A mystery husband can't be messed with

Romance Author:落水缤纷


Status:Active UpdateTime:2020-08-07 22:08
A mystery husband can't be messed withDrunk on her birthday, her sister walks into her fiancé's room in her stead while she spends the night in the next room with a strange man. Ten months later she gave birth to a child, and the next day the child's father approached her. She asked, "Do you have a car, a house and savings?" The men were at a loss. She resignedly said, "Well, it's my bad luck, starting today, I'm in charge of earning money to support the family and you're in charge of the baby." But who can tell her how the man she raised has turned into the president of a multinational corporation and is worth hundreds of millions....... more>>

《A mystery husband can't be messed with》The Newest Chapter