Chapter 42 - Princess is Also a Peerless Genius!”!

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The reason why he had come against Chris was very simple.

Chris was the son of one of the few marquises in the Yass Empire. Similarly, his family was the unfathomable Cuba family.

Their greedy appearance was really too ugly. They had locked up a batch of important goods of Ella’s family, preventing the other party from passing through.

This caused Ella’s family to pay three times the price and take a huge detour before the transportation was successful.

This caused the originally profitable business to become a loss-making business.

How could the people of the Flaric family not be angry?

As the third-generation descendant and the future heir of the family, Ella naturally hated Chris’s Cuba family.

Now that he saw that the other party actually bullied Caruso, he couldn’t help but start mocking.

“Do I need you to take care of my matters? And why are you here? Didn’t your father spend ten million gold coins to sponsor you to enter the school? Do you want to see how bad your talent is? Honestly, Ella, I suggest you go back and take care of the wealth of your family. Don’t embarrass yourself!”

Although Chris knew that he couldn’t afford to offend this guy, it didn’t mean that he didn’t dare to ridicule this guy in return.

When he said this, it really hurt Ella’s young self-esteem.

He grew up in an extremely wealthy family, so everything would be automatically labeled as wealth by others.

No matter what he did, others’ evaluation was that his family was rich.

For example, why did he have to pass the test with his own strength? His goal was to prove that he could leave his family’s wealth.

But now, Chris’s words were undoubtedly saying, “You should just go and be a rich man, trash!”!

“I don’t need you to worry about my talent. However, if everyone in the Yass Empire talks about the respected Cuba family’s Chris, the son of the Marquis, bullying a commoner… I think this will be a very hot topic. Oh right, if I add one more thing, the son of the Marquis has extremely poor talent and entered the magic academy by relying on his connections, that would be even more fun.”

Since the other party had already said that his talent was bad, Ella would also turn around and mock him for being bad.

Anyway, the topic was all groundless stuff. No one knew whether it was true or not.

With Ella’s family, a large number of people would help him create this news with just a little money.

As expected, when he finished saying this, Chris immediately gritted his teeth.

The Flaric family was already rich, so his talent was secondary. If he made such news, no one would care at all. After all, a guy who was so rich that he was even richer than the king, what kind of damn talent did he need?

With a single throw of gold coins, countless powerhouses would be willing to follow him.

And as the son of a marquis, it would be a great insult if his talent was extremely bad.

“Do you think everyone is the same as you?”

Chris did not know how to fight back. In the end, he simply shouted. He did not care who was around him. He wanted to clarify his talent immediately.

For this reason, after saying this, he went straight to the place where the assessment was taking place. He did not even greet his mentor.

He immediately placed his hand on the crystal ball.

In less than ten seconds, the crystal ball suddenly erupted with a burst of green light that flickered within the entire crystal ball. It covered the entire crystal ball in an instant.

“Wind element full… full of talent?”

After the flashing of the light ended, the instructor in charge of the assessment immediately cried out in surprise.

With this cry, almost all the people in the audience turned their gazes to this place. Almost all of their faces were filled with shock and deep envy.

“Ha!” Seeing everyone’s gazes and expressions, Chris did not stop there. He raised the corner of his mouth and, in an instant, a burst of red light flickered within the crystal ball.

“Dual! Dual attributes?”

“Wind and fire dual attributes. Full talent?”

“Genius! Super Genius!”

“This… as expected of the Marquis’ son, as expected of the Cuba family’s descendant, this is simply too unbelievable!”

“What? Dual attributes!”

“Wind and fire dual attributes, this… he… he…”

After seeing Chris’s dual attributes burst forth, everyone present—including the teacher—was shocked.

Of course, other than Caruso’s calm expression and Ella’s displeased expression, everyone else was stunned.

But Chris didn’t seem to have finished his performance. After testing his attributes twice, he placed his hand on another crystal ball to test his sensing ability.

