Chapter 20 - I Want You To Apologize

Chapter 20 I Want You To Apologize

In the coffee shop, Qin Zheng was caught off guard and was splashed. She raised her head and looked at the woman in front of her. The woman was very young. She held an empty juice cup in her hand and her face was filled with hatred. “You shameless vixen! My brother has already broken up with you, yet you still come to seduce him!”

This young woman was called Lu Ya, Lu Yixuan’s biological sister. She had a very serious brother complex and hated all the women who appeared beside Lu Yixuan.

Of course, Qin Zheng, the ex-fiancée, was also hated.

The sweet smell of fruit juice floated in the air. Orange liquid dripped from Qin Zheng’s hair onto her white shirt. Some of it slid down her forehead and into her eyes, causing them to hurt.

The café became very quiet because of this scene. Everyone looked over at the same time, their faces full of anticipation.

Lu Ya was still scolding her harshly. Her voice was so loud that it was as if she was afraid that no one would hear her. “You sl*t, you shameless sl*t. You haven’t even broken up with my brother and were already hooking up with the gigolo at the bar. Aren’t you despicable?!”

Qin Zheng took a napkin and slowly wiped the juice off her face. Then, she looked up at Lu


Lu Ya was not afraid at all. She stared at her fiercely! When she heard that her brother had broken up with Su Mei’er, she did not have time to be happy when she saw the scene of Lu Yixuan and Qin Zheng dating. Moreover… her brother actually held this b*tch’s hand?!

Lu Ya’s voice was ear-piercing. She spared no effort to mock, “Aiyo, Qin Zheng, do you not have a man to live on? You dare to have a cowherd who is slept with by thousands of people? Aren’t you afraid that you will be infected with some dirty disease? Tsk tsk, I have seen horny people, but I have never seen one as horny as you. You will die without a man, right?”

Before Lu Ya could finish her words, she saw Qin Zheng slowly get up from the chair. Then, she raised her hand and gave Lu Ya a loud slap on the face.


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Lu Ya was stunned. She looked at Qin Zheng in disbelief. “You dare to hit me?!” This d*mn woman actually dared to hit her in front of her brother?!

Qin Zheng looked at Lu Ya and said softly with her red lips, “A mad dog should be tied up with a rope. Don’t let it out and randomly bite people.”

When Lu Ya heard Qin Zheng calling her a dog, she was so angry that she wanted to raise her hand to return the slap. However, before she could touch Qin Zheng, her wrist was controlled by Qin Zheng’s hand. She wanted to get rid of Qin Zheng’s restraint, but her strength was not as strong as Qin Zheng’s. She could not break free at all. She could only ask Lu Yixuan for help pitifully. “Brother, Qin Zheng is bullying me!”

Lu Yixuan immediately said, “Qin Zheng, let her go quickly. Although what Xiao Ya did was wrong, you just slapped her and made it even. Don’t be unreasonable. No matter what, Xiao Ya is still my sister.”

Qin Zheng looked at him indifferently. “What does it have to do with me that she is your sister?”

Lu Yixuan was slightly shocked. He did not expect Qin Zheng to be so disrespectful to him. He originally thought that Qin Zheng had asked him out today to get back together with him. He did not expect that she actually wanted him to apologize to Xie Xun, that


Lu Ya was also extremely shocked. Although she hated all the women around Lu Yixuan, among all the women, she hated Qin Zheng the most! Previously, every time she met Qin Zheng, she didn’t have a good expression on her face. She even often ridiculed her. However, every time Qin Zheng looked at her, she would look away as if she didn’t hear her. This made her unable to vent her anger.

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Therefore, Lu Ya had always thought that Qin Zheng was afraid of her. However, it seemed that Qin Zheng was not afraid of her at all. She did not put her in her eyes at all!

Just as the atmosphere became more and more tense, the sound of steady footsteps could be heard. Qin Zheng slapped her face and decisively turned her head to look. She happened to see Xie Xun’s handsome and beautiful face.

She suddenly let go of Lu Ya’s hand. Her fierce aura was instantly restrained and she revealed a gentle and lovely appearance. “Xie Xun, you’re here…”

Qin Zheng felt that most men liked women who were as gentle as water. Otherwise, Lu Yixuan would not have been poached by Su Mei’er. However, Qin Zheng’s current image was not very good. Her hair was wet, and her clothes were stained with yellow fruit juice. It was completely incompatible with gentleness. Xie Xun’s gaze fell on her, and he seemed to be puzzled. “Miss Qin, why did you call me here?”

Qin Zheng hesitated for a moment, but soon, her expression calmed down. “Lu Yixuan, you can forget about Lu Ya offending me, but I can’t forget about you ruining my birthday party and misunderstanding Xie Xun. I want you to apologize to Xie Xun.”

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