Seeing HeLian Qing already had two empty bottles beside him, he went over, blocking the path of the drink the man held in his hand.

Lifting his eyes, HeLian Qing saw the one who came beside him was Xu Luozhao, so he waved to call the bartender with the intention of getting the newly arrived man a glass, “Sit.”

Xu Luozhao sat down beside him, took a sip of his drink, propped up his chin with his hand then towards HeLian Qing jokingly said, “Qing’er, what happened? Tell us who hath done you wrong my Lord.” Translated by -[iana]-, read at :anameescans [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com

[T/n: He’s making fun of our pouting Princess Qing FYI:)]

“Ha.” HeLian Qing shot him a glance, coldly laughing as he asked, “Xiao Zhao, has it been too long since that Gongzi ◻◻ you?”

[T/n: 公子: Gongzi: (slang) Playboy/Player/Flirtatious man]

“……” Xu Luozhao sneered, “You’re not cute at all.”

“Right back at you.” HeLian Qing took another swig of his drink.

When the grumpy one called him, Xu Luozhao was just about to have his dinner. He guessed the grouchy man probably had not eaten as yet, so he got the barkeep to prepare a few dishes for him to snack on, before proceeding to question him some more, “Seriously, what happened? What got you so worried that you need to drink just to chase it away?”

HeLian Qing stopped drinking, then next said, “Why are you blabbering on so much?”

Xu Luozhao chuckled, replying, “I’m just concerned about you, alright. Oh, by the way, I heard Shou Yanjin say you found that kid you fell in love with. He even said you’re planning to register your marriage to him. Tsk, tsk. Don’t you think that kid should now be called Erkang instead?”

[T/n: In, My Fair Princess, Qing’er was in love with a guy called, Fu Erkang but Erkang was actually in love with another girl named Ziwei.] Translated by -[iana]-, read at :anameescans [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com

HeLian Qing paid no attention to his taunting, slowly drank from his drink, just saying, “Then Shou Yanjin should be changed to Zhang Wuji, don’t you think so Zhao Min?”

[T/n: Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min are characters from the novel, The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber. They were rivals turn lovers.]

“Screw you, you jerk! You really know how the stab where it’ll hurt. No wonder your family and that kid can’t stand you. You deserve to be here all alone drinking your sorrows away.” Xu Luozhao rolled his eyes, placed his hand atop HeLian Qing’s head, wondering whether he should pat or smack that bad-tempered and difficult guy.

HeLian Qing, “Oh, shut up.”

Xu Luozhao did shut up, but only for a little while, then he had to ask, “What about that kid? Why didn’t you give us a chance to get to know him?”

“Why is it any of your business?” HeLian Qing stated.

“None of my business? You’re the one who called me all the way out here tonight!” Xu Luozhao huffed, “Anyway… I actually wanted to meet up with you. You know, you can’t hide out here in the bar forever, right?”

“I’m okay with it.” HeLian Qing, persisted[1].

[T/n: this line “I’m okay with it” lit. translates to “I’m happy to” it was changed for context but keep the lit. version in mind as you read on.]

Xu Luozhao rolled his eyes, the bartender soon came, bringing a few snacks along, then placed them before HeLian Qing, “You should eat something first.”

HeLian Qing oblidged to the other man’s request, taking a few bites regardless of whether or not it was to his liking, then once more, returned to the drink in his hand.

Xu Luozhao clicked his tongue in frustration, but was still unwilling to give up so he asked, “You’re still trying find an escape at the bottom of that glass, huh. Come on, talk to me. What’s going on with you and that kid? You don’t seriously want to get married, right? Don’t you think that’s a bit rash?!”

HeLian Qing groaned, “I’m okay with it.”

Xu Luozhao,”……” Translated by -[iana]-, read at :anameescans [DOT] wordpress [DOT] com the next chapters will look like chapter 6 so enjoy these readable ones

“If I’m not mistaken, that kid of yours is still studying at a university, isn’t he? You’re already thirty years old, that’s too much of an age difference, don’t you think……” Xu Luozhao taunted.

“I’m okay with it.” HeLian Qing still repeated this sentence.

“Wait a minute!” Xu Luozhao stood up suddenly, “That kid, it couldn’t be that……”

HeLian Qing’s hand paused, he remained silent.

“……Are you fucking serious?” Xu Luozhao asked.

For a while, HeLian Qing continued with his silence, then just as he had before, said those four little words, “I’m okay with it.”