After putting it down, he didn’t disappoint everyone’s expectations.

High-grade sensing ability!

Wind element full of talent, fire element full of talent, and high-grade sensing ability.

With such talent, even in the entire Academy of Magic for a hundred years, there were less than five hundred people who had such a powerful talent.

One had to know that for a few hundred years, the Imperial Academy of Magic had only admitted one thousand students every year.

That was to say, among nearly one million people, there were only five hundred people.

The students who could enter the Imperial Academy of Magic were one in ten thousand.

And for someone with such talent, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was one in a hundred.

With such talent, in less than thirty years, he would definitely be the future ruler of an area.

Originally, Ella did not care about Chris.

After all, his family was rich.

But seeing that the other party actually had talent, he already had a faint thought of admitting defeat.

It was very simple. In a few decades, if the other party really became a saint-level mage, then no matter how rich his family was, they would still be trash in front of the other party.

A world where one was powerful enough to dominate everything was not something that money could solve.

“What’s so great about it? Thank you for bestowing us with such a powerful genius!”

“Sir Chris, please be sure to enter our academy.”

“Sir Chris, we will report this matter to the higher-ups of the school and let them decide on your learning plan. We will also let you select your own teachers!”

What was a genius?

A genius was someone who could receive special privileges and respect wherever he went.

After Chris displayed his talent, the few teachers immediately began to exclaim in admiration.

Especially when he said that he would randomly let Chris choose his teachers, everyone became even more envious.

Everyone knew that there were countless mighty figures hidden in the Imperial Magic Academy.

Even legendary figures might be able to stay in the academy.

If they were able to choose at will, or if they were led into the academy by some super big shot, they would definitely have a meteoric rise in the future.

Chris’s family was extremely powerful.

In addition to his handsome appearance and extremely strong talent, he was practically a tall, rich, and handsome person from another world.

When this situation was added together, the youths who participated in the assessment were not only envious but also wildly jealous.

“Princess Corina, please!”

After displaying his talent, Chris once again gentlemanly let the princess behind him take the assessment.

Princess Corina looked calm, as if she was not interested in Chris’s talent.

Her whole body was like an iceberg, without any emotion.

If it were not for the fact that her breasts were exposed and her hands were like jade roots, it would be fascinating.

No one would take another look at her.

No matter the men of any era, almost no one would like an iceberg.

This feeling was simply challenging a man’s limits of tolerance.

Moreover, after Chris finished speaking, Princess Corina ignored Caruso’s thoughts and the situation at the scene. She directly put her hand on it.

If it was three minutes ago, Caruso would definitely not tolerate it.

However, now, not only would he tolerate it, but he would also quietly wait.

Because he wanted to slap these people’s faces hard and show them what a genius was!

Princess Corina slowly placed her whisper-thin fingers on the crystal ball.

Her pair of soul-stirring eyes exuded a sense of calmness.

Just like the crystal ball at this moment, there was no change at all.

But in the next second, the crystal ball was suddenly filled with white fog.

The white mist was extremely dense and, in the blink of an eye, it condensed into snowflakes that formed cracks and stuck to the inside of the crystal ball.

“Ice… ice attribute!”

“What? The ice attribute of the three special attributes?”

“This… King Yass’s daughter is actually so powerful.”

“This kind of talent is extremely rare, and it’s filled with talent…”

When they saw this scene, the first to react were the instructors.

The instructors had used the crystal ball for many years and had long memorized the various reactions displayed on the crystal ball.

Regarding the display of this strange phenomenon, they knew in the blink of an eye that this was the talent of the rare attribute ice magic.

Not only was it rare, but it was also even completely full with talent. This was simply a monster!

However, just as everyone thought that the matter was about to end here, the princess also placed her hands down like Chris, before placing them down again.

Very quickly, a wave of blue ripples spread out.

The blue light was also emitted in all directions through the crystal ball.

Seeing the second color appear, the few instructors could not help but become excited.