father would soon catch me.

“Wait, I…” I was trying to stop Max.

“Stop,” I was stunned by the cold voice that came out as a warning.

‘Oh, you must be angry.’

Then came the cold voice of my father again.

“I said stop.” I had a hunch. If we don’t stop right now, the consequences would be hard to deal with.

“Max, please, wait a minute…”

As soon as I was about to stop Max, his lips moved first.

“Don’t order me.” The cold voice from Max hardened my face.

‘But it’s not true.’

No matter how stark a relationship is, it was my father. It won’t feel good to see someone being rude to him. I turned to Max and felt resentful, looking into the frozen eyes of my father ex-apprentice.

‘You’ll be in big trouble.’

My father’s called Max, who was leaving without looking back.

“Father!” Then the sad eyes, which were looking at Max, turned toward me.

“I’ll take care of it.”

‘Please trust me this time.’

I couldn’t say anything because I was being carried by Max, but I stared at my father with earnest eyes and after a sigh he let us pass.

Max passed by father triumphantly, whether he thought I had been on his side. We left the reception room and arrived in a quiet corridor without people. I then held Max’s collar.

“Max, please put me down, I have something to say.” He frowned, repulsively, but I said calmly, staring into his eyes. “Come on, it’s a very important story.”

Soon after, my feet touched the ground.

“So what do you want to say?” At the hard question, I stared at Max and opened my mouth.

“Thank you for being angry for me. But what you just said to my father was too much.” His beautiful face crumpled as soon as I finished speaking.

“I’ve helped you…”

Yes, that was true, but still I couldn’t just let go of his behavior.

“Is doing what I don’t want, really helping me?”

“What?” I shook my head at the brilliant reply.

“I never wanted you to be excommunicated, nor did I want you to be rude to my father.” He glared at me, perhaps angry but I continued to speak despite of the fierce glare of the animal’s eyes and fierce eyes. “It’s not helping to force others to do what they don’t want. It’s just self-satisfaction.”

I stared at the flaming eyes and soon his mouth opened. “So you don’t need my help anymore?”

“Of course I need your help. But if it’s like this, I will have no choice but to come up with another plan.”

At my words he seamed to sank with a slightly dark face. What an immature, childlike person. Like me before, like Juvellian. If it were the way it was, I wouldn’t have explained it this long.

But is it because he looks a little like before I recovered my memories of my previous life? I myself wondered why I was doing this.

I continued with a sigh. “I’m not saying this because I want to stay away from you. I’m telling you because I want to stay with you for a longer time, so don’t be upset.”

“I was just trying to help you.”

“I know, but he’s a duke. It’s not helpful when you think of the aftermath.” A moment’s silence, a sigh, and he opened his mouth.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to reconcile with my father.”

“······Reconciliation?” As if it was an unfamiliar word, his face was filled with doubts so I explained my point a bit more.

“Commonly, reconciliation occurs when one side apologizes first.” At those words, Max distorted his face.

“Apology? You mean I should say it first?” I looked at him and said that I understood him.

“I know what you feel. You feel like you’re hurting your pride and losing. You hate it, right?” I could see him slowly nodding his head.

‘It’s my job to make them reconcile. ‘

Although it was a pity that they fought, she didn’t intend to force him unless the situation was really getting out of hands.

“That’s why I don’t intend to force you to apologize. It’s okay if you don’t force it….” Then, he cut my words and said.

“Okay, I apologize,” I smiled brightly, clasping his hands at the words that I didn’t expect.

“Thank you.”


The senses of a transcendent go far beyond the capabilities of ordinary people. For example, you can feel the presence of rats roaming the area. Regis, who was listening to the conversation between Juvellian and Max in the hallway, had a headache.

‘That guy changed his mind? Because of Juvellian?’

This disciple with the status of Crown Prince had a nasty personality that only Regis knew of. But this student’s behavior just now was so different from what he had seen over the past decade.

<Not anymore, I have to warn you, if you touch my weakness, I won’t just let you go. Even if you are my teacher.>

Regis twisted his eyes wide open.

‘Did he really change?’

He was the though that rossed his mind when he caught sight of his daughter as she entered the parlor, obvious hostility shined into Max’s bright eyes as he walked through the door.

‘Yes, you can’t have changed.’

If he though about it, Max always tried to hide one side of himself without admitting it.

‘Because people will laugh if they learn that the Crown Prince of the Empire hates cucumbers.’

Such a disciple couldn’t recognize his daughter as a weakness.

‘The conclusion is that you will try to use my daughter until the end…’

Suddenly, Regis, who felt his anger rising, stared at his student.

‘Did you think I’d be letting it go?’

The difference in skill between the two men was remarkably large. As long as he wished to, Regis wouldn’t meet any problem to subdue his arrogant pupil.

But Regis was soon forced to soften his excitement.

“Father, Max has something to say.” The moment he saw his daughter entering with his student, the fever calmed itself. Of course, apart from that, he had no intention of forgiving his student.

‘I will bear it for now, but I will not let you go as soon as you mess with my daughter, Maximilian.’


‘This makes it clear. That there is a misapprehension between those two.’

Max, who received his teacher’s warning look, smiled crookedly.

‘Yes, then, it means that Juvellian is misunderstanding about the blind date…’

Max gave a cool look.

‘There is no need for me to resolve the misunderstanding.’

If they were to find out the truth, his teacher would gladly accept his daughter’s request to avoid marrying the Crown Prince. And Max wouldn’t have anymore excuses to meet Juvellian.

<Then I’ll run away.>

At the beginning, he thought it was nonsense, his teacher saw his daughter as an holy being so there was no way that he would want to associate his so beloved daughter with him. So Max used Juvellian to gauge his teacher’s reaction. Not surprisingly, what Max faced was a fierce refusal.

Maximilian didn’t even care if he used the stigma of being a blood-crazy killer. Because survival was more important than what other people could think. However, he was strangely upset, and the inside of his chest was agitated as he thought that Juvellian misunderstood him and belived the rumors.

‘Yes, if I say that I am the crown prince, I will resolve the misunderstanding.’

Solving the misunderstanding, by not doing so Max had now an excuse to linger around her. And now all he had to do was open his mouth as she wanted.

“I’m sorry about the other day, Master.” When the ugly disciple put the title he just threw away, Regis’ mouth soared.

“I don’t have any disciples.” Max frowned at the determined remark.

‘You’re playing like this?’

Originally, he tried to apologize without sincerity. However, his pride was hurt as I came out all the first time he’d done something like that. Max glanced at Juvellian.

“I······.” It was when Max opened his mouth.

“Father, it’s my fault.” The expressions of Regis and Max distorted at the same time as Juvellian suddenly boiled on her knees.

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