“What are you doing?” Han Yu looked at He Lianqing in surprise, “Let me go.”

“Don’t you say that you can do it again?” He Lianqing said of course, “I just satisfied you.”

After Han Han took a moment to reflect what he meant, he explained: “I just said anything, don’t take it seriously, let me down!” It is going to struggle, this posture is held by the princess. It’s just tooshameful.

“What?” Han Han was blushed by his words. “You don’t want to make trouble, let me put it first…”

This is much more confusing, saying that so much nonsense is not as good as it is used. He Lianqing thought.

He put Han Han on the sofa in the living room, and before he bullied him, he held his hand next to Han Han’s cheek, covered his side with one hand, slowly descended, and his fingers slid gently across his skin.

Han Hao’s back is close to the sofa, and it feels like He Lianqing’s fingers are slipping through the place to leave a stream of current, which stimulates the fine fluff on his skin.

He heard the heartbeat of his heart.

“He, He Lianqing…” He screamed and his voice was scary.

“Well?” He Lianqing’s hand stopped him on the collarbone, and his thumb was rubbing around the beautiful arc.

“We, this is too fast…” Han said dryly.

In this move, Han Han took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes violently. He only felt his ears numb. No, it should be numb.

He Lianqing felt his nervousness, let go of the earlobe that was sucked red by himself, and whispered, “Let’s relax.”

Speaking of the other hand, Han Han’s side face turned slightly, and he used to cover his lips and kiss him.

This time the kiss was more lingering than the first time, and it was more gentle than the one just before.

“Do you want to suffocate yourself? Change your breath.” He Lianqing bite the lower lip of Han Han and remind him to change his breath.

Han Hao was too nervous. She had just forgotten to breathe. This would only be reflected. She opened her face and gasped.

He Lianqing snorted and covered the skin on his back neck with one hand and one hand from the hem of his clothes.

When his hand touched Han’s waist, Han Yu moved, but did not push him.

In fact, Han Yu was psychologically prepared from the beginning, as He Lianqing said, their current relationship is legal, and whatever is done is normal.

And there are things that always come in anyway, but it’s only a matter of time.

However, he never thought that He Lianqing would stop.

Han Hao leaned on the sofa, and there was some disappointment in his eyes. The red marks on his lips and neck were numb, which proved what Helen had done. He looked at He Lianqing, who was sitting on the side of the shirt cufflinks: “You…”

He Lianqing looked at him: “Well?”

… don’t you continue? Han Han really can’t ask, but his expression has already explained everything.

He Lianqing paused and pulled away a unique sneer of Herren’s style: “I am not hungry enough to seduce a salted fish.”

Han Wei: “…” Who is salted fish! ! !

He Lianqing stood up and took his sleeves up a little, and dropped a sentence “to take a shower and go to sleep” and went to the bedroom.

“…you are the salted fish.” After he left, Han whispered a whisper, and then could not help but laugh.

At first, he did not expect that Helianqing would stop, but it would not be surprising to think about it.

Although He Lianqing still owes his mouth, he has been giving him time to adapt. In fact, from the very beginning, He Lianqing was condoning himself, including not being forced to do so under the circumstances.

“How long are you going to sit there?” The voice of He Lianqing came from behind.

Han Hao turned back and saw that He Lianqing had already showered, and looked at him on the door frame of the bedroom. Han Hao quickly got up and walked over, ready to find clothes to take a bath, and was suddenly pulled by him when He Lianqing.

“What’s wrong?” Han Yu asked.

“First blow my hair.” He Lianqing pulled him inside, sat down in the chair, and placed a hair dryer on the table next to him.

Han Hao plugged in the power, fingers crossed He Lianqing’s hair, and the warm wind blew on his hands, bringing warmth. He found that Helen’s hair was a bit hard, but it felt very comfortable.

He Lianqing’s hair was not long, and it quickly dried up. When he closed the hair dryer, Han Hao was still a bit reluctant. This is the first time he has blown his hair for someone else. This feeling is wonderful, especially when a hair of a root slips over the palm of his hand, like a feather that scratches his heart.

He Lianqing’s hair is usually combed back, coupled with his chilly expression, the whole person is very difficult to access. This will dry down the hair after all the clothes, and soften the facial expression, making him look softer and smaller.

But whether it is the usual appearance or the present, Han Han has to admit that He Lianqing is a very attractive man.

If you were not acquainted with He Lianqing for the sake of debt, you might be attracted to him.

