Isn't this little one asleep? Mag, who was about to eat the drumstick, looked toward the door in surprise. Amy was standing at the kitchen entrance in her little bear pyjamas.

Amy felt increasingly indignant as she said, "Father, you guys are too much. How could you and Big Sister Gina eat supper without me? I'm going to remember this forever. You guys didn't ask me to join in for good food…"

Then, she came in and snatched the drumstick away from Mag before biting into it.

"Oh… It's so delicious!"

Amy's eyes lit up instantly, and her indignation became surprise. Her sleepiness was gone immediately, and she munched on the drumstick happily. Her big blue eyes were shiny and bright as if she was eating the most divine food in the world. She continued eating nonstop blissfully.

Mag watched Amy indulgently. A foodie would definitely not miss a supper.

"System, is this attempt of beggar's chicken successful?" Mag asked in his heart.

Right at the moment, the system's voice sounded. "The taste, color, and aroma are all present. The Host had reached your own requirements for beggar's chicken in the past for this attempt of beggar's chicken with regards to the control of heat and the control of condiments. Congratulations, Host, your mission is a success. You will receive one opportunity to spin the God of Cookery upgrade wheel."

Mag looked at the shiny lucky draw chance that appeared in his mind, and heaved a sigh of relief secretly. This could be considered as a milestone for Mag's culinary journey as he didn't enter the test field for the God of Cookery, and had only spent three days before he came up with a scrumptious beggar's chicken.

The pressure made him more focused on cooking, and the lower margin of error made him force himself to improve. This attempt of making beggar's chicken made him feel more intense and improve tremendously.

Amy shattered the bone as she indignantly asked Mag, "Father, don't you love me anymore?"

"How could that ever happen? Father loves Amy the most." Mag shook his head rapidly as he patted Amy's head. Did this little one have a nightmare?

"But, you made such a scrumptious roast chicken, and yet you didn't wake me up to eat it." Amy felt even more indignant. Glancing at Gina, she said, "You must love Big Sister Gina more. That's why you only woke her up to eat it."

Gina, who was chewing on a bone, looked at Amy in a confusion. She had no idea what she was saying, so she continued to gnaw on the bone.

Mag was exasperated as he didn't expect the little one to be unhappy over that. He smilingly said, "This is the new product that I was tinkering with for the past few days. Do you remember that we agreed to have a roast chicken duel with the two orc uncles at the bazaar that day? Tomorrow is the duel day, and that's why Father was roasting chicken so late at night.

"Really?" Amy was happier after hearing that.

"Of course." Mag passed her a chicken wing with a smile.

Amy received the chicken wing happily. She nodded as she said, "I trust Father."

Mag was relieved secretly. It was fortunate that the little one could be appeased by a chicken wing. Otherwise, a man and a woman eating chicken in the kitchen late at night… If word got out, it would be really hard to explain.

Since Gina and Amy were eating happily, Mag took a chicken wing to try himself.

The roasted wing was a little crispy, but the texture was more delicate compared to fried chicken. The refreshing fragrance of the lotus leaf neutralized the greasiness perfectly, and made the roast chicken scrumptious and not heavy.

The crispy chicken skin and tender meat both gave Mag quite an intricate feel of the texture.

The shattered chicken bones even became more delicious as he continued to chew on it.

Unknowingly, Mag ate the entire chicken wing including the bones.

This Three Yellow Chicken was raised in the trolls' holy land, Angolo Canyon, and grew up eating the seeds of trees. The meat was soft and tender with an excellent texture. Maybe due to the system's so-called magnetic field effect, the meat was also full of abundant nutrients, and had an excellent effect on removing humidity in the body.

"This is the authentic beggar's chicken." Mag nodded with satisfaction. Those chickens he had eaten before were simply too weak when compared to this.

The three of them quickly devoured that roast chicken, but they still wanted more.

Gina pointed at the mud casing, and hesitantly asked, "Can… I eat this?"

"Can this eggshell be eaten?" Amy asked curiously as she picked up a piece and bit down. She swiftly removed it and looked at the two indentations on it. She shook her head, and said, "Big Sister Gina, this is too hard."

"Gina, if you are still hungry, I can cook something else for you." Mag pointed at the fridge. Gina almost choked to death eating that mud casing earlier.

Gina pointed at the mud casing, and determinedly said, "I want to eat this."

Mag hesitated for a moment after seeing Gina's determination. Then, he nodded. "Alright then. But please take smaller bites so you won't choke again."

"Thank you. Mr. Mag!" Gina was ecstatic, and she attempted to give Mag an octopus hug again.

However, Mag managed to avoid her agilely. His child was present; it was not good to have too many physical interactions in front of her. This kind of interaction should only be conducted privately.

Gina went upstairs happily with the mud casing. Mag also brought Amy upstairs to sleep after he cleared the kitchen.


Ugly Duckling lay near the edge of the bed and looked at the pair of father and daughter sadly.

"Ugly Duckling, I care about you because you got to slim down. You have to stop thinking about eating supper, or else you will get fat." Amy rubbed Ugly Duckling's chubby cheeks, and smilingly said, "Only people like us, who won't get fat no matter how much we eat, deserve supper."

That hurts my feelings… Ugly Duckling plopped backwards in despair, with all four of its legs in the air, and declined to comment anymore.

"Goodnight, Father."

Amy climbed onto the bed by herself and lightly kicked Ugly Duckling, who was lying on the blanket, to the end of the bed. Then, she crawled under the blanket and said goodnight to Mag before closing her eyes.

Mag lay on his bed and stared at the lucky draw's chance in his head. He decided to keep this chance for a while longer after some hesitation. He would decide what to do after the results of the Delicious Cuisine Rankings were announced the next day.

He had already made plans for the worst. Keeping this chance would at least give him an extra chip.

"Have you heard about it? The results of the all-new Delicious Cuisine Rankings will be announced at 11 am today!"

"Of course I have. I even know that the Food Association has done away with the voting system and changed to having a group of mystery judges to pass judgment for a list of rankings. This sounds rather fair. Maybe the days of seeking out the good food with the rankings will be back again."

"It may not happen. The Delicious Cuisine Rankings had already disappointed me for a number of years. I really hope they are not just putting old wine in new bottles."

Many people were already talking about the impending results of the Delicious Cuisine Rankings early this morning.

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