Chapter 402: Instant Response

Chapter 402: Instant Response

"Do you think you can become the CEO because you're the eldest?! How pigheaded can you be?!" More anger spewed out of Deng Haoren's mouth. Yes, he was the eldest. But that didn't mean his other son couldn't become the next CEO. 

'It's all because I babied you when you were young that you became like this.' Thinking this was the cause of all of this, Deng Haoren couldn't help but feel guilt. His son's character became like this due to his actions. 

But this changes now. Deng Haoren glares at his son, "If you don't want to get yourself disowned, then come with me." It's time to make everything right. 


At Feng Meifeng's home, Feng Hui asks her again, "Are you sure cousin-in-law will solve all of this?" He had come over again, worried that Deng Yi sent his men towards Feng Meifeng. 

"Hui, just relax. Xiao Chen said two days at the least. We just have to wait for tomorrow." Feng Qiang and Fu Chunhua continue to act calm. Knowing how Lu Chen dealt with Lai Dingxiang, this situation should be simpler. 

Before Feng Meifeng can say something, somebody knocks on their door. 

"Feng, can you go get that?" Feng Meifeng nods and opens the door. And when she opens it, she sees a middle-aged man wearing a high-class suit. Deng Haoren has a light smile as he asks, 

"Are you Ms. Feng Meifeng?"

"Yes?" Feng Meifeng becomes wary of the person in front of her. 

"Thank goodness. Come out here now!" Deng Haoren sighed in relief as he got the right house. But then his expression turns dark as he looks towards the hallways. 

There was a person in the corner. And he begrudgingly walks over to Deng Haoren. Feng Meifeng's expression turns weird. Even though they haven't seen each other for 2 years, she still remembers him. 

It was Deng Yi. 

The middle-aged man introduces himself, "Hello, my name is Deng Haoren, the father of this fool here. I want to apologize to you and your cousin. May we come in?"

"...Come in." Feng Meifeng stayed silent for a couple of seconds. But in the end, she agreed. She was too surprised by this. When Feng Meifeng brought them to the living room, the person who responded first was Feng Hui.

"CEO?!" Feng Hui's mouth was gaping as he stuttered. Never did he expect Deng Haoren to come to Feng Meifeng's home!

"You must be Feng Hui, right?" Deng Haoren has a gentle smile as he shakes his hand. 

"It's an honor to meet you, sir! Please sit down on the couch!" Feng Hui had met Deng Haoren only once. And that was at a lecture of 1000 people. 

"You don't have to be so on edge. But it's perfect you're here as well." Deng Haoren sits down beside Feng Hui. The two people who got affected the most are together. Deng Haoren continues, "Can you tell me what my son did to you? I still don't understand the specifics of the situation. But I do have the gist."

"I understand. I hope you can give me justice." Feng Hui begins to tell Deng Haoren all the things he had to do at the company. The piling of the work and then being forced into reimbursement. And then Deng Yi's offer to him. 

Deng Haoren's expression begins to change to black and blue after hearing all of this. He slams his hand onto his knees and glares at his son, 

"What do you have to say for yourself?! Do you know how much trouble you caused!" Realizing what happened, this situation is much worse than what Lu Chen had said. Not only did Deng Yi try to blackmail Feng Meifeng, but he also ruined other projects with different companies.

"Dad! I-" Deng Yi was the only person standing, awaiting his punishment. 

"Apologize to them!"


"Apologize!" Deng Haoren raises his voice more. 

Deng Yi grits his teeth and bows down, "I'm sorry that I caused so much trouble for you two."

Deng Haoren also lowers his head, "I'm sorry my son caused you this much trouble. I'll fully pay back Feng Hui's lost wages. And I'll give you a full access card to our VIP membership." He hands Feng Meifeng a card as he says this. 

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