Tang Sanwen was worried that whether he went to the Wuhun empire or Tiandou Xingluo Empire, he would cause great damage, and the ordinary people would be killed and injured!

He can't do it!

Although Tang San knew that this was a threat from the demons, he could only get out of the sea.


Tang San's body burst out of the sea in an instant. The trident of Poseidon, shining with blue light, appeared in his hands and stabbed at the powerful head of the demon family!

But it doesn't have any effect. The blue light is twined by the black magic Qi instantly, and it doesn't cause any damage to the demons!

"Jie Jie, is that all you can do? Well, the more I play with you, the more you can die. "

Demons can shake a huge head, the sky is a shiver!

As soon as the voice fell, the evil Qi around Tang San suddenly condensed, and a huge black hand pinched Tang San!


It's the sound of broken bones!

The magic power in the three bodies of Tang Dynasty is surging in an instant, and a faint blue light is released in the middle of the huge black hand claw!

"The strength of the soul is good. It can withstand such pain."

The demons can't help exclaiming.

"Yes, if you stand in my way, you will die!"

Demons can suddenly hand a pinch, the dim blue light is like a candle in the wind, as if it may go out at any time.

"Brother Chen, I didn't guard well..."

Tang San's consciousness has been a little blurred, but the divine power of instinct is protecting him, and the seal of Poseidon in his eyebrow quietly lights up


With the sound of sword, the sky is flying!

Qianrenxue holding the holy sword, the real angel comes!

The demons hold Tang San's arm and break, but the evil spirit doesn't return to the demons' body as before!

Demons can frown slightly, slowly way: "you become strong, can hurt me?"

Thousand Ren snow raised his proud head, white face let her more full of holy breath.

"You die at the hand of the angel God!"

The tone of Qianren snow is cold, and the dazzling golden light bursts out with her as the center. Where the golden light passes, the dark evil Qi disappears!

Dazzling golden light filled the whole space, countless points of starlight throughout the world!

The twisted face of the demons melted into the golden light.

Thousand Ren snow see shape loose one mouthful, whole body gold divine light already dim, even the flight all have some falter.

She looked at Tang San floating on the sea and asked, "I'm sorry I'm late."

Tang San did not answer, Qian Renxue had no obligation to save him.

And the power of Qianren Snow's last outburst obviously exceeded him, even beyond the power of divine power, which made Tang San fall into thinking.

At this time, not far away from the sea god road lights up six pillars of light, Tang San's face suddenly shows a touch of joy, this is the small dance Mu white, they become God!

Tang Sanzheng wanted to go to have a look, but he was stunned. He found that there was a huge whirlpool on the sea, and it was still black!

As a sea god, he didn't even notice this change in the ocean, which is very unusual!

"Be careful!"

Tang San shouts to Qianren snow.

Thousand Ren snow slightly a Leng God, has been rushed to the sky and the dark water tornado to roll in!

A black demon is agglomerated and shaped again. He holds the dim light and withered Qianren snow in his hand!

"You are irritating me!"

The black devil said in a loud voice, hiding the huge anger!

Tang San has some helplessness in his heart. The devil is too strong to kill him!

Six divine lights gallop here, and Shrek's other six people stand beside Tang San.

"Third brother, are you ok?"

Ma Hongjun, what's the matter.

Tang San waved his hand and said, "run away, this guy is very strong."

Ma Hongjun's face rarely appears dignified color, and his strong flame power gradually heats up.

"How strong can it be? Is brother Chen strong? "

"Boss Dai, let's go!"

Ma Hongjun said in a deep voice that the fiery wings of the Phoenix behind had been unfolded.

"And us!"

Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong and Xiao Wu also said in unison.

"OK, let's fight side by side!"

Tang San showed a bright smile.

But at this time, everyone's heart is suddenly appeared a figure, is jade dust!

"If only brother Chen were here at this time." Ma Hongjun said.

"I miss brother Chen so much." Xiao Wu's eyes immediately turned red when she heard the words.

Zhu Zhu Qingning and Rong Rong look at each other and see each other's thoughts, but no one is hiding them at this time.

"Jie Jie, I didn't expect so many good supplements. It's great."

That demon clan can reunite the body, releasing a more terrifying atmosphere.

Tang San's face changed slightly. Qianren snow is still in the devil's hand!

I saw the devil suddenly opened his mouth, and the posture was to eat the snow!

"Mubai and Hongjun are the main players!"

"Xiao Ao gives them the power to protect Rong Rong."


"Xiaowu, Zhuqing side attack and kill!"

Tang San ordered calmly.

Shrek, everyone's on the move!

"It's too weak. You're as powerful as her!"

The demon clan big can scorn of ridicule way, obviously to before thousand Ren snow of attack still have some fear.

The power of terror made him not even have the heart to resist. He didn't even know what it was.

But fortunately, one use of this kind of strength will exhaust her physical strength, otherwise, if he wants to die again, he will not die and will be seriously injured.

Qian Renxue was a little desperate at this time. The previous attack was an attack that condensed the power of belief accumulated by the people of the Empire. It was so powerful!

Controlling the power of faith to launch an attack has made her lose the fight, and now she is very desperate in her heart!

"Is this going to die?"

The idea of despair welled up in Qianren Snow's heart, but a person's shadow appeared in her mind.

"Maybe I'll never see you again..."