This thought that he could not help but look forward to the future life of the two.

The hair dryer in his hand was taken away. Han Han looked up and saw that He Lianqing had stood up. He put the hair dryer in his hand and said to him, “Go to the bath.”

“Oh, good.” Han Wei went to take a bath and take a shower.

After Han Han took a shower, he saw He Lianqing looking at the magazine against the back of the chair. When the other party saw him, he put the magazine aside and waved his hand: “Come here.”

Han Han walked over and He Lianqing pulled him to his lap. Han Yu moved a bit, and He Lianqing took his waist and warned: “Don’t move, want to bonfire?”

The person who is pressing on the thigh and the bonfire is obviously you.

Han Han spit in the heart, but he did not move.

He Lianqing fingered a few Han Han’s hair, picked up the hair dryer on the side and opened the warm air to help him blow.

In addition to cutting hair, this is the first time someone has helped Han Han to blow his hair. Usually he wipes it with a towel.

Han Hao slightly lowered his head and felt that He Lianqing’s fingers fiddled with his hair. He Lianqing’s movements were not skilled, but they were unexpectedly gentle.

Perhaps the heart of this seemingly difficult man is actually very gentle.

Han Yu thought.

After blowing his hair, He Lianqing patted Han Han to let him stand up and take the hair dryer to put it.

Han Hao looked at his back and screamed: “He Lianqing.”

He Lianqing looked back at him: “?”

“We…” Han Han took a breath and said, “We will give it a try.”

He Lianqing stunned and watched Han Han not speak.

After the first sentence is said, the next words are much easier. Han Han said: “When I took a shower, I thought about our business. I… I haven’t talked about love, so I don’t know what to do, but I am willing to give it a try. If you are willing… we will get along well.”

When he said this, Han Han looked directly at He Lianqing, but his ear roots had already been red.

He thought a lot when he took a shower. These days, the process of getting along with He Lianqing has always appeared in my mind, and finally settled in the picture of Helianqing guarding his bed.

He found that such a Helianqing made him unable to resist.

Han Wei is not an division person. If something wants to be opened, he will choose to face it and take the initiative to take that step.

So he chose to talk to He Lianqing and said it now. He found it not so difficult.

“Have you been listening to me?” Han Yu saw that He Lianqing just fixedly looked at himself and said nothing.

Hearing is definitely listening, but He Lianqing did not expect that Han Han would suddenly say such things to himself.

When he chose to tie Han Han in such a compulsive way, he was ready to fight for a protracted war, but he did not expect that Han Han would say “We try it” today.

The person who had been awkward with himself suddenly softened and suddenly made him feel helpless.

This is simply…

He Lianqing: “Are you asking for contacts?”

Han Wei: “…”

Han Wei really wants time to step back and take back the step that he stepped out, and this person can’t get along well.

“…you didn’t say anything when I was.” Han Yu rolled his eyes and decided to talk about this topic later.

“Do you know what is meant to say that if you go out, do you pour out the water?” He Lianqing said that he had walked to the front of Han Yu, and the two were opposite each other.

The height difference between the two was more than ten centimeters. He Lianqing looked down and saw Han Han’s spin. He reached over Han Han’s hair, and his hair was so soft that he didn’t want to let go, just like Han Han’s heart.

I finally waited until he spoke. He Lianqing thought.

“Han Han.” He screamed softly, and his voice was a little more tender and gentle.

Han Han looked up at him and heard him say, “If you want, then let’s start with love.”

Han Hao has already prepared for He Lianqing to open the poison tongue mode, but did not expect to wait for such a sentence, gentle and incredible.

He looked at He Lianqing in astonishment, and the other hand held his shoulder and bowed his head.

There is no fierce demand and no compelling breath. The man just gently rubs his lips against his lips, with irresistible temperature, dry and warm.

The heart leaps and swells, with strange and sweet incitement, intense and tense. This feeling is like a small flower in my heart, and He Lianqing is the beam of sunlight that comes in.

Han Han took the initiative to grab the back of He Lianqing and buried his head on his shoulder.

This is quite good. He thought to himself.

When he slept, Han Hao whispered: “Herlian Qing.” He Lianqing: “Well?”

Han Hao did not say anything, and He Lianqing asked: “What are you doing?”

He Lianqing: “…”

Han Hao fell asleep that night, and He Lianqing was insomnia.

Looking at the culprit, she slept sweetly, and He Lianqing rolled his eyes and said, “The rabbit is a scorpion.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .