Chapter 888

Name:CEO's Secret Wife Author:lan guo er
However, when he came over, his eldest brother had explained. If he was stopped, remember to fill the red envelope. He is an experienced man!

Shen lianjue kept it in mind. Seeing this situation, he stuffed the red envelope into it without saying a word.

Very Winky! When they saw the red envelope, they all smiled and let it go. They didn't continue to make trouble. Marriage is a celebration.

Xia Ran's wedding dress was specially tailored by Ye Ziqing, the most famous designer in Paris, France. Naturally, its luxury and beauty are not ordinary.

The wedding dress is fishtail style, which makes her originally slender waist more and more slender. It's like holding it with one hand. A large area of her back is exposed, which looks like skin, and emits a faint luster under the light,

She's beautiful, really beautiful, beautiful! People almost held their breath. She stepped on the crystal high-heeled shoes under her feet and walked to Shen lianjue step by step.

This distance is not far, but Shen lianjue thinks it is the longest distance in the world, and even makes him wait a little anxious.

There is a faint pink on her cheek, like the clouds in the sky, which is so beautiful that people can't breathe.

Shen lianjue could no longer suppress it. He couldn't help bending down, picked her up and walked out.

The drive on the road was not long. We soon got to the church.

The church was full of guests and media, all ready to witness the grand wedding.

Ye Ziqing's request is perfect, so every aspect is thought of carefully. No matter how small the details are, everything is considerate.

The Shenya family all went abroad and couldn't get back in time, but Huo Jingcheng's gift had been delivered.

Chen Yuanyuan and Ji Chenyi sat next to each other. Seeing ye Ziqing coming, she smiled and waved.

Everything went on normally at the wedding. The priest told the two to do whatever they wanted, exchanging rings, swearing to each other, hugging, followed by kissing.

The priest just asked the two people to order to the end and kiss lightly, but Shen lianjue didn't take it seriously at all. He kissed in public, deep and tongue. The people next to him were boiling with blood and applauded one by one.

Xia Ran's face is as red as a monkey's ass. in front of so many people, he doesn't even have a face. He buries his face in his chest and wants to keep it up all his life.

Then there was a toast banquet, but Shen lianjue shook his head, held Xia ran and left.

In the evening, a friend wanted to make a hole * room, but when it was opened, there was no one in the room, not even a personal picture.

It's strange. Where the hell have people gone?

Then Shen shaoting, who came in, saw a letter on the * and opened it. There was a letter in it, saying that the two had gone on their honeymoon all night. After the honeymoon period, they would naturally come back.

Helpless, he reached out and kneaded his forehead slowly. Shen shaoting didn't expect the boy to move so quickly!

And I didn't say it in person. I left a letter. Where did I learn all these tricks?

It's a honeymoon trip. In xiaran, it looks like a trip to meet birds and animals. It's not a plane, but a luxury cruise ship.

Shen lianjue basically wouldn't let Xia ran get out of bed, let alone put forward the room. She had to do it day by day, which almost killed her.

It seems that I haven't had enough before, so I'm so hungry!