"That's good..."

Qianren snow closed her eyes in despair.

At this time, Ma Hongjun Dai mubai's attack has arrived, but he can't shake the devil's head, as if to tickle him!

"Third brother, it's no use!"

Seeing that Qianren snow is about to be eaten, Ma Hongjun says anxiously.

Although Qianren snow was their enemy before, but now it is their ally. We can't just watch her die in front of us!

Tang San's heart is also a burst of dejected, even if the collection of the people's power, with the growth of Ning Rongrong nine treasure glass tower, they still can't kill this powerful devil!

Between lightning and flint, Qianren snow will die in the mouth of the devil!

"You will not die."

A familiar and strange voice appeared in Qianren Snow's mind. Qianren snow suddenly opened her eyes, full of disbelief.

Qianren snow a little doubt that it is their own illusion, but the voice is very real!

Immediately thousand Ren snow will feel a sense of weightlessness fall!

A warm divine power wrapped her and sent her to Tang San and others!

"Bastard, who dares to fight me? I want you to die

The devil roared angrily, his arm was cut off shoulder to shoulder!

The devil looked around in horror. His eyes were full of fear. The powerful force was not what he could resist, but his arm was cut off in an instant!

As far as he knows, there should be no such powerful existence in this world. These guys with a little strength in front of him are already the strongest in this world!

A human figure with golden light came down from the sky and looked at the extraterritorial demons with powerful magic.

Demon Zun saw jade dust appear, suddenly feel cold all over, even around the evil gas began to stagnate!

This man is very strong!

When the devil saw the jade dust, it was like seeing the devil emperor in the extraterritorial demons. A kind of heartfelt fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

"Are you talking about me?"

Jade dust look indifferent said.

The devil is speechless. He has only fear in his heart now!

"I'm emperor Yuchen. This is my world. You can die."

Yuchen's tone is still flat.

The devil hears Yu Chen's words, but his heart is shocked!


The idea came out of the devil's heart!

At the same time, he scolded the guy who collected intelligence. If he can go back this time, they must look good!

All the lower realms have such horrible guys. Can they be the lower realms?

Jade dust is just a move, a strange force quietly released!


The runaway demon lord, who was beaten by Tang San and others, turned into ashes and disappeared in the invisible!

"Brother Chen is wonderful!"

"Brother Chen, you are here at last!"

"Brother Chen, we miss you so much!"

Shrek, all of them yelled.

Yu Chen's face just emerged a light smile.

"How's it going?" Jade dust asked flatly, but with a strange dignity. The three generals of Tang Dynasty introduced all the things. As Yuchen thought, it was not the divine world that the foreign demons wanted to attack, but the common world in the mainland! Once the world of Douluo is occupied, the gods in the world will lose their power! However, they have only one end, that is death“ You have done a good job. Let me do the next thing. You will guard Douluo land well, and I will destroy all the demons. " The tone of jade dust seems to say a trivial matter“ Yes, brother Chen, we are waiting for you to come back! " Shrek all excitedly looked at Yuchen and agreed. Through the connection with Douluo world, Yuchen felt it for a moment and disappeared in an instant“ Brother Chen is too strong. It's too hard to catch up with him. " Ma Hongjun sighed and said“ Of course, who is brother Chen, and you can catch up with him? " Oscar scorned“ It seems that I can only compare with him in handsome appearance Ma Hongjun a face narcissistic said. Everyone is a black line, Xiaowu, Ning Rongrong two people are not good at looking at Ma Hongjun“ Don't look at me like this. I don't like this. " Ma Hongjun showed a smile that he thought was natural and unrestrained. Immediately his face changed, covering his buttocks and shouting: "ah! It's killing me! Zhu Zhuqing, what are you doing? " Zhu clear out of his claws, coldly said: "if you go on, it's not just the butt." Ma Hongjun felt a chill rising from under his feet and shivered. He immediately covered his mouth and did not dare to say more“ Don't forget brother Chen's orders. Let's go. " Tang San is calm, and his party disappears into the sky. There are battles on different continents! Shi Hao, Lin Dong, Ye Fan and others also try their best to protect their hometown! However, the extraterritorial demons seem endless, which makes them despair! At this time, a golden figure came down from the sky and killed all the extraterritorial demons“ My name is Yuchen“ I am the God“ Kill all the demons Yuchen's footprints have covered the whole world, killing all the invading extraterritorial demons regardless of their strength! Thus the name of jade dust spread all over the world! Yuchen felt that some changes had taken place in his power. There were countless stars gathering together. That power surprised him a little! This is the power of belief. It comes from the belief of all people in the world, which gives Yuchen stronger power! God Emperor Yuchen has become the real God in everyone's heart! This year, Yuchen is 16 years old! The martial spirit Empire and Tiandou Xingluo empire are merged, and all the people believe in Shendi Yuchen! The catastrophe is over, but Yuchen knows that it's not over yet! When he killed the last one of the extraterritorial demons, a systematic prompt sound appeared in his mind“ Ding! Congratulations on the successful completion of the selection of the host, and get the reward: God level selection“ Please make a choice! "“ 1、 Return to the original world of the host and get a reward: the God level three choice system will return with the host! "“ 2、 Go to the higher realm and get the super God shuttle“ 3、 Stay in the domain and get a reward: recognized by the domain and become the master of the world! "