780 That Was My First Time Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Yan Rusheng kept his head buried in Xuxu's arms. He earnestly said, "If I can hug my wife to bed, then I don't mind being shameless."

Xuxu was speechless once more.

'Oh my god! Please subdue this shameless evildoer!'

Yan Rusheng suddenly straightened up, but he was still blocking Xuxu from escaping. He lowered his head and looked at her. "Can you remember that year in autumn?"

When she heard 'that year', Xuxu suddenly got intrigued and smiled. "Which year?"

Yan Rusheng answered, "During the summer holidays when we were in the second year of high school."

There was a glimmer in his eyes while Xuxu traced back her thoughts to that summer holiday.

They were young and inexperienced then.

Xuxu was caught up in her memories when Yan Rusheng's voice suddenly sounded in her ears. "You were wearing a pair of white shorts and a pink singlet, and you came out of the room with a cup in your hand. I saw it."

When Xuxu heard this and she was curious, she asked, "What did you see?"

Yan Rusheng was already beaming from cheek to cheek. He put on an ambiguous smile and lowered himself. He whispered, "You were not wearing any bra."

Xuxu's face turned flushed from embarrassment and gloomily thought, 'Who would wear a bra to sleep?'

Why did he bring the incident up without rhyme or reason? There was absolutely nothing worth reminiscing about such a matter.

Yan Rusheng knew her thoughts and continued whispering into her ears. "After that, I went back to my room and took a cold shower for half an hour. Wen Xuxu…"

He suddenly paused and then gritted his teeth. "That was my first time, you annoying hussy."

It dumbfounded Xuxu…

They were only 15 years old in the second year of high school.

Indeed, a child's behavior is like a mirror; it reflects his future manhood. His lewd behavior had started at a young age.

As she mulled over it, she raised her knee and kicked him at that area. She yelled, "Pervert!"

Yan Rusheng wasn't expecting it from her, and he grimaced in pain while using both hands to cover that area.

His face had turned red from pain, but Xuxu didn't feel sorry for him at all. She reached out and opened the door before shoving Yan Rusheng out of the door. "Scram, you sexual pervert!"

As she's pregnant, Yan Rusheng knew his limits and reluctantly stepped out of the door.

The next moment, the door slammed hard on his face.

Looking at the door closing before his eyes, Yan Rusheng felt extremely perturbed. Indeed, women had the most vicious hearts.

So be it when she didn't show any mercy in her actions. But seeing him in immense pain, he couldn't believe that she actually didn't feel sorry for him, too. Yet, that part of him still responded to her.

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

It's not a big deal, anyway. At most, he'd just go home and have a cold shower.

'You didn't wear a bra… after that, I went back to my room and took a cold shower for half an hour. Wen Xuxu…'

Xuxu leaned against the door and her tender smile lit up on her face.

This fellow was full of empty words. He kept saying that she possessed no womanly qualities and despised her unladylike manner. He even scorned at Ah Heng's taste. But who would have known that at the age of 15, he had already…

Ahem. She blushed as she thought of this.

'Yan Rusheng, you're a pervert!'

Yan Rusheng took off his jacket when he stepped in, and he was about to take his shower when his cellphone on the coffee table rang. He traced back his steps and looked at the caller display. His face sank.

He picked up the phone and answered.

"President Yan." The person at the other end sounded anxious. "Someone had found Wang Bin before us and an hour ago, he turned himself in at the police station."