“……” Xu Luozhao was at a loss for words, “You, are an arrogant and willful man [2]. You just keep on being happy, alright.”


When HeLian Qing returned to his apartment, it was well past eleven. The room was dark and he didn’t know whether Han Yang had returned, or if the kid had already gone to bed.

Turning on the living room light, HeLian Qing entered the bedroom, it was still as it was before, with not a soul in sight. Han Yang had not come back.

HeLian Qing guessed that he must’ve been back at the school since that boy never wanted to live there to begin with. Fishing his phone out from his pocket–staring at it—HeLian Qing hesitated a few times before finally deciding to throw the device on the bed, without making the call.

Today, I’ll let you off. HeLian Qing’s face was emotionless as he thought, but tomorrow you definitely won’t be.

After being satisfied with his decision, the man took off his clothes, then left the room for a shower.

Done with his bath, he once again stared down at the device on his bed, there was still no news.

“You little bastard.” HeLian Qing cursed, leaving the room to get some water to drink. He had drank too much alcohol earlier so now his mouth was quite dry.

In order for him to get to the kitchen, he had to pass by the guest bedroom. As he walked by, his footsteps suddenly came to a halt momentarily, before he backed up a couple of steps while his eyes fell upon the room’s door. That barrier was now half-opened, but HeLian Qing clearly remembered prior to his departure earlier he had closed that very door.

Only Han Yang and himself had the keys for that apartment and Han Yang’s things were in that guest bedroom, so it was becoming clear the missing lad had returned that day and perhaps he was even in that room.

With that thought, HeLian Qing did not hesitate for a second before he pushed the door open.

In that room the light was not turned on, it’s insides were illuminated only by the brightness coming from beyond it’s window. HeLian Qing saw Han Yang laying on his side, with his body slightly bent.

Laying eyes on the sleeping boy instantly made HeLian Qing happy. This joy bubbled up inside of him so quickly, it made his lips curve upwards, just a wee bit. But just as quickly, his expression soon fell. He suddenly felt it was quite necessary for him and the boy to have a proper chat. He needed to make the youth understand that returning to have dinner with his husband was a must, in order to prevent that kid from growing more undisciplined.

With such a thought in mind, he hurriedly made his way over. Now standing at the foot of the bed, he called, “Han Yang.”

Han Yang did not respond, he just continued to lay there in his slightly hunched position.

Is he really asleep? HeLian Qing’s brows drew themselves into a tiny crease, not at all intending to wake that kid up. Walking to the bedside, stooping down, he planned on carrying the one, who was still in deep slumber, back with him to his bedroom. When his hand made contact with the the boy, he discovered something was not quite right.

He’s burning up, plus there’s a lot of sweat.

Reaching over to turn on the lamp beside him, the rising brightness which washed over the room revealed a sight that burnt itself into that man’s mind.

Han Yang’s fetal-like posture, his tightly sealed eyes, his lips clenched by his teeth until they turned a little pale, along with the hair resting on his forehead already becoming laden with sweat. Both of his arms encircled his stomach, it was clear that held place was overcome with pain.

HeLian Qing, seeing this change in his complexion, right away patted the boy to wake him, “Han Yang?”

Han Yang, hearing HeLian Qing’s voice, gently cracked opened his eyes, his orbs were a bit teary and reddened. Having the man in his sights, his lips parted to speak, “HeLian Qing…… you’re back……” his words remained unfinished as his stomach churned, bubbling with an overwhelming feeling of nausea. He pushed aside HeLian Qing with the strong urge to leave the bed, but unexpectedly, as his foot made contact with the floor, he stumbled—almost falling.

The ill boy’s hands had no strength. HeLian Qing, who just fell back a step to steady his own frame, saw the falling boy and right away reached out to catch him, pulling him into his embrace, his brows knitted in concern as he asked, “Where are you going? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

Han Yang leant against Helian Qing to stand up, trying the hold down the nauseous feeling rising within him was quickly becoming unbearable, “……bathroom.”

Hearing what he said, HeLian Qing stooped down to take him into his arms and carried him into the washroom, putting him down as soon as they arrived. Han Yang immediately leaned over the sink, vomiting. He had one hand supporting him as it gripped the edge of the sink, the other was pressed against his stomach, while from his throat all that was emmitted was the sound of retching.

HeLian Qing stood beside him, using his hand to support the sick boy’s back. His brows locked together tightly, the scene before him fully exposing his worry.

