Chapter 647 - History

Chapter 647 History

Lee Yang pushed Tong Hui over slowly. Our eyes met, and neither of us backed down.

Tong Hui said slowly, “Nanxing, we finally meet. Aren’t you happy to see me?”

I took a step forward. “I am not happy to see


Tong Hui wasn’t angry. He smiled. “Ma Ji wanted to erase your memories back then, but I didn’t have the heart, so I only had her temporarily seal up your memory. I didn’t expect you to be such a heartless girl. You don’t know how to be grateful at all. You little bastard! You’re an ingrate!” He scolded me with a smile.

I said indifferently, “You didn’t want to erase my memories because you needed me to guide you to my parent’s treasure. Haven’t you robbed that previous island clean?”

Tong Hui didn’t care at all. With a smile, he said, “You’re right. Your mother was my sister, and thus, I’m the successor of their inheritance. Even in court, the judge will agree with me. So, what’s wrong with me taking back what belongs to me?”

This man was truly shameless. I was furious.

Jing Tian placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “Nanxing! Don’t be angry! He’s just a beggar. So what if you give him alms? His days are limited, so you should pity you.”

Tong Hui’s expression darkened. “Are you the kid who kidnapped Nanxing?”

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Lee Yang bent down and said in a voice that everyone could hear, “Sir, this is Master Qi, who places last in the Seven Brothers. He says he is from the Jing Family, but that has always been a controversial point.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? How is that controversial? My seventh uncle is my grandfather’s biological son. Who are you to start a rumor like that?” Jing Ni was so angry

at she was trembling. In Jing Ni’s heart, she had always respected Jing Tian as a father figure.

Lee Yang sneered, “What did I say that got Miss Jing so agitated? If there’s no flame, why is there smoke?”

“Nonsense!” Jing Ni pointed at Lee Yang, her face red with anger.

Lee Yang merely shrugged. Qu Hao gently held Jing Ni’s hand, his gaze doting on her, his voice was even. “Silly girl, why are you so gullible? Can’t you see that he’s deliberately provoking you? Why bother with such a perverted person? Because of his own filthy and illegitimate background, he is projecting his own insecurity on others. This way, he can satisfy his inferiority complex. Don’t fall for his trick!”

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Li Yang was stunned for a moment before he reacted. “Who are you calling illegitimate?” He pointed angrily at Qu Hao.

Qu Hao smiled faintly. “Whoever feels the sting is the one I meant.” He looked at Jing Ni with a warm smile. It was very sweet.

Lee Yang’s face was red.

Jing Ni sneered, “Qu Hao, I also want to know how this man is illegitimate.”

Qu Hao immediately agreed, “Alright.” Without looking at Lee Yang, he said, “When Master Wei Wu was young, he was a playboy. However, he was the most infatuated with his grandmother’s maid. The lady was very good to Old Madam Wei. Before the Old Madam died, she got the mistress of the Wei Family to acknowledge the maid as the adopted daughter of the Wei family. Old Madam Wei also found a good man for the maid to marry. However, Master Wei Wu and the maid were deeply in love. Even though they had their own marriage, they still met up very often in private. That was how the Lee Family gained an illegitimate young master.”

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