Chapter 111 - Ch 111 : The Wheel Of The Fate

At the end of the day, Ray had failed to find a suitable place to confess his love to Keisha.

The matter about that woman had just been burdening his mind too much that he could not focus on any other things.

During the night, Ray told Keisha that he wanted to look for some fresh air. Keisha actually noticed there was something wrong with Ray, but in the end, she still decided to let Ray go.

She just told Ray that she would always love him no matter what, and ray could always tell her everything.

Ray felt very guilty that he was to do this during their vacation, but his heart felt very uncomfortable to drag this thing any longer. He needed to make sure that the woman really had no bad intentions for him and Keisha, and if not, he could only choose to eliminate her.

The loss of Edward had brought a significant impact on Ray, and now he would rather take a precaution than endanger his loved ones.

Ray proceeded to put on a mask and a black jacket to somehow hide his identity. He left the hotel secretly and went to the place which was marked on the name card.

. . . . . .

Thirty minutes later,

' So this is the place... *Sigh* Why must it be so far from the city center....'

After following the G**gle Maps, Ray eventually arrived at the indicated place.

It was hidden in a small alleyway in the slump, and if he didn't see the mark like in the name card, he wouldn't believe that he was in the right place.

Ray entered the small building and was pretty surprised that he was not alone here.

Other than him, there was one unfamiliar face that now looked pretty impatient as if had been abandoned in this place for pretty long.

" Hey, you over there! What makes you so late? Don't you know how long we have been waiting for you?"

" We??"

Ray was pretty surprised when he heard the word "we" On the building right now was only him and the Mahkota Heir, so what did he mean by us?

Until then, something appeared right next to Ray.

" Yup, we! We have been waiting for long, you know?"

The one that suddenly appeared was none other than the woman from this afternoon. She still used her green clothes, but somehow now, it gave a pretty majestic feeling to it.

Ray felt his heart had almost jumped at this moment. He didn't know why, but his danger sense didn't seem to be effective at all for this woman. He calmed himself down before he followed the woman to sit on the floor and talk:

" So, what is your business to call us here? Don't tell me that you only call us here to discuss some dating spots in Jogjakarta..."

The woman only smiled when she heard Ray's question which somehow made Ray feel more irritated. For some reason, Ray felt like this shouldn't be something simple.

And right, after a few moments, the woman took out a basin of water, and images started to appear on the water.

" You can see for yourself. Changes have started to appear in the whole world, and soon, even they would come to our beloved country..."

In the water basin, the image of numerous Dungeon appeared on every corner of the world was displayed. Some of them were even bigger than the one that Ray had ever witnessed before. It was a common fact that the bigger the gate, the stronger the Monster inside the Dungeon.

Ray and the Mahkota heir shuddered at this. They never thought the change would come so fast and almost caught them off-guard.

" With the PvP system, the awakener has a new way to get stronger, but so does the Monster. The Monster could now evolve and would become stronger with every second passed. Almost every government in the world thought that it would be Nation Vs. Nation, but they are all wrong. It is Human Vs. Monster, another battle for survival."


Ray and the Mahkota's heir were dumbfounded.

Even Ray, who had the DM System, couldn't help but wonder.. 

Who is this girl who could know something that even his DM System has not told him yet?

The curiosity on Ray's mind got bigger, but he knew it was not the pressing thing at the moment.

" Then, why are you telling us this? Shouldn't you tell the President and the others?" Asked Ray which the Mahkota's heir could only nod at his question.

If this was true, then everyone in the world should know about this so they could prepare.

" *Sigh* I wish I could... But you know about it, right? The existence of Ghost Mask? If this information was to fall into the hand of Ghost Mask, then who knows what casualties could they make about this. Therefore, our only option was to bring it into our own hands.

I have asked the President about a few awakeners I could trust, and the two of you were the ones he recommended to me. So how is it? Are you guys down to solve this matter with me?"

Ray and the Mahkota's heir looked at each other and eventually nodded.

For this kind of problem, do they think they have any other choice?

" Good, then let's introduce ourselves. My name is Jesslyn, an awakener with water-type skill!"

" I'm Ray. A Summoner and long-range support attacker."

" I'm the Mahkota heir. Everyone usually calls me Mr. Heir, but my real name is Peter. A crowd-control specialist awakener." 

The three introduced their name and specialties to each other. Even though there was still a slight suspicion on this, but they knew it was the best thing to do.

The meeting concluded with Jesslyn telling them her contact number and said please be ready to accept his message or call anytime.

After everything was done, Ray decided to leave first. He still had Keisha waiting for him at the hotel, and he didn't want to make Keisha worried.

He said goodbye to the two, only leaving Jesslyn and the Mahkota's heir, Peter, alone at the shack.

" By the way, you are the Mahkota's heir, right? Then you should be rich, right? Can you lend me a few hundred thousand dollars first? I'm a bit broke here... ehe!"

" ... "

. . . . . . 

Back to Ray, after leaving the two, he didn't immediately go back to the hotel.

At first, his intention was just to return to the hotel, but in the end, he decided to refrain from doing so.

The revelation just now was just too shocking for him, and he needed to confirm it first.

He found a small empty space and used his portal to enter the Morningwood dungeon.

. . . . .

- Morningwood Dungeon -

" So, can you please explain to me what's happening out there?" Said Ray with a questioning tone to the system.

[ It is perfectly the same as what she said, host. The world has changed, and now more Dungeon and Stronger Monster would come. The existence of the Dungeon Master is also for this. For you who is a Dungeon Master, your fate is to Maintain the Balance of the world.

You must make sure that both monsters and humans are balanced on this earth, or if not, the world will be destroyed.]

Ray was not that surprised about this. After Jesslyn explained those things to him, ray indeed had his own suspicion. But this is one of the worst from what he could think.

[ But don't worry, host. For the current you, the level is still far too weak to fulfill the role of the real Dungeon Master. Therefore, the system suggests you quickly level up as soon as possible so you can keep up with the progress of the changes.]

*Sigh*, Ray could only sigh when he heard this. It was a fact that his current strength was still a bit far from the top ten awakeners in the world, but the system didn't need to be so frontal, right?

Nonetheless, this also made everything a bit clearer.

Now not only does he need to take care of the threat from the Ghost Mask, but also from the continuously emerging Dungeon in the world.

Ray looked toward his surrounding, where he found his Monster playing around with each other.

Freed, and Bintang, his two top combat power were only limited to them.

He had been trying the plant breeding for a few days, but the result was still far from satisfactory.

Other than getting a special Hp restoration strawberry which now restores 20% of hp rather than the previous 10%, most of the plant breeding didn't give any good result.

At the end of the day, Ray decided to leave the Morningwood Dungeon after he got all the information he wanted.

His current progress had reached a dead-end, and he could only hope that in the dungeon raid a few days later he would get some good reward.