Han Yang threw up many times until his stomach no longer had anything inside. So along with still retching, he was forced to spit up small amounts of bile. After his upheaval came to an end, he held the edge of the sink to prop himself up, swallowing deep breaths. From his stomach came an audible, sharp pain which made his entire body lose it’s strength, even his face grew frighteningly pale.

For a seemingly slow two seconds, he was then trying to grasp a cup of water to rinse his mouth. Helian Qing picked up the glass, giving it to him.

“Thank you,” Han Yang replied, sloshing the liquid in his mouth repeatedly before spitting it out. HeLian Qing pulled a towel from nearby to help him wipe his lips.

He then asked, “Do you feel a little better? I’ll take you to the hospital.” As soon as he was done asking, he scooped the smaller man into his arms, then left.

“Wait!” Han Yang called out to stop him.

“Even at a time like this your still troublesome, why are you so difficult?” HeLian Qing’s steps persisted.

“No, it’s……” Han Yang hesitated a bit, “You’re…… not wearing any clothes.”

HeLian Qing, “……”

Normally, when HeLian Qing went to bed, all he wore were a pair of briefs and nothing more. A few days ago, out of the fear of scaring off Hand Yang, he had forced himself to wear a pair of pajama bottoms while he slept. Earlier, because he believed Han Yang to have not returned home, after his shower had only worn a pair of briefs. So now at this moment, apart from his underwear, he was completely bare.

He was so absorbed in his worry he had completely forgotten about it. If it was not for Han Yang’s reminder, he would have gone out like that.


Merely thinking of tomorrow’s possible news headlines made his face darken. He placed Han Yang on the living room’s sofa, “Wait for me, just bear it for a while.” Then he left for the bedroom for a change of clothes the second he finished talking.

Seeing the man’s retreating back, Han Yang wanted to laugh, but a sudden jolt of pain shot through him, causing him to curl into a ball instead.

HeLian Qing got dressed in a flurry. He simply grabbed a random shirt and a pair of pants, then rushed out the room, took Han Yang into his arms once more before heading out the door.

On their way down from the apartment, Han Yang lacking strength, leant against Helian Qing’s chest. One surge of pain after another, made him faintly out of breath, so all he could do was clutch onto HeLian’s jacket with one hand while leaving the other pressed against his belly.

“Just bear with it for a little while, we’re heading to the hospital right away.” HeLian Qing’s voice echoed within the elevator, no longer sounding as cold as it did during the day.

Even though the constant pain and nausea he experienced made his whole body weak, as well as making his current state of mind not so good, he was still able to sense the urgency mixed with worry carried in HeLian Qing’s voice, in addition to how tightly the man held him in his arms.

So warm.

Able to just barely open his eyes, Han Yang from his point of view, could only see HeLian Qing’s profile. That man’s face still looked as indifferent as it always was, but now, his tightly knitted brows betrayed his so-called outward calm.

If I don’t think too much about his words, HeLian Qing might actually kinda care about me, huh! Han Yang absentmindedly thought right before he drifted off. For the first time, of his own accord, he snuggled into HeLian Qing’s embrace. It seemed like the warmth he found in that place would be able to lessen his pain slightly, or a least he hoped that it would.


[1] 油盐不进: yòu yàn bú jín: (idiom) lit. Not into the oil and salt(the oil and salt won’t go in). It means, a stubborn person.

[2] 大爷: da ye: Uncle/Grandfather/a lazy, arrogant person.

你大爷: ni da ye: You/Your Uncle. This is a curse (context determines the degree) and there are these phrases (操你大爷) and (去你大爷) which mean F*** you and Go f*** yourself. So the statement could be a shortened form either of these I think.


Well about Qing’er x Erkang. First the basic plot of My Fair Princess is the mistaken identity of the King’s daughter(Ziwei) with her friend(Princess Huanzhu)[I’m going to leave that bit vague to not spoil any more than I have/will] Anyhoo, Erkang fell for Ziwei and she was in love with him too. Qing’er fell for Erkang and you see the problem here, right? Guess who didn’t get the guy and now you know why our own Qing’er got a little more snappy than usual or is it just as snappy as usual… tsunderes =_=

That next novel/[a shit ton of movie/tv adaptations] The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber, the main male lead, Zhang Wuji, had a few ladies in his life—a few—including Zhao Min. So that’s why Xu Luozhao got a bit pissy too with the Shou Yanjin comparison.

Lastly, I don’t know about you but at the end of Chp 7 I thought our Princess was going to make a scene. I was scared he got Han Yang lojacked. ????????????

I love how it turned out this way instead (not him getting so sick though, poor baby)