Chapter 248 - Chapter 248: Crisis

Chapter 248: Crisis

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Chu Qingzhi crossed her arms and asked in a teasing tone, “If you want to catch us, don’t you have to fly up first?”

Wan Zhilin looked at the high mountaintop. He was so angry and helpless that he couldn’t fly up. “Fly down if you dare!”

Chu Qingzhi continued to stall for time. The snow lotus would bloom in a while. “We can fly down, but you might not be able to catch us!”

Wan Zhilin glared at Chu Qingzhi hatefully. If he could, he would definitely slap Chu Qingzhi to death without hesitation. “As long as you dare to fly down, we’ll catch you!”

Chu Qingzhi pointed at the people beside Wan Zhilin. “Kill those people beside you and we’ll fly down.”

Those people were all kicked down the mountain by Chu Qingzhi. Now that they were with Wan Zhilin, it was obvious that they brought Wan Zhilin here.

Clearly, they wanted to use Wan Zhilin to take revenge.

Wan Zhilin looked at the people beside him and were deep in thought.

Seeing Wan Zhilin’s thoughtful look, everyone knew that he was tempted. The old man hurriedly said, “Sir, he’s playing with you. Even if you kill us, he won’t come down.”

At the same time, he secretly scolded Chu Qingzhi for being sinister and cunning. She wanted them to fight among themselves.

Wan Zhilin gritted his teeth and ordered, “A-grade guards, get ready. Cover each other and fly up to get them. 1 want all three of them.”

‘Yes, sir.’

The A-grade guards were newly trained by Wan Zhilin during this period of time. The previous division was all wiped out by Chu Qinzhi last time. Just thinking about it made his heart ache.

There were a total of 50 people. They stood in formation and began to fly towards the top of the mountain.

Seeing this scene, Gong Wentang was very nervous. “Have you thought of what to do?”

He was only here to pick a snow lotus, but he was pulled into this mess by Chu Qingzhi.

Chu Qingzhi glanced at him. “What are you afraid of?”

Tang Jinghong turned around and went back. He brought over a plate of peanuts and grabbed a handful.

They were Grade A assassins under the Lord of the Northern Border. They were extremely skilled in martial arts and killed people like flies. Now that they were here to kill them, Tang Jinghong acted like he was in for a good show. How ridiculous!

Chu Qingzhi also grabbed a handful of peanuts. “The peanuts are not bad. Not only are they edible, but they can also be used as weapons!”

Tang Jinghong nodded in agreement.

The first assassin was about to fly up…

Tang Jinghong flicked his finger and a peanut flew over, knocking off the first assassin.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The fate of the second assassin was the same.

Then the third, the fourth, the fifth…

The last scene they saw was the assassins flying up and falling down one by one. They were like kites with their strings suddenly cut.

Seeing this, Wan Zhilin was panicking, not knowing what to do.

Gong Wentang sighed. As expected of the famous senior and junior brothers in the northern border city. They weren’t to be trifled with.

At this moment, a man and a horse galloped over from afar, stirring up clouds of dust.

When Wan Zhilin saw this, his mood finally improved a little. “Chi Zheng, you came at the right time.”

Chi Zheng had a heavy bow on his back. He got off the horse and cupped his hands at Wan Zhilin. “Lord Wan!”

He was a famous sharpshooter in the northern border. Other than going on missions, he taught the soldiers archery in the military camp. He was quite prestigious in the military camp.

This time, he was ordered by the Lord of the Northern Border to help Wan Zhilin kill the two junior and senior brothers.

“No need for formalities.” Wan Zhilin straightened his chest. “Chi Zheng, they’re all at the top of the mountain. Please force them down!”

“Yes.” Chi Zheng cupped his hands. Then, he took off his heavy bow and nocked an arrow.

At the same time, Gong Wentang said in surprise, “The snow lotus has bloomed.”

Chu Qingzhi took out a white silk handkerchief from her sleeve and walked over to pick the big snow lotus. Then, she carefully wrapped it up, injected a wisp of spiritual power into it, and placed it in her sleeve.

Gong Wentang was afraid of messing it up. “Young Hero, can you help me pick it?”

“Do you have a silk handkerchief?” It would be a pity if such a precious medicinal herb was ruined.

Gong Wentang shook his head, feeling slightly embarrassed. “It’s something used by refined people. I’m a rough person…”

Chu Qingzhi glanced at Gong Wentang and walked towards Tang Jinghong. “Jinghong, do you have a silk handkerchief?”

Tang Jinghong took out a silk handkerchief from his pocket and handed it to Chu Qingzhi.

Gong Wentang thought to himself that both of them were refined people.

Chu Qingzhi helped Gong Wentang pick the snow lotus and handed it to him. She asked, “Do you know how to use the snow lotus?”

Gong Wentang shook his head honestly. “1 don’t know. I’m not a doctor.”

Chu Qingzhi was really worried that Gong Wentang would waste the snow lotus. “Then do the doctors you know know how to use it?”

Gong Wentang hesitated and said, “I don’t think so. They have probably never seen a snow lotus.”

Chu Qingzhi was speechless.

This guy was not reliable at all!

Gong Wentang searched in his memories and suddenly thought of someone.

“Wait, I think Cong Chusheng should know.”

Chu Qingzhi was surprised. “You know Cong Chusheng?”

Gong Wentang was even more surprised. “Why are you asking me this? Do you know him too?”

Chu Qingzhi nodded. “Yes!”

Gong Wentang said excitedly, “What a coincidence.”

Chu Qingzhi looked up and down at Gong Wentang. “Don’t tell me your snow lotus is for Li Yuanshao?”

“It’s him…” Gong Wentang looked at Chu Qingzhi in a daze and was shocked. “You know him too?”

Chu Qingzhi said, “Yes.”

At this moment, the sound of air being torn apart could be heard…

Chu Qingzhi hurriedly walked towards Tang Jinghong. “This person is a little more capable than I thought. He can shoot three arrows at once, and it all carries a lot of force.”

Three powerful arrows swooshed to the mountaintop, but they weren’t aimed at the three of them.

There was a small bamboo tube tied to the tip of the arrow.

That bamboo tube was definitely not something good. Chu Qingzhi picked up three stones and threw them over.

The stone contained spiritual power. When it flew over, it shattered the three arrows and the bamboo tube exploded…

The bamboo tube was actually filled with blood ants.

Blood ants were red ants that liked to drink blood. They were as big as flies. If one was bitten by them, one’s leg would go numb.

It was a special creature found only in the northern border.

When Chi Zheng saw this, a strange look flashed across his eyes. This person’s martial arts had probably reached the peak.

Seeing this, Wan Zhilin was angry and helpless. “Chi Zheng, do you have any other way?”

Chi Zheng shook his head. “I tried my best.”

At this moment, Chu Qingzhi and Tang Jinghong saw soldiers coming from afar. From the looks of it, it was quite a large troop.

It seemed that they had to go now.

Chu Qingzhi took out the jade flute and played a hypnotic tune..