Chapter 274 - Chapter 274: Mrs. Lu, Would You Like to Have a Horse Riding Competition With Me? (2)

Chapter 274: Mrs. Lu, Would You Like to Have a Horse Riding Competition With Me? (2)

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“This little red horse is called ‘Liu Yun.’ Its temperament is relatively gentle, but it’s also quite fast. Yining, you’ll be riding this horse.”

Mr. Manchester had considered their physical condition and riding skills and chose the horses accordingly.

Jiang Yining reached out and stroked Liu Yun. The horse flicked its tail lazily and gazed at her with gentle eyes.

“Thank you,” Jiang Yining said with a smile.

“We’re all family. There’s no need to be polite,” Mr. Manchester said kindly.

But before he could continue speaking, Luna’s voice interjected strongly, “Father, I’ve asked you for Liu Yun multiple times, and you’ve always refused. How can you just reward it to her?”


It sounded as though Jiang Yining was a servant of the Manchester family. Everyone present was keen enough to detect the implication in Luna’s words.

Lu Zhi’s face darkened, ready to react.

However, Mr. Manchester was quicker, reprimanding Luna, “Luna, I’ve warned you not to be disrespectful to Ms. Jiang. This horse was a gift from me to her, not a reward. If you speak out of turn again, I’ll have you dismissed.”

Luna reluctantly bit her lip and said in a low voice, “1 misspoke, no need to make such a fuss.” Then, she intentionally steered the conversation toward Vinnie, saying, “Father, look who’s here.”

Seeing Vinnie, Mr. Manchester’s expression softened, “Vinnie, when did you return?”

“I arrived two days ago. I initially intended to visit you first, but then I thought we’d cross paths at the racetrack today, so 1 didn’t visit your home. Manchester Grandpa, you’re not angry with me, are you?” Vinnie exhibited elegance and grace, mixed with a touch of warmth and playfulness.

Mr. Manchester had a strong fondness for her and shook his head, indulging her, “How could I be angry with you? You must visit our home often in the future.”

“Of course, Grandpa,” Vinnie replied. She then cast a shy and curious glance at Lu Zhi, asking, “Grandpa, who is this?”

“He’s my grandson, Lu Zhi,” Mr. Manchester introduced.

Vinnie’s beautiful eyes showed a moment of realization, “So it’s you. When you were young, you stayed in Sweden for a while. You used to play games with me and always pulled my braids, even making me cry once. I didn’t expect that after all these years, we would meet again.”

Lu Zhi had a faint recollection of the incident Vinnie mentioned, but it wasn’t particularly clear. He nodded lightly and said, “Nice to meet you.”

Vinnie didn’t show any dissatisfaction with his somewhat distant greeting. Instead, she spoke even more warmly, “Nice to meet you too. Since you’re here in Sweden, you must stay for a few more days. I’m a local, so I know the area well. I can show you around.”

Jiang Yining was speechless.

Why did this scene feel so much like a reunion of childhood sweethearts after so many years?

She was out of place?

Lu Zhi also noticed Vinnie’s coldness towards Jiang Yining and responded indifferently, “No need, my wife and I are here on our honeymoon. We’ve already arranged for a guide, so you don’t have to trouble yourself.”

Upon hearing the term “wife,” Vinnie’s tone faltered for a moment. It didn’t match Luna’s description of Jiang Yining as a lover.

But quickly…

She regained her composure. Even if she’s his wife, what did it matter? A Chinese wife from a humble background wouldn’t be recognized by the Manchester family. Lu Zhi would surely give her up if he wanted to inherit the title and wealth of the House of Manchester.

Vinnie thought it over but didn’t reveal any emotions on her face. She smiled politely and greeted Jiang Yining, “So, you’re Mrs. Lu. Nice to meet you.”

Jiang Yining responded rather coldly, nodding in her direction.

Vinnie then proposed, “Mrs. Lu, you’re here to participate in the horse race, so you must be quite skilled in equestrian sports. How about a friendly competition between the two of us later? The winner… can make a request from the other. What do you think?”

“I don’t have anything I’d like you to do for me.”

This proposal didn’t particularly entice Jiang Yining.

After considering it for a few seconds, Vinnie took off her sapphire necklace and said, “This necklace 1 just bought is worth seven million pounds. If you win, it’s yours.”

Jiang Yining’s eyes sparkled. She didn’t love money, but it made no sense to turn down a fortune that came her way.

“Are you sure you want to use it as a wager?”

“Absolutely,” Vinnie said generously.

Jiang Yining agreed, “Alright, I’ll accept.”

Vinnie asked curiously, “Aren’t you going to ask me what I want you to do for me?”

“No need to ask.”

She would win anyway!

Seeing Jiang Yining’s self-assured expression, a touch of disdain crossed Vinnie’s mind.

After all, she was the chairwoman of the National Women’s Equestrian Association and had won several international equestrian awards. How could a rural woman like Jiang Yining possibly outperform her?

When she won this race, she would ask Jiang Yining to lend her Lu Zhi for a day.

This wasn’t just about suppressing Jiang Yining. It was also an opportunity to foster a closer relationship with Lu Zhi.

Luna also brought out some of her jewelry and tossed a few pieces into a hat, saying, “I’m making a contribution as well, betting that Vinnie will win this race.”

Luna was well aware of Vinnie’s equestrian skills, so she was very confident that Jiang Yining would undoubtedly lose.

“If Miss Jiang wins this race, all my jewelry here will be yours. But if she loses, you also have to agree to do something for me.”

Lu Zhi stepped forward, gently holding Jiang Yining’s shoulder, and said, “1’11 put up twenty million, betting that Yining will win. If Yining wins, 1 don’t want your money. 1 just want you to promise me something.”


With Lu Zhi joining the race, it significantly boosted Vinnie’s motivation. She smiled and said, “I’ll go find someone to bring my horse over.”

After saying this, she turned and walked away.

Jiang Yining looked up at Lu Zhi and said, “Can I borrow your Thunder?”

While Liu Yun was a good horse, it was too docile, and its speed couldn’t compare to Thunder’s. Riding Liu Yun for casual strolls was fine, but in a race, it couldn’t compete with Thunder.

Lu Zhi asked, “Can you handle it?”

“Only one way to find out, right?”

Under Lu Zhi’s watchful gaze, Jiang Yining ran to Thunder and, with an elegant leap, mounted the